Friday, November 20, 2020

Maybe by Christmas?

Social dancers on Oahu are still lacking much knowledge of our dance situation.There has been a consensus that it has been challenging to navigate the Trump Pandemic whether you are a teacher, a dancer, or someone walking down the street. It has caused an increase in overall stress level, with guidelines changing on what feels like a daily basis. The state as a whole was doing very well until about three months ago. Then the Trumpanzees insisted on opening up too soon and too much. Our cases and deaths went through the roof.

"Don't despair, we are in not total control, we have hopes that the entire world is listening to science and is not going to rely on snake oil."

We have had a couple of lock downs again. We have more use of masks and we are respecting social distance more. The tourists and the schools make the issue still in doubt. They allowed tourists from the mainland and those people are contaminated. Americans are no longer permitted to enter Canada. Reports come out one day and then be retracted the next only adding to the frustration that many of us are feeling. One thing that we must remind ourselves is that we are dealing with a novel virus. We are watching science do exactly what it is supposed to do. And some still pay no attention. Research is happening at a very rapid rate- normally we wouldn’t see articles published for months,

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges 

We shall dance in the Palladium again.
The world is collaborating and learning more about this virus every day and so the recommendations are changing. They are dancing in Wuhan, China. Science is constantly correcting itself right now as our body of knowledge surrounding the virus continues to expand. I see this as a good thing - if we were still operating off of data and information we had in March we would be in a much different place. The scientists are adjusting their views, in a constant state of learning, and not just sticking to their own biases and perceptions. Dr. Fauci was right and Trump was wrong.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Traditonal blogging delivers content but does not facilitate readers/dancers to participate in the creation or development of the content. On Oahu social media such as Twitter and Facebook have shot to the forefront of people's attention throughout the world because the participation may be fun. Of course, we will not push, so that many in our dance environment will take a while to fully understand. At this moment we do not have enough dance information to share so we go slow. We must be patient and the hits on our blogosphere may reflect this, when we begin to dance again.

"If I have a hundred ideas and only one of them turns right, I am satisfied."

Of course, the majority of our possible somewhat steady readers are still not certain what blogging or social media is all about, and let's not blame anyone. Social Media is not what we have been accustomed to for fifty, sixty years. We had news letters, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV type of media and all "to whom it may concern," with very little feedback. Social Media is essentially a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Social media gives you what TV never could - a chance to be engaged and engage others. Blogging is not so much even in Makaha.

"Waikiki" by Amy Gilliom

Most dancers are well aware of a possible commitment and even if not true, is their privilege, with the results being that blogging is increasingly going to the younger by default. In everything we do, we do not exclude anyone, they exclude themselves. And we. on Oahu, accept that, it is clear enough. Thanks to social media, it's easy to share our ideas, photos, videos, likes and dislikes, within our own dance world as far as it will go - and find out what the reader/dancers think of them. You can find friends, business contacts and become part of our entire dance community for the benefit of all. And it is all up to you.

“Social dancers believe that hope is a verb with its shirtsleeves rolled up.”

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

From Lily Diamond, Part Three

I also recommend bringing a copy of Haunani-Kay Traskʻs "Lessons From a Native Daughter" on your trip—an iconic beach read to decolonize the mind!  Be respectful and honor boundaries. How do you act when you enter the home of someone you respect greatly, on whom you want to make an excellent impression? Enter into this place with that same degree of respect, and more. As a guest, you would think twice before barging into spaces where you weren’t invited, and if you were told there were specific areas you should not enter, you would want to respect those boundaries. There are many places in Hawaii that hold great cultural significance and are not for settlers or visitors. What a beautiful thing that is, to be able to honor boundaries. It means we begin to live in a world where our own boundaries are respected as well,

“Social dancers still believe that to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Be curious, and if you don’t know, ask. The culture of white supremacy teaches us to be ashamed if we donʻt know the right way to be. But guess what? We are all fallible, and we all make mistakes. White supremacy teaches us to make assumptions and put up a front of defensiveness when we don't know the answer. Don’t be a white supremacist! Ask questions if you don’t know how to pronounce a word, if you’re not sure of the appropriate custom, or if you’re not sure of your place in a situation. Don’t presume you know. Be open to learning new ways.

"Shores of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

Give back to this place, rather than simply taking from it. Consider what you are being given during your time in Hawaiʻi: Rest, beauty, comfort, ease, the purity of this land, and the illusion that all of this comes easily, freely. In truth, all of these gifts, and the very impact of your presence, come at tremendous cost to the natural resources and the people here—particularly our host communities, the kānaka maoli. How can you give back to Hawaiʻi and its people to create a model of healthy relationship for other visitors and future generations? Spend your money with locally-owned businesses and artisans. Consider making a donation of money and/or your time to an organization working to restore Hawaiʻi’s natural resources and protect its people.

What have we learned in 2020?  We are fragile, we need each other, we need this earth, and we must rewrite our stories of community, connection, and equity if weʻre going to survive. I hope you use your time in Hawaiʻi to do just that. (And for goodness sake, wear a mask.)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Up To Date?

Dancing Jargon is just so that we can talk to each other a little easier, - East Coast Swing: A lively dance based on 1 1/2 bars of music in Single Rhythm. Has two natural step rhythms. - Eon: Unit of time, that it seems to beginners will take to learn to dance. - Even Rhythm: The oldest of the rhythms, a combination of steady, consistent beats that are identical to the meter and get the same time value. In dancing, it is using the step, step, step such as Waltz, Merengue. - Exhibition Dancing: It is not recreational dancing in whichever style. It is a partner dance done primarily for performance and theatrical purpose. Strictly Show Biz. - Exhibition Syndrome: The desire of all dancers to "look good." This may be hidden and unspoken in some cultures. It definitely exists on all social floors and is also linked to the Competition Syndrome.

