Thursday, February 8, 2018

Beginners, Good

We are getting some good beginners in their early thirties which has been later that usual. As their dance experience grows and they become social dancers, so do their tastes.  Think of it like your palette - not many kids grow up craving Sushi, Indian Food, and Mac N' Cheese.  As a new dancer, your dance options may center around practical choices, but as your knowledge, and comfort zone, expand - it's good to branch out.

“Social dancers believe that we are designed to dance. Our ears can hear the music
and we can move our bodies in grace, beauty and intrigue."

There are many dances to try and that won't kill You.  Many of the dances you can add are seamless transitions from dances you began with, know and love.  Rumba - the classic Latin Slow Dance is very necessary.  Bachata - the incredibly popular Nightclub Slow Dance. Cha Cha Cha, which started out as a fad dance and has become a classic. East Coast Swing - the all purpose youngsters dance. Tango - the powerful and dramatic dance that can clear the floor and help you make a bold statement.

 "Hawaiian Pride" by Willie K.

Argentine Tango - a sexy, and intimate, version of the Tango focused on more intricate movements and closer proximity. Joining this group will make you feel that you are an elite dancer. You will socialize in any dance environment. Make a commitment to accept praise and encouragement from your teachers without skepticism. They gain nothing with false praise anyway. You have many choices and the Dance Scene on Oahu is changing.

“Social dancers know that it may be difficult, when faced with a situation
that they cannot control, to admit, that they can do nothing.”