Friday, March 16, 2018

Dancing On Oahu

Wow, this blogosphere was adjusting itself very nicely from the beginning of the month. And today it almost doubles in hits on all except Dancing Nights. I will make some sense in a few days. Search Engine hits were not very heavy but the Scam Spam robot hits were there. Most were coming from Russia in the past but this time most are coming from Brazil. I don't understand that very well.

“Social dancers may believe that dance is spiritual but for sure, dance is personal.
Some people that do not consider themselves dancers cannot see this in
those people on the dance floor enjoying the movement to music."

For sure we are getting well known in the neighbor islands though we are just neighbors we can still help each other. It seems like Web sites do not like Blog sites. I look at a new Web site for one of our good clients not as an "instead of" but as an "addition to." I am sure that many neighbors come to Oahu and dance. I also am sure that Oahu dancers go to the neighbor islands and dance. Patience, we will try to be good neighbors.

"Stranger In Paradise" by the Four Aces

Meanwhile, "Houston, we have a problem." Waltz is well liked and danced in the disciplines of American and International Styles of dance. However it is definitely not a favorite in the social dance locations like night clubs. I think dancers should dance as they damn well please. However perhaps we could convince the young folk,"It's just fine if you like to dance to Waltz music." Still some of the best music in the world today.

From an answer to a Trump Tweet. "So, a thought crossed your mind?
Must have been a long and lonely journey!"