Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Readership, dancers

Waianae seems to be the perfect place for a new dance club dedicated to the social dancer only, Most of it based on the American Style of dance syllabi and with the introduction of some peripheral dances, such as Bachata, Salsa and the Latin Waltz. With a DJ that will play Latin music to Latin dances. Unfortunately, the rulers of this islands have kept Waianae and the North Shore separated for their own money making deals in town.

"Social dancers feel that every detail of the music, is like there is something
in them that responds to the rhythm in a way that only they can."

The North Shore is showing some interest in music and dance. Cholos Homestyle is leading the way. The others have some good sporatic musical presentations but they don't last long. Honolulu turned down the building a new tract of houses on the North Shore as something about "Agricultural Lands" which have never been used for Agriculture in 5000 years. Paradise is close at hand when people can live, work and play in their own kuliana. No - they gotta make you deal with Honolulu. Honolulu gotta make the Big Bucks.

"Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie (1981)

Anyway, nice to know that Line Dancing is holding on very nicely in spite of the lack of interest from the men dancers. You don't have to have a gun in holster for a man to dance. Makaha and Kapolei but has mostly women. I just read that is against the law for men to dance Line Dancing and it may be close to a ten year sentence, I don't know. But what the hell we are going to find out what we can do. And in our social dancing we can see some very good "men" line dancers.

 “Social dancers know that they should stop doing what is easy or popular -
and start doing what is right.” 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The West Shore

The Rail Disaster is forcing a lot of people to see what a mess it is going to be. Most every one is gradually becoming aware of what the Rail Catastrophe is already doing to the citizens and businesses along the way. They haven't come across the noise yet and it will be unbearable. This is only the beginning but the Present Rail Party is already raking in millions and millions of dollars.

"Complaining about yesterday will not make make tomorrow any better.
But we can work at it and make it better that way."

But the residents of Kapolei are not that dumb and things are beginning to evolve - the South West Shore of Oahu. The geographical name, Ka lae loa, means "long point" in Hawaiian and is the native name for what is now called Barbers Point on O Ľahu. The area was known as Barbers Point because Captain Henry Barber wrecked his ship on a coral shoal at this location on October 31, 1796.

Barber's Point at Kalealoa, harbor now in second place to Honolulu.
Will become even more prominent in the near future.

But the whole area is now being looked over for development. The Kalealoa Airport is already in and functioning nicely. The Affordable Hotel is in the plans. More Dance Clubs will begin to form in the entire area. The Cocktail Lounges are looking at live music and dancing at Kalealoa. And now the possibility of Boat Passenger Service, Barber's Point - Honolulu.

Bike Racks, I don't know.

We all know of what they tried before and the Ivory Towers just never had a clue. The users had a choice. The buses were providing good service. Some people living in Makaha were leaving their cars home and taking the express buses to town. Much easier than taking a feeder bus to the boat station and then waiting for the boat to go to Honolulu. No one mentions Rapid Transit anymore because it is going take longer.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

Now, the Present Rail Party is not about to give anyone a choice. Either it is the Rail Disaster or you hit the road, Jack. The same feeder bus humbug to get to the Rail Stations. Gotta do sum teeng! It may get easier to get to the boat station than the Rail station. Once on the boat it is non-stop to Honolulu. Whatevah, everyone is going to avoid that Rail Mess like poison. Rapid Transit it is not, that was part of the con job.

"For the Social Dancer, dance while you can - dance, for the figure is
easy, the tune is catching and will not stop - dance till the stars
come down from the rafters - dance, dance till you drop.” 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The republicans have been on a "trickle down theory" for over one hundred years. Give it to the rich and it will trickle down to the poor. In over thousand years it has never been proven anywhere. We have records dating hundreds of years that revolutions were caused because it never trickled down. It trickles up. Give it to the people at the bottom and they cannot bank it. They cannot invest it. They use to buy food and drink, pay rent, get clothes and all things that they need. The sellers of these items in turn spend the money on what they need and in a short time it ends at the top. But it will have passed through the poor on its way up. Ya Dumb Dodos.

