Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Da Family

Good news, the family is doing just fine in California. Received from my neice Yvonne. "Today we had lunch with Ronald and Leigh .... it was such a wonderful afternoon ..!!!"

 My son Ron, my sister Bea and my daughter in law, Leigh.
Some of the best people in my world.

Yvonne: "Sending you pictures, Having heart to heart conversation....
a splendid afternoon."

Yvonne, my neice, Ron, my son, Bea, my sister and Leigh,
my daughter in law. Part of the most beautiful family I have ever seen.


One of the biggest worries some bloggers have is the silent blog syndrome, and we understand that there are some bloggers that are just not interested. They are accustomed to the one way street of newsletters, web sites, advertising in newspapers, TV, and magazines. The social media blogger, after putting endless hours of hard work into blogging, may feel the silence. No one comments. No one argues. No one praises. It can be a dark and lonely place.

"Social dancers say that when life tries to bring you down,
try to just dance it out."

How do we get people to comment on our blog? What tricks, techniques, and powers of persuasion must we possess? For many of us a quiet blog can be depressing, while an active blog is exciting. Once people start chiming in, sharing tips, arguing points, and having a conversation, we can feel as if our blogging existence has finally been validated. I am now working on it to get comments for fresh perspectives in my blogs. There are so many good people in this Oahu dance crowd that have the terrific ideas and thoughts being reflected back over and over. Comments?

"Palehua" by Amy Hanaialii

Commitments involves dedicating yourself to something, like a a cause or a blog. Before doing this you must think carefully. A commitment obligates you to do something that is an act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. In our case, we must stress that there is no commitment necessary in any function of these blogs. You can involve yourselves daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, - but you are the one that will make that decision and no one can do it for you. I receive many that submit an article that is something they want to get off their chest. No further promises are necessary and we still thank them for the opinion they shared with the readers.

"Social Dancers really know the beautiful physical and mental workout
of getting their bodies moving to their favorite music."

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Not too bad

At the end of May and not much advancement. I've lost contact with my best groups and the hits levels on my leading blog, Platinum Horsehoe are staying steady. Town Dancer lost first place to this blog and now looking more very likely to recover, they are doing very well. However, the newer Social dancers in the West will make the development of our blogs much easier. At least we can guess by seeing them do all the solid basic steps in our social environment instead of that fancy stuff.

Blogger's Law Number 23C: "Never attribute to malice
that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

This is also known as LAGS, (Latest And Greatest Syndrome.) The Students, because they want to be at the top tomorrow and the teacher who would like to impress his students of the vast amount of knowledge he has in dancing. The natural collusion leads to LAGS. So the students learn steps too far in advance of their capabilities and most spectators can see, that's no way to Blackpool. And yet, most everyone is aware that this exists. How you figure?

"Here's To Life" by Jimmy Borges

There have been new clubs in town created with a specifications that they are not ballroom dance clubs. And many groups in the night club circuit may develop a superiority complex on this. This description has been coming out in the last few years and I do not think it is very appropriate to make the distinction. But there will be a new dance club in the West Oahu sector, very soon with the same specifications. And hopefully they will make full use of the only blog available in the territory.

"Hanohano Molokai" by Melveen Leed

Then a Guest Author that covers Just Tacos in Mililani and Dot's in Wahiawa together with the social dancing will hurricane every one's socks off and the hits will go into the stratosphere. Waikele or Waipio are wide open for just such club. They have a couple of nice Community Centers. If they can overcome the barriers, the dancers have it made in the shade. And somewhere the west will be established a new center of social dancing. The Rail Disaster has made it clear. Do what you can in your own kuleana. Second City, Kapolei may lead the way.

"Social Dancers know the some people can be mean and they try not to
take it too personally. They know that it says nothing about them,
but it sure says a lot about the people that are saying it."

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Oahu Dance Floors

By Douglas Ayukawa, Salt Lake
Size matters and we can start with the "Ballroom" dance floor at the Golf Course. 11000 square feet and probably the most beautiful dance floor in the Pacific. This was built by people who had witnessed the Big Band Era and the Huge Ballrooms of the time. That size may be obsolete now for the ordinary social cultural dancers throughout the entire Hawaiian Islands. There is nothing worse than having a very large room with a small number of guests. In any dance function, a dance floor that is too big makes it look like the party is not happening. Eighty people at the Palladium and - "where is everybody?" Eighty people at Dot's In Wahiawa, and the place is "jumping!"

