Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Reappraisal, Again?

Another reappraisal and I am getting use to it, so it does not upset me. These decisions are not really being made by me. The are made by the readers on Oahu and recorded in the counters. Apparently six blogs is a bit much, but then what do I know? So I will make a few adjustments favoring none and let the chips fall where they may. The reader/dancers will make the decision definite within a couple months. I can still move around by Handi Van and I sometimes can use a bus. I can attend a few dance sessions now and then and watch those hits go through the ceiling in the write ups.

“Social dancers know that most people love poetry and music. In our space,
we get the best of both, poetry set to music. You can't dance to poetry.”

A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called blogging. Individual articles on a blog are called blog posts, posts or entries. And what makes a successful dance blog on Oahu is the feedback from the reader/dancers that is shared with the rest of our fellow dancers. The hits go through the roof.

"From Here To Eternity" by Englebert Humperdinck

This Anniversary Dance is going to be a dilly.
Maile Yagi has become the best Information Contributor in our blogs. Platinum Horseshoe that was just a regular run of the mill blog is now in second place right behind Town Dancer. Town Dancer has been number one for decades from when Calvin use to blog. We have dance functions for Wahiawa Ballroom Dance in March and April. With the help I get from their good members, I can guarantee that Platinum Horseshoe will be in the top spot by then. And I can plan their independence.

"Social dancers, on hearing the start of a sweet melody that travels from afar,
 can smile, reminding their hearts that they can dance when their feet can't.”

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Yes in dancing we have problems. But most of time we accept it as part of life. And the root of the majority of dance problems is wanting to improve. Unfortunately, the method to doing that can be flawed, and lead to hurt feelings, a lack of enjoyment, or worse. Most of us do very well, allowing our teachers to make recommendations and eliminating any negative chatter. Focusing our efforts on our own side of the dance frame works for both amateurs and professionals.

"We can complain because the rose bushes have thorns
or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."

Having a dance partner is special, and we never want to lose sight of that on our road to improvement.  Dance advice from fancy people, like using Dancing as Therapy may not cure everything, but dancing together can sure help when times get tough. The big picture is that we can't control what life throws at us, but we can control how we respond to it.  Doing something together that is fun, physical, and interactive can help our dancing become an all-purpose tool for working through the toughest things we may be experiencing.

"It's A Wonderful World" by Bruddah Iz

Going further into dancing takes consistent effort between your mind and body. This allows you to tune out any concerns, problems, or, seemingly, impossible challenges.  We all know how important it is to take a deep breath to avoid over-reacting to things. A dance lesson is like a 45 minute deep breath that allows you the opportunity to put your body and brain into a better place to tackle the biggest issues together. Share it with friends and it's never been easier to share your thoughts on a good dance blog for your your friends, family and fellow dancers. You got a dance hobby?

“Social dancers believe that we should all dance while we still can.”

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The entire enchilada of Social Dance on Oahu is coming into focus very nicely. And no one organization or group is making the decisions. Many Big Shots are not aware that the "dancers" will ultimately make the decisions. Of course the dancers will listen to the "cognoscenti" but the ultimate decision is theirs. The biggest problem in our blogs is that more feedback is needed from our fellow dancers so that we can share more information with the readers. Social Media?

"Social dancers know that with hearing some music, they can only remind 
themselves that the heart can dance when their feet can't.”

Our best example for the moment is the Wahaiwa Ballroom Dance Club. We get a poster for the announcement of their social and post in our blogs with any additional comments and the hits on the counter "move." Next I cover the Social party and make all the notes which I consider pertinent including opinions from a few attendees. Maile and others help me with the photos and I have enough for a couple of blogs and the hits go through the roof. Is there somebody on this Island reading these blogs?

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Platinum Horseshoe just inherited a nice territory, the Waianae Coast, the North Shore and the Central Valley. The Original Moanalua Corridor was destroyed by the Rail Disaster. And many dance groups in this section would rather be considered part of town. And they certainly have the right to make their own decisions. Meanwhile I am planning on making my best blog independent. Probably Platinum Horseshoe, you are all welcomed.

“Social dancers believe that facts do not cease to exist
simply because they are ignored.”

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Social Dancer Knows.

Entrepreneur is a very broad term. There have always been entrepreneurs, and people have always worked for themselves. I have lived in other parts of the world and seen many places where everyone's an entrepreneur because there's no formal employment as such. In lots of the developing world, you're responsible for yourself, therefore you're an entrepreneur. In the US, "entrepreneur" gets equated with Silicon Valley, angel investors and venture capital.

"The best place to start to get anyplace is where you happened to be."

But that's just one story of entrepreneurship. We do not have anything to add or detract from the story, because we don't know enough about it. What we do know is this micro business revolution with five or fewer employees as a going thing. And we are going to help each other in West Oahu. The use of advertising is rarely used by small business. In getting your information in these blogs it is really communication to our fellow reader/residents and everyone becomes more aware of the existence of these small groups of dancers in the outskirts of Honolulu.