“Social dancers are almost totally aware of themselves on the dance floor and
dance their way, in a manner that is decided by their hearts."

The Information and Photo Contributors have been difficult to find. Many simply do not understand what blogging or hits are all about. Or they think we are making lots of money on their good looks, talent, fame and good fortune. What they could do for their clubs, their friends and fellow dancers has not entered into their thinking. Come on somebody, email them in, so we can share with our reader/dancers.

"Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads  (1983)

There seems to be more line dancing in town. But the usual thing, somebody thinks men should not dance line dance. Whereas in the beginning it was men only with cowboy boots and a gun in holster, (very manly.)  Paradise Tango night club in town doing good for Tango fans. And there is also a group that specializes in Swing dances and there are plenty of different ones. Any fans want something in these blogs, just email it in.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God,
which is why we call it the present.” 

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Central Valley

The Paradoxical Commandments

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the
smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs. Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway.
People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you may get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.”

This blog like the others does not have a photographer, So not many photos of the participants of a dance club appear in the blogs. So the first part of the solution is simple, a few photo contributors that would find it easy to email a couple of photos now and then. It would do wonders for the photees, the readers of their club, and the reader/dancers in general.   It would certainly do no harm to the picture taker or for the blogs. The photos would go into the next blog to be publish or you can specify the blog of your choice.

“Social dancers believe that dancing is more than the just the locomotive movement 
of the body because of the rhythm in the music that they love."

Monday, November 19, 2018

Meheula Vista II in Mililani

Moved in a few days ago but just got my phone installed today. Nice place and what seems to be a lot of nice people here. Making all my changes necessary, such as a change of address with the post office. I think I did it on line but at the end they tried to sell me things and just cut it. I will get the bank on Monday. Fortunately most items are tied to my Internet and not my address. A few other things and I can now get back to work on these blogs.

"Social dancers know that if you love life, you want to bring a little more music to it,
a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper (1984)

This blog will continue to cover music and dance mainly on the Island of Oahu. You want to get anything in it about music and dance, email it and I will blog it. You may like your comments in print and whenever you are ready you can get in as a Guest Blogger. Your own blog within the blog. You can open, post text and pictures, save and publish and close it without saying boo to anyone.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
― Oscar Wilde

Monday, November 5, 2018

Da Latest

The Chinese symbol for the word “crisis” is written using two strokes of a pen. One stroke stands for danger, and the other for opportunity. In other words, in a crisis, beware of the danger, but also recognize the opportunity. Life always balances itself out. Everything that happens is neither positive nor negative; it just depends on your perspective. And all of us are going to dance.

"Social dancers think that all dancers are creators, and
all dancers create their own world in a dance.”

At one time,  I thought for sure there would be a new dance club on West Oahu dedicated to the social dancer only. And most of it based on the American Style of dance and with the introduction of many peripheral dances, such as Night Club 2 step, Bachata, Hustle, Salsa and Latin Waltz. Fortunately many groups have been way ahead of me. With terrific DJs that will play the music that the social dancers want to hear. In fact I have heard of one near Makapuu Point in Southeast Oahu. Gotta look into this when I get my new digs.

"Like a Virgin" by Madonna  (1984)

Now that I am moving to my new location in Mililani, I must accept that I can only go so far by myself.  So the next step is getting the most important Two Center. Finding the right keyword keeps eluding me and I somehow believe it it is not that important. I use Oahu and Social Dance and I will stay there for now. I am going for the dancers not the search engines. There are bloggers in the mainland that seem to have the right keywords and have been able to generate some incredible traffic from search engines and they make thousands of dollars. That is not my goal.

"We need more people who do not read with the intent to understand,
they read with the intent to reply." ~ Social Media.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Fairy Tale

A Chinese boy, last name of Yong, was born about 1900 or shortly thereafter in China. He was early on dissatisfied with his life and always thought there must be a better place to live. The family thought of him as an oddball. So there came a time when he was in his teens, that some relatives came to visit and they worked the Pacific Ocean as sailors. By luck they needed a cabin boy and this kid jumped at the chance.