"Social Dancers turn their can'ts into cans,
and their dreams evolve from there."

So what is the ideal dance floor size for us, the social recreational dancers? Club Dancers are the ones that require the least amount of space. Dot's in Wahiawa has about 400 square feet of dance space. A two car garage is about 400 square feet. Club Dancers do pretty good with this size floor. Of course 500 sq ft would be more comfortable for more people.  Social Cultural dancers need twice the amount of space. About 800 square feet of dance floor would be about perfect, and availability is only in the large District Parks and Community Centers.

"Sweet Someone" by Don Ho

And that is why school cafeterias are so popular. However old time thinking is still in power. The good thing about the one planned at the Patsy Mink Rec Ctr, is that it would have helped to bring social recreational dance into more prominence in West Oahu. Unfortunately, it has been canceled to pay for the Rail Disaster. We are getting more dancers in the North Shore and even the Waianae Coast. And Of course, Kapolei may be allowed to develop as second city and we may have some dance action there.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Side Note: These two friends were about to go to a club in nearby Pearlridge. One of them has a wooden eye and he says ''If someone says something about my eye, I'm gonna snap.'' They get there, order their drinks and he asks the first lady. "Would you like to dance? She got up and says, ''Would I?'' And he snapped.

"If you are feeling good, don't worry about it, you'll get over it."

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dancing on Oahu

Scientists aren't sure why we like movement to music so much, but there's certainly a lot of evidence on Oahu to suggest dancers get a pretty big kick out of it. Maybe synchronizing music, which many studies have shown to please both the ear and brain, and movement—in essence, dance—may constitute a pleasure double play. Social Dancers have evolved to dancing to the music, not to a beat. Beats remain the same but the melodies are something else - the oldies but goodies.

"Social Dancers try to avoid negative people, fake people, envious people
and anyone who would rather see them unhappy."

Whatever, most dancers of any kind of dancing will agree with this. Music is known to stimulate pleasure and reward areas directly behind one's eyes, as well as a midbrain region in our heads. In particular, the amount of activation in these areas matches up with how much we enjoy the tunes. Dancing did not really begin until they had music to move to. Makes sense.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

In addition, music activates the cerebellum, at the base of the brain, which is involved in the coordination and timing of movement. So, is this why dance is pleasurable? People speculate that music was created through rhythmic movement—think: tapping your foot. So, some reward-related areas in the brain are connected with motor areas and music and dance have just evolved together. For sure we all have our favorites, our bad ones and a few we just accept as being there, nothing special.

"Walk With Me Through Paradise
By Melveen Leed

Mounting evidence suggests that we are sensitive and attuned to the movements of others' bodies too. Similar brain regions are activated when certain movements are both made and observed - exhibitions. For example, the motor regions of professional dancers' brains show more activation when they watch other dancers compared with people who don't dance. Whatever, we like it and we dance it and to each his own. Let us appreciate all the movers to music out there.

"Social Dancers know that sometimes we expect too much from others because we would be willing to do that much for them." 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Latin music and dance is having a big inpact on Social Dance on the Mainland. Latin music styles also exerted a huge influence on the direction of western popular music. This was especially true of jazz, which was profoundly altered by the advent of the first wave of Latin music in the 1940s, Then by the Bossa Nova craze of the 1960s, which also had a massive influence on American pop music.

"The Indian Civilizations of Mexico had professional musicians
and dancers, four thousand years ago. Any body
in this entire world have that?"

The Rumba came in hot during the 20's and Samba came in later and could have been tops. But it was screwed up with too many basics by the dance studios though the music was still the best. "You want to dance fancy, we will teach you." The Mambo came much later followed shortly by Cha Cha Cha including the Merengue, in the early 1960s. The Bossa Nova came in and went out as a Fad because of the old time Samba dancers.

"Girl From Ipanema" by Astrud Gilberto

Bossa Nova is still one of the best musical rhythms in the world. Lately Bachata and Salsa has come in and will be followed by at least three others. Each new Latin style has enjoyed massive popularity and many transcended their fad status to become standardized styles in the repertoire of western popular dance tradition. Both American and International style have a Latin division. What happened to the Lambada? A fad that came and went in six years and made over 20 million dollars.