"Stranger In Paradise" ... Tony Martin

Once per week is about regular for most of our readers. Read it whenever and learn to use it for the benefit of all. I am setting up "Pages" in the blogs. and they are in fact Mini Web sites, look into it. It is free for our fellow dance groups that kokua. And I find that in an old peoples home, like where I live -- feel your feelings - cry when you need to. Laugh when you can - eat when you are hungry - sleep when you are tired. But don't just wait around to die, do something good for someone. This may be really weird at first, but embrace it, you will have a learning curve and it is OK by me.

“Social dancers notice most of the beautiful things in our environment -
nature, your own soul, stuff other people do.... like help out,
smile, create, dance... This is most of our dance world.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Learning In West Oahu

As a couple, your dance skills are the result of your learning system. Yes, you can learn from others on the dance floor but mainly you will be the product of your instructors of the social dance clubs and/or the Dance Studios. This may sound heavy, but the point is - Your teachers gains nothing by heaping out sugary false praise. Why is it normal to dance since no one was born a dancer? Seriously, we've checked and it's no coincidence that most people feel a little out of place on a dance floor.

"Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on."

This can lead to the inner skeptic that is squatting rent free on your mental real estate to start speaking up. When a compliment comes in, without a decent amount of proof, it's easy to cast it aside and throw it in the "You're paid to tell me that" bin. The solution? As humans, we are still working on perfecting it, and it comes down to doling out compliments and evidence in equal parts. Some prefer to take either one with a grain of salt.

"Til I Waltz Again With You" by Theresa Brewer

That way, the instant emotional response of "Great job!" is matched by the logical reason why. As a dance couple, especially at a dance location, allow the teacher to do the teaching. You can decide later how to do it your way. Nothing wrong in getting more than one opinion. Going further, one thing that can drive a wedge through a dance partnership is complaining.  This can be disguised as teaching, or direct and intentional. At any rate, the social dancers in West Oahu are moving in the right direction.

“Social dancers know that there is only one of them in all time,
this expression in dancing can be unique."

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Beginners, Good

We are getting some good beginners in their early thirties which has been later that usual. As their dance experience grows and they become social dancers, so do their tastes.  Think of it like your palette - not many kids grow up craving Sushi, Indian Food, and Mac N' Cheese.  As a new dancer, your dance options may center around practical choices, but as your knowledge, and comfort zone, expand - it's good to branch out.

“Social dancers believe that we are designed to dance. Our ears can hear the music
and we can move our bodies in grace, beauty and intrigue."

There are many dances to try and that won't kill You.  Many of the dances you can add are seamless transitions from dances you began with, know and love.  Rumba - the classic Latin Slow Dance is very necessary.  Bachata - the incredibly popular Nightclub Slow Dance. Cha Cha Cha, which started out as a fad dance and has become a classic. East Coast Swing - the all purpose youngsters dance. Tango - the powerful and dramatic dance that can clear the floor and help you make a bold statement.

 "Hawaiian Pride" by Willie K.

Argentine Tango - a sexy, and intimate, version of the Tango focused on more intricate movements and closer proximity. Joining this group will make you feel that you are an elite dancer. You will socialize in any dance environment. Make a commitment to accept praise and encouragement from your teachers without skepticism. They gain nothing with false praise anyway. You have many choices and the Dance Scene on Oahu is changing.

“Social dancers know that it may be difficult, when faced with a situation
that they cannot control, to admit, that they can do nothing.”


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Shindig in Wahiawa

Deep in the Central Valley of Oahu lies one terrific town with a beautiful Recreation Center. One of the buildings is the Hale Hookipa Room and that is where the shindig was held on Friday.

"What a wonderful safari night at WBDC. All the animals seem to enjoy the
free pizza and dancing to Leland's music." ~ Gloria Pfister

Leland laying down some of the best Latin music on this island, sounds like Da Reel Teeng, terrific social dancing by the all the dancers. Some of the best Filipino Tango dancers on this Island. But there is no sense to avoid the Line Dancers. This has got to be the biggest crowd of line dancers for a small non Palladium Club. But then again, West Oahu is getting to look better all around because of the Rail Disaster.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

My biggest problem with these blogs has been with my disability to take the photos but Maile has been terrific and contributed almost all the photos. Too much to ask from anyone. But I am taking my camera and I have been fortunate to find a few people that were willing to take a few photos that would appear on our blogs. Good for me, good for the blog, good for their friends, good for the club and good for them. A win-win situation.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

As administrator of this blog I wish to the thank the dancers at Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club for inviting me. Blogging is my best hobby and I am going to need help. Special thanks go to the photographers that took such great pictures to share with our dance community on this island. The blogs just let every one know that when social dancers have a social they are going to be having fun. Dancing, socializing with fellow dancers and eating. This is social dancing to Da Max.

"Social dancers know that when they are dancing to wonderful shared music,
they are too busy en-joy-in' life to talk stink about anyone.”