Thursday, January 11, 2018

The New Year

I still have my depression but much less than before and I am trying to have a more interesting time. I only have six dancing blogs now and they keep me busy. I have tried to get a niche for each one which is not working too well at the moment. From the little feedback I am able to get Blogging Hawaii sounds too official and I should make it more social. The two best suggestions I have received so far, The Dance Agenda and The Dance Adventure. I tend to like, The Dance Adventure.

'Social dancers believe that if you love life enough, you will want to enhance
its beauty, bring a little more music to it and a little more dance to it.”

Anyway, this year seems like a new game as we start the year. So my immediate goal is to make sure that all of my blogs will get into double digit average per day hits. Single hits is no good and I have deleted several blogs in the past for that reason. Then I try to get some into the twenties which is not easy. And 33 average hits per day is 1000 hits per month is my goal and I would be very happy. I intend to go out more and get more people interested. Anyone out there?

"El Dia Que Me Quieras" por Carlos Gardel

I am at present sharing my blogs with Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + and Facebook. I have tried a few other gimmicks to spread the word and the total number of hits is going up gradually. At any rate I am still learning the game. There may be some out there who are positive in how to do all this but I am not. I just try to do my best and letting the blogs develop in their own best way with the feedback from the readers and information contributors.

"Social dancers think that music is for dancing and
people will always want to dance."