"Sabor A Mi" by Luis Miguel

I have been hearing from doctors, patients and surviving family members about why an aid in dying option is so desperately needed in the Aloha State. When people know they are dying, are in pain, cannot sleep, cannot eat, just lay there and suffer - they want to go. Let them go in peace. The medical profession has done wonders in the last 2 millenniums to keep you alive. But they are certainly not doing anybody any good here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Amazing Progress

The Magnificent Seven dance blogs on Oahu have adjusted themselves pretty nicely this year. With all the hassles of moving, my phone interruption, my many mistakes it has taken awhile. The top four are Platinum Horseshoe, Town Dancer, Blogging Hawaii and Dancing in the Dark. These are the ones I don't have to worry about too much, because of the functions I can attend and blog'em. We get a few comments and few contributions of dance information which help. The determining factor in the top four will be the Guest Author where that person must make the decision. Then independence.

"If you don't email, I understand. If you don't call me, I understand.
If I don't have time for you, I hope you understand."

I am hard of hearing but in many cases the silence has been deafening though some reader/dancers on Oahu have spoken. So I hope the few remaining readers resign themselves to what we offer. Whether they are writing a personal blog or a dance blog, they want people to hear what they have to say. The more traffic to their blog, the more important their topics become. In this blog you will all have ready made readers. And I will help wherever I can.

 "My Moloka'i Woman" by Willie K

It is becoming quite evident that the advertisement or announcement of a coming function on Oahu is the smaller half of the equation. The real deal is the write up of the function, the photos, commentaries with the mention of a few friends. In our social media, these seem to be the meat and potatoes and it is slowly being realized by our best readers. These opinions have value along with the input from our official guest authors.

"Mama, I Love You" by Nohelani Cypriano

Blogging is the verb (action word) that has been coined by people to refer to the act of adding an entry or entries to a blog. Many that actively engage in blogging may write entries daily, but there is no rule for how often a blog entry must be added. It is entirely up to the individual or individuals. In our blogosphere on Oahu, each blog goes up to bat about twice a week and is still testing.

Blogger's Law Number 23B:
No matter what goes wrong, there is always somebody who knew it would.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Partner Dancing.

By Frank Zuniga, Waipio
Not too long ago, maybe four hundred years back, partner dancing began in Europe and it evolved slowly into the rest of the world. The dances became what could be different dancing for men and women, but danced together. The top classes developed dance instructors with the minuet as a prime example, all of it programmed. The lower classes just let it evolve among themselves where the man usually led in the different moves to be made.

"Social Dancers realize that the quality of their work is the deciding factor
of how much their services were valued by their dance world."

Ballroom dance became a set of partner dances, which were enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world in the 20th century. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance also became widely enjoyed on stage, film, and television well into the 21st century. Ballroom dance may refer, at its widest definition, to almost any type of partner dancing as recreation.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

However, with the emergence of dance sport in modern times, the term has become narrower in scope, and has referred to the five International Standard and five International Latin style dances as prescribed by the dance societies. The two styles, (American and International) while differing in technique, rhythm and costumes, exemplify core elements of ballroom dancing such as control and cohesiveness. The social dancers may or may not accept any of the movements of either group and have many of their own.

"Molokai Waltz" by Amy Hanaialii

International, developed in England, is now regulated by the World Dance Council (WDC) and the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). In the 90s. they took almost complete control of Ballroom Dancing in Hawaii. In the United States, two additional variations are popular: American Smooth and American Rhythm, which combine elements of the Standard and Latin styles with influences from other dance traditions. Currently the most popular in this century on Oahu is Social Dancing. It is not a new division but because of its social aspects for want of a better name it remains, Social Dancing.

From The Rubaiyat" by Omar Khayyam, written a millennium ago.
"The moving finger writes, And having writ moves on.
Nor all you piety or wit shall lure it back, to cancel half a line,
nor all your tears wash out a word of it."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I have had a nice time to think things over and I have come to a good conclusion. Going to the Aiea Anniversary Spectacular was a fountain of information from the few old friends I happened to meet. Everyone at the Palladium is doing very well and if they are number one in Hawaii, it is because they are the best. My blog was definitely superfluous so I realize that the needs will be elsewhere and I have the rest of an entire island all to myself.

"Social Dancers know that they don't stop dancing because they
grow old, they grow old because they stopped dancing."

