Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Social Dance Floor

By Carol Woo, Kalealoa

Many times social dancers try to recapture some of the excitement of dancing together. They will try to create a strategy to improve how they move together, and improve the dynamics of their partnership. It wasn't long ago that Ballroom and Latin dancing was a hobby, and there were dance students with husbands that wouldn't be caught dead on a dance floor. This was in the time before shows like Dancing with the Stars. In the latter half of the last century, many shows helped change the stigma many men associated with dance lessons as a female-dominant activity.

"Many social dancers believe that inside of every large problem
is a small problem struggling to get out."

In a social dance club in Honolulu, the smaller ones are the most Social. Social dance couples try to make a commitment to work with both a male and female instructors to improve their ability to lead and follow each other. Why? As a couple, their most important audience happens to be on the other end of their dance frame. The primary objective for their dance instructors is to ensure that you Lead and Follow each other the best way possible. And for Social Dancers, these two roles are always under construction.

"My Moloka'i Woman" By Willie K

The couple then works together to implement their individual training to enhance their abilities as a unit. The results are usually good and most dance instructors can see plenty of good, Developing a clear lead, and a sensitive follow is the number one skill to reduce dance partner frustration. Then there is a method that is the number one solution to achieving that couples-resolutions-invitation. Never Refuse a Dance Invitation. Do not make any excuse, turn down any offer, or shy away from any invitation to dance... even if there's no invitation.

"Social dancers believe that the only dancer you should compare yourself with,
is the one you use to be."