“Social dancers know that you must have hope for if you lose hope,
somehow you lose the vitality that can keep you moving,"

Exercising in a mask takes practice, just like everything else in dance, and it's completely safe to cover your nose and mouth with fabric while dancing or exercising, and there is some discomfort which is to be expected. Many people feel that masks and face coverings may increase "breathing effort" during exercise, but not to a degree that it would affect their performance. You're not going to have any problems with oxygenation, increased CO2 retention or anything like that. We will just phase into it because we all have an obligation to our fellow dancers to help keep each other safe. Perhaps in a few months we will be phasing ourselves out of it.

"Shores Of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center in Maryland: In general, face masks should be worn at all times while inside the Ballroom, and the mask must cover the nose and mouth. For a time, we allowed “open face” while seated, but that could still expose others to the virus. After considering requests from several dancers, we believe requiring masks at all times is the best policy for everyone. The face mask restriction may be considered unnecessary by some and this is understood. However other dancers remain concerned, and those concerns are valid. We want everyone to feel as safe as the Ballroom can make it. This attendance, limited as it must be for now, and comfort for many. Also, we have added dance instruction to the Saturday dance to encourage attendance at that dance. This provides more opportunities to dance at least once per week, as it was before this pandemic started. We hate these covid restrictions, but know they are necessary during these trying times.

“There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today,
the Sun will rise again tomorrow.”

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Still Afloat

Fortunately most of us in Hawaii are not Trumpanzees and we may come out of this Trump Pandemic soon. "We" are certain of some facts. Respect of social distance - six feet is 99% effective. Not perfect? No, but it is was ahead of those that have no respect for social distance. How about Zero effectiveness? Masks are 96%, 97% effective. Not perfect? But way ahead of the Trumpanzees. They can stick together and contaminate each other. Just keep away from us. When we start to dance we must make it clear that we want no Trumpanzees there. We intend to respect each other.

“Social dancers know that all we need is hope. It has always been
lack of hope that has discouraged dancers.”

Most of now realize that most women are better dancers than men, because of this leader/follower thing. Everyone has realizes that a leader develops his own small repertoire of probably less than thirty different patterns, into several sequences and learns to lead those in the easiest way for the followers to follow. And most do very well indeed. The women, must not only be able to follow this man, but must also be able to follow the next man and the one after and all of which have different routines. Some women develop very good reputations for being able to follow anyone. It follows that women know and have a better understanding of the entire enchilada, Bless them.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

My Facebook account is getting too big, over 600 friends. And I have three big factions in it, the biggest being the Anti Trump faction. Then the economics and politics section followed by the social dance section. I have now created a Dance Blog Group within Facebook that has grown to 43 members. We social dancers can use it to communicate with each other. At the moment with photos is the easiest. Works almost the same as blogging. Look into it.

“Social dancers think that the job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Pandemic in California

So here are we at the middle of September and nobody knows where we are, but most of us still have our hopes up. We don't know what everyone is doing. The people into food, making or just enjoying it in good company seems to be in our Social Media. Not much of anything else. In California, the dance halls have stopped all action with the times: But no one wants the halls to become frozen in time. They have insisted that they don’t need to be declared a "cultural legacy monument" because they already are one.

"The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop,
The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one."
from the Rubaiyat.

It's impossible to copy the dance hall scene in California because it’s impossible to revive all the people who have come through here. If the traditions of the California dance scene were to be lost, it would be very serious, It would be something very sad for all. For many of the steady customers, it has been like a second home, and the people who come here to dance have been like a family. It is still a friendly crowd of dancers.
"Mi Buenos Aires Querido" por Carlos Gardel
Now there is nothing to soak up the atmosphere, not even music. For years, the halls have been unique and there may not be many places in the world like these, they have so much magic, so much charisma, it has what social dancers need to make them dance, However, there is the reality of today You feel nostalgic, when you look around and there is no life, Surveying the dance floor as if seeing the ghosts of those who danced here for a century.

“Social dancers believe that life may be hell, solely
because sometimes it can be beautiful."

Thursday, September 10, 2020

We have hopes

Reasons and the New Year which starts in November? and the Objective will be? Some will be looking for a new hobby since they didn't much dancing before but, they liked playing in gym now a then. They could enhance their personal relationships getting fit & healthy just meeting new people. They can get in Social Dancing just for the socializing. And if they are young enough they maybe thinking going into the International Style of Competitive Dancing The interest is there for many of us.

"Social dancers believe that every day may be a new chance
to change and make it better for a brighter future.”

On Oahu we have another lock down extended to Wednesday September 23rd. It seems to be coming under control with testing, use of masks and respect for social distance. Social distance is still considered the best at about 99% effective. Masks are about 97% effective and if you use both methods you have a very good chance of surviving. Just keep at least ten feet away from Trumpanzees. They believe in Trump, you have seen his crowds, they got rights and they are very likely to be contagious.

"I Will Dance For You" by Willie K

The Line dancers and others for young people such hip hop can be danced without a partner. They seem to be leading the way to the social dance scene for the end of the year. From what I have been able to gather, they are very aware of the music. All the dancers have their favorite tunes, and are the ones that have more fun dancing in the proper perspective, to the right dance. You may not need a partner to dance and there are so many dance elements to worry about like timing, technique, leg and foot work to the music

"There is no characteristic of human nature that is exchangeable as courtesy."