"If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes."

He liked the Philippines, and he thought Hawaii was great but plantation work not what he was hoping for. He liked San Francisco and he figured that this might be the place. However the ship was going to Los Angeles and then to Mexico and then go the same route back. He could wait. He though L.A. was terrific, so at that point, it was San Francisco or L,A. At the seaport in Mexico his group happened to run into some Chinese that spoke the same Chinese that they did. They explained that the Revolution in Mexico was just over and everyone was going to make money, about 1919, and they had a "car." He "jumped" ship with his meager belongings and went with them to Guamuchil in the State of Sinaloa.

"Tu Lo Decidiste" por Ana Gabriel

They got him a job in the local Chinese restaurant and worked 10 hours a day six days a week. He had never learned to read and write in Chinese very well but now he made a special effort to learn the Spanish language. He learned how to go without to save a little money. He worked his way into the kitchen and join a group of same age boys that hung around together. Eventually he met a nice Mexican girl, from the lower economic classes. Got married and settled down. He became a good cook and through one of the good customers, he was able to buy a nice lot with beat up shack for a good price. He developed a nice partnership with his wife and they worked together to make it a home for the family's sake and eventually arose to the job of Chief Cook.

"Eres Todo En Mi" por Ana Gabriel

Now he realized that this was a much better life than he had envisioned before. He had several children and one of his daughters was born right about the time that I was born. And she in turn married a nice middle class Mexican guy and they in turn had several children and a special daughter, named Maria Guadalupe Araujo Yong. Latin Style, first name, middle name, fathers last name and mother's last name. She was born in 1955, and is now 63 years old. She learned music and singing and eventually became the reigning queen of Mexico singers.

"Historia De Un Amor" por Ana Gabriel

And her stage name was now Ana Gabriel. Before he passed, when she had concerts in the vicinity she always made arrangement for her Chinese grandfather to attend her concerts. He could have gotten front row but he always insisted on sitting on the side of the theater. Her favorite introduction always included her Big shot friends in the audience and there were many. And as always she would notice, "and that old Chinese man over there on the side, I know him. "Hola Abuelito" Oh, Hi, Grandpa! and of course he would beam. He had come a long ways. It was always a touching scene.

"The last of the human freedoms - to choose one’s attitude in any given set
of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween in Wahiawa

Started preparing for the day about 1 PM, and there was plenty for me with my physical difficulties. But I was ready for the Handi Van by six, and it was only 20 minutes late. I don't complain, they are doing much for me. Got there before seven and things were already looking good. Said hello to all my friends and I was lucky and found a young lady to get some photos. She did very well indeed.

"Wahiawa is a wonderful ballroom dance club filled
with love and the joy of dance." ~ Pauline

Dressing to find the best Halloween decoration costume for a dance is rising. But in a social dance club it is just lending the Holiday spirit to the dance and finding the perfect outfit doesn't have to be stressful, expensive nor left to the pre-made costumes at your local party store. There's still plenty of time to make use of your creativity and get a mask, a cape or a special hat whipped up as a part of your costume. The main thing is socializing at a dance.

"Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran (1982)

"Our first time to attend Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, so enjoyable and friendly people. We love all of them and we got to meet the President. Thank u all."
~ Vicky Visoria.

"Trick or Treat: I know someone who has the witch stick - be safe."
~Jess and Georgie

Even not dancing I can enjoy myself working on the blog like finding someone new to take pictures of their people. Then the quotes from some of the attendees are well received. The reader can better understand the enjoyment of life these people are having. Some could not attend and in a social club you have no obligation or commitment. You wanna come to dance, have fun with your fellow dancers? Fine. You cannot for whatever the reason? That is your business. No hu hu.

