Sunday, April 1, 2018

Our Blogosphere

Should bloggers remain journalistic with their content, or be as opinionated as they feel necessary? You can be sure that in our blogosphere, no one person is going to dictate our guidelines, nor is one club. That is why we seek many different Guest Authors and so many different opinions. Cookie Cutter deals or Clones are not what we are looking for. Blogging can be a profession, but in our case it can be a personal means of communication. Social Media is still an unknown on Oahu.

“Social dancers learn quickly that dancing doesn't always go the way they
want it to, and that's okay. They will still continue to enjoy the dance.”

There is still an ongoing debate over the etiquette a blogger should use when constructing an article.Whichever process you subscribe to, It could be an important practice to explore a tiny bit of several. That within the few parameters set by the administrators of our blogs, all should feel free to express their honest opinions & keep flaming to a minimum. In part, the merging of traditional journalism to the world of blogging has raised some important expectations around what a writer should do and how they ought to behave.

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper 1983

But making that decision for our own blogging purposes can be easier even when we are affecting our fellow bloggers on the same blog. Though we are fortunate, so far, to accept that in our blogosphere each Guest Author or contributor is expressing his/her own honest & personal opinion and it should be accepted as such. The matter of holding people accountable for their own online content is an attitude that has swelled over the years, changing the expectations of readers. We should continue along this same line. And we will get differing opinions which we welcome wholeheartedly, Mahalo.

Social Dancer Law #14: For every dance move,
there is an equal and opposite criticism.