Moving to Nanakuli was the best thing that ever happened to me and I lived in Paradise. I really did not know this until I moved to Pearl City to be nearer to the VA since my health is getting worse. Then I came across Depression, terrible. For now, I can see my immediate territory. From the Stadium west, up to Makaha, and another fork in the road, up through the central valley to the North Shore. I am making some new contacts in Waianae and the North Shore. Anyone can email me for information. I have three emails and you can use anyone of them. I have the Handi Van to take me anyplace, which has been very helpful since I do get my dizzy spells and I am on a Walker.

"The Music Of Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

The body of the any of my blogs is my write up and whatever photos I can get from my friends. I have difficulty with my hands and I have found help with my fellow dancers to get a five or six photos each. Some friends use to email photos but they don't anymore, they should do as they wish, So I will have to keep asking around. I can flower it up with written items from some of the attendees, which is good feedback. So hopefully, someone can let me know where and when and I will blog'em.

"Social Dancers, in their good life, assume nothing, do more, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how lucky they are for what they have."

Saturday, May 6, 2017

What Is A Personal Blog?

Things are just going up slowly but very nicely. A few connections on Oahu have been made and there will be more. As far as blogging goes, the more the merrier. Feedback is of utmost importance. Our program of dances is rounding up all by itself. And many factions of "dance" still omit or lessen the playing of Latin music. Mostly, because they simply do not recognize Latin as a big part of the scene. No hu hu, we will get there. Didja know that the Tango was the first in a series of 20th century Latin music dance crazes, that came to be accepted by the dance culture of the US?

"Social Dancers find that if it important to them, they will find a way.
If not, others will find an excuse."

Later on the Rumba was brought in by Arthur Murray and he screwed that one up royally when he "invented" the square step for the basic with a slow, quick, quick. Fred Astaire used it when he set up his schools and Arthur Murray sued him. He won and Fred Astaire knew something about dancing. He changed his box step to quick, quick, slow and got away with it, but the American Style of dancing Rumba has been screwed up for 80 years. They now have the "alternative basic" the original rock step and slow step, as in Calypso, Beguine, Cuban Rumba and all the rest of the similar Caribbean dances. Will be nice when everyone picks up on it and some on Oahu, yes.

"Just In Time" by Bobby Darin 

Received from my nephews in California.

Robert and Gregory Michie
I guess this is where they both work.

"Yes, a Blog site is definitely not a Web site."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

From the Wikipedia

Dance has been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebrations and entertainment since before the birth of the earliest human civilizations. Archaeology delivers traces of dance from prehistoric times such as the 30,000-year-old Bhimbetka rock shelters paintings in India and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from c. 3300 BC. The Mexican Indian civilizations were excluded from this study.

"Three things cannot be long hidden - the sun, the moon and the truth."

Dance may have been used as a tool of social interaction that promoted cooperation essential for survival among early humans. Studies found that today's best dancers share two specific genes associated with a predisposition for being good social communicators. Many dances of the early periods were performed to celebrate festivals and on important or seasonal occasions such as crop harvest.

Dancing is historically entwined with many cultures around the world. 17th century Persian women dance in a ceremony in Iran. Dance may be performed in religious or shamanic rituals, for example in rain dance performed in times of drought. Shamans dancing for rain is mentioned in ancient Chinese texts. Dance is an important aspect of some religious rites in ancient Egypt. And similarly dance is also integral to many ceremonies and rites among the Indians of the Americas.

"Moliendo Cafe" por Azucar Moreno

One of the earliest structured uses of dances may have been in the performance and in the telling of myths. It was also sometimes used to show feelings for one of the opposite gender. It is also linked to the origin of "love making." Before the production of written languages, dance was also one of the methods of passing these stories down from generation to generation.

"From Here To Eternity" by Englebert Humperdinck

In European culture, one of the earliest records of dancing is by Homer, whose "Iliad"; describes choreography. The early Greeks made the art of dancing into a system, expressive of all the different passions. For example, the dance of the Furies, so represented, would create complete terror among those who witnessed them. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, ranked dancing with poetry, and said that certain dancers, with rhythm applied to gesture, could express manners, passions, and actions. The most eminent Greek sculptors studied the attitude of the dancers for their art of imitating the passion.

"Dancing stimulates the mind, body and soul - it has been proven
to increase cognitive strengths and prolong life."