 "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen  (1984)

"So much fun with ballroom dance friends. We enjoy ourselves every time." ~ Paulette

A fun loving crowd, a real "social" with dancers dancing whatevah. Some nice line dances to mix up the music and dance and only one set back. Gotta get more men in there, they can enjoy that fun dancing too. The microphone was on with President or others making announcements now and then. The Ring of Prayer was very nice and I found myself standing pretty steady holding hands with my fellow dancers. And everyone got ready for the Kau Kau.

"We are having a wonderful time at WBDC Halloween dance.
Lots of good food, dancing and great music by Leland."
~ Stephanie, for Aiea Ballroom Dance Association

Everybody lined up to what looked like some Ono Grindz and some were even dancing in line. It looked to me like the members were enjoying the eats. I have a tooth problem and the Prez was gracious enough to got me a little to take home. They went through the process of judging for Costume Prizes. I figure more people will join the costume department just to help everyone get in the spirit of the holidays. And I got ready for my Handi Van at nine and it was a little late, but I got home before ten and first thing was eat up the goodies. I hope everyone had a good  time.

“Social dancers cannot give you a sure-fire formula for success, but they can
give you a formula for failure: - try to please everybody all the time.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

It is Rolling

The love of your life isn’t perfect and you aren’t either - and the two of you will never be perfect.  But if you can make each other laugh once in awhile, cause each other to think twice about the sweetness of life, and both admit to being human and making mistakes, your relationship is something special.  No, you two may not always choose the most poetic words, and there will likely be inconsiderate slip-ups on occasion, but that’s what makes your bond real.  Smile when they make you happy, speak up when they make you mad, and miss them when they’re gone.  Love hard when there is love to be had.  Perfect love doesn’t exist, but true love does, and it’s worth the effort.

"Social dancers think that we should be joyful, dance,
and bring pleasure into our lives deliberately.”

The Legacy Ballroom in Waipahu is a fully air-conditioned, multi-functional auditorium/theater. It is has a banquet hall, featuring a 40 foot wide theater stage, a professional lighting and sound system and a large projection screen that drops from above the stage. It is a smaller Palladium with a good sized dance floor. The Ballroom can accommodate up to 800 guests for a sit-down banquet or up to 1,200 guests for a stand-up reception or in a theater style sitting configuration. We have no record of it ever having any ballroom dancing.

"Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar (1983) 

Music on Oahu is taken much more into consideration in this century. In the past we were lucky to get what we got. Now, many are preferring live music and the goodies but oldies kind where they recognize and re enjoy their favorites. The DJs are doing fine in acquiring the latest hits, world wide. We are accepting more easily those that wish to be separate and we are amalgamating an awful lot of people into "our" social dance environment. So Rome was not built in a day.

Some have said that "a mistake is the first step of success." - But the truth of the
matter is that "the correction of a mistake is the first step of success."

Friday, October 19, 2018

Latest Adjustment

The feedback on all the blogs has slowed to a crawl and the hits show it. My lost time at Tripler and the deletion of the Platinum Horseshoe blog was partly to blame. This blog, Social Dance Oahu will be taking over with West Oahu dance news and it may be permanent. We can wait and see. I am hoping that one of the studios, one of these days will see the light. and give us some feedback. Then there is the possibility of a new dance club on the Waianae Coast or the North Shore. The noise on the Rail Tragedy will not do much good for Kam Highway.

"Social dancers hear much talk about dance! They think dance
is not something to talk about. Dance is to dance.”

With Social Dance Oahu getting in the news with write ups and photos, and Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club giving us feedback and having their doings posted, it will start to move. By Christmas they may catch up with Town Dancer (dream on.) Hits mean readers and that is the name of our game. Blogs are more personal, direct and more current communication, They leave an opening for comments in each blog and they are receptive to more formal answers and opinions in the blog itself.

"Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson  (1982)

The hits go through the ceiling. Real Social Media is much different than anything any of us have come across before. I have been doing this for 20 years and I am still learning because I favor the social dancer. Personally, I would interpret social dancing as being distinct from dancing that is strictly for performance, such as ballet, jazz, tap, modern, belly-dancing, or even dancing strictly by the disciplines methods. So under social I would include freestyle club dancing, square dancing, line dancing and the partner dancing that we dance.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to
entertain a thought without accepting it."

Monday, October 15, 2018


Every now and then I find a good one about my favorite despot.

All the rich people gonna vote for him, that's for sure.

Meanwhile back at the ranch: You could look into what Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club has coming up on Saturday, October 27th, the Halloween Dance. I expect to blog'em, take my camera and get some people to take some pictures. I usually make a collage of six people each. A two or three collages and we got a nice blog. On all our blogs, we need pictures, posters and a little more written information from anyone. Then Central Valley is getting to be very prominent on the Ballroom scene in the west. They have discovered a beautiful new place for a Dinner/Dance at Halemano Plantation. These people are leading the way to the North Shore or Waipio?

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

From Maile Yagi
"Life isn’t meant to exist in a narrow color spectrum of perpetual happiness.
That’s a movie. It’s not reality. Experience all your vivid, fiery, watery emotions.
Give yourself permission to be full bodied. You’re peeling. Revealing.
It’s a messy, magnificent process."

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Social Dancing

On Oahu we have other very good dancing groups, the same as in the rest of the US. Exhibition, Acrobatic, Theatrical, Cabaret and Competition dancers who do everything so it will look pretty and the idea is to paint pretty pictures. Most of the time they succeed and they can make their own interpretations of what is "pretty." Most of us clap enthusiastically, in appreciation, at the end of every presentation. Social dancers accept the fact that we do not dance that kind of stuff.

“Social dancers may think that dance is a game of extreme emotions
and freedom of the soul, where nothing is ever the same.”

Then right about the Palladium time, the Competition Dancers decided that the term Ballroom rightfully belongs to them. Why? Because they really dance in Ballrooms and therefore they are truly Ballroom Dancers. Most of "us" have concurred, a school cafeteria is not a ballroom and we know that the era of the Big Ballrooms is over. It has left us to look for an acceptable terminology for our type dancing. Yes, it is purely social dancing and based on the American Style of Dance. But most dancers would like a different term and it is a Work In Progress.

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper (1984)

In the last twenty or thirty years another group has been growing. The spectator or viewer group that has been created from TV shows and these new people want to see. Of course most dancers on Oahu have also liked to see. These are specified audiences that look at Television shows or are paying money to see these type of shows and whether they know little or much, they will still judge. If they don't like it for whatever the reason, they will look elsewhere.

"Social dancers think that you should not be not afraid of growing slowly,
be afraid only of standing still or worst."

Monday, October 8, 2018

Peace And Calm.

Since my vacation of five days at Tripler it has been hard to get these blogs going again. I deleted Platinum Horseshoe blog a few days ago and I expect an increase in total average hits per day this coming week. And this blog will transform itself as a helper blog to get the others defined with steady information contributors. But I hope they understand that they are not competing with other bloggers, all of us are merely "an addition to." And that translates into hits which simply means more reader/dancers.

“Social dancers believe that there is no limit to what a person
can do that has been inspired by moving to music.”

For now we have Dancing Nights (covering Night Clubs) at the bottom of the pile because I cannot get around as easily as before. But with just a couple of night club fans, contributors of information and/or photos, this blog could move ahead very nicely. Plenty of our reader/dancers are also night clubbers. Those willing to share their pearls of dance information will do the trick.  A blog that can get 33 average hits per day (1000/month) will be communicating to our people.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

From Maile Yagi
The agenda at the moment seems to be a blog a day, so the invitation to get another blogger in during the week will remain there. The social or cultural dancers on Oahu are the main ones who dance for the pure enjoyment of moving to music in a social environment with friends. Most of us are in this group and it is pretty much the same on the Mainland. Facebook now has 50 million photos submitted daily. They have 3 Billion videos submitted daily, so look them over very carefully. Which is better for the dancers on Oahu.?

"Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn people because they don’t do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today."

Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Beginning

Good news is that Platinum Horseshoe, the blog has come down to 12 average hits per day. Nothing new in it and when it gets to single digit average per day hits, it will be deleted. So as far as I am concerned, now that I am back from Tripler, it is a new beginning. The links have been somewhat useful but not as important as the information and photo contributors. They are the real meat and potatoes of social media and I wish more of them would be willing to share.

“Because if we're on the road to hell, we're going to dance the whole damn way
and give them something to talk about when we're gone.”

And we must accept those that cannot share with their fellow dancers on these blogs. They are readers and we must give them what they want. Since the links have established some importance I cannot plan on the deletion of any other blog, yet. Perhaps I can flower them up with news of the other blogs and post less frequently. Since most dance Web sites get less than ten average hits per day, I will be just fine at about 20 hits for each of my bottom blogs. I am organizing things anew.

"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi  1986)

Also, though most of our readers are social dancers, we must recognize the existence of the Street Dancer. The divisions have always been there but many us have tended to look "down" on any group that does not dance "our way." But let is face it, all individuals have the absolute right to dance, their way. Now we can subdivide the dance scene on Oahu a little more clearly. The Street Dancers, the Social Dancers and the Exhibition and Competition Dancers.

"One of the greatest discoveries that people make, one of their great surprises,
is to find that they can do what they were afraid they couldn't do."

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I am gradually shifting my personal to Dance Blogs and this Social Dance Oahu will have to find its own definition. Our social dance clubs seem to be dividing into three different groups and all intertwined. The regular solid social dancers (us), the exhibition dancers and the viewers. The main body will still consist of the social - universal dancer. We just need more places where we as social dancers can dance. Wahiawa District Park has been a big help but we desperately need some action in Waipio & Mililani.

"For some dancers, the hardest step in learning to dance
was the first one they took into the studio.”

There must be nice Community Center that will not be adverse to Social Ballroom dancing. Yes, I know, very difficult. Of course we only have a few Dance Studios in the West and all will teach you whatever you want to learn. We don't expect any feedback from any of them in the immediate future. We can only hope to include and help them someday.This will all take time. And perhaps in this blog we could have the "dance couple of the month" in the side bar. Who votes?

"Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera (1999)

The Good People one month and the Good Teachers the next month and alternate. I don't know, I just throw them out and hope somebody picks up on them. I need some help there. It all comes under Public Relations and some may think "who needs it?" That is just fine with me, as long as everyone knows that it was their decision, we can leave them out. Meanwhile we can have a ball dancing up a storm and reading and writing about it.

“Social dancers often think, that it may take a good fall
to really know where you stand”

Friday, September 21, 2018


Lucky I have more than an ordinary counter. There is nothing extra in the writing of this blog but the hits are holding up very steady. My counter doesn't just count hits but can tell me where they came from. It this case, I am getting an awful lot of scam, spam robot hits. I don't know what benefit they get from it but they do bother. Then the counter used to tell me from what country. Now the biggest percentage is from "Unknown Region." So what do I know?

“With good music and a good dance, you enhance your physical,
emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.”

So the only way these blogs will progress will be from Feedback. The "Two Centers" willing to stick their 2 cents in dance information to share with our fellow dancers. The reader/dancers would be happy, the Two Centers would be happy, and the blog will have hits going through the roof. The blog will get to the point when they can refer to themselves as Social Media. We can cover the dance functions and make some terrific blogs. Finally we can make our Best Blog independent, (from me.)

"Believe"? by Cher (1999)

We will eventually have photos in every blog. They will not be seen in Nigeria or Pakistan like in Facebook, but they will be seen on Oahu by anybody and everybody. And we will know how to get the best photos. Like two people in the photo is more effective than one. Three is more effective than two. But 20 is not better than 19. Peas in a pod is not as good as an unsorted group. Too bad I have fumbleitis and I just have to pass my camera around and hope for the best.

"Social dancers know that about all you can do in life is be who you are.
Some people will like you for you. Some will like you for what you
can do for them, and some won’t like you at all."