Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WBDC Anniversary Dance

The Handi Van sure is handy, they picked me up at home and I got to the dance before 6:30 pm.  DJ Leland was laying down his typically excellent music and the dancers were having a ball. I quickly found a spot to park my walker. Got a paper cup and some ice, then poured a little of my mix (Rum and Coke). I was ready to sip and watching the people having fun dancing and socializing.

Social dance is a major category of dance forms, where socializing is the primary focus of the dancing. On Oahu, many social dances are partner dances. In fact, quite often when spoken about social dances, ballroom or other partner dances are kept in mind. However it is natural to include in this category such groups of dances as circle dances, line dances, novelty dances, or simply club dancing in solo. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club does their own thing and does it very well.

"El Reloj" por Luis Miguel

The biggest factor in our blogs, besides the information, is the photos. It so easy to do, but few are willing to do this. We are all fortunate to have had Vickie for Aiea and Maile for Wahiawa. We have been blessed with so many nice photos that we can share with our fellow dancers. Some send photos to Flicker, Picasa and other photo media,  perhaps 100 million per day. They have no counters so how many saw the pictures? Two, or a thousand? Facebook gets 50 million photos per day. We have a different agenda. If somebody in Nigeria missed us we don't mind. However we want everyone on Oahu to see them and enjoy.

"I Will Remember You" by Don Ho

West Oahu is doing just fine with Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club doing better every day and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association is even making an impact in town at the famous Palladium. For now I would like to see a new club on the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. The Rail Disaster has made it clear, "I coulda got home in 20 minutes."

“Social dancers know that it takes two to dance but in our social dance world
both partners are not the same. One dictates the steps and the other
 usually executes them beautifully and effectively." 


Friday, April 20, 2018


Looking over my blogosphere I still am not sure if Platinum Horseshoe or Town Dancer will become the first independent. We must have a few Guest Bloggers and way ahead on hits, then I can  resign. I am  getting too old and there are plenty of nice dancers willing to share their pearls of dance wisdom with fellow readers. Having lived in West Oahu for last ten years, I would rather have Town Dancer go independent and have town people take it over.

"Social dancers dream of dancing better and enjoy moving towards it.
With time, their feet will have the quality of dance.”

It is shaping up that Platinum Horseshoe will comprise the territory from Makaha to Mapunapuna and the Central Valley and include the North Shore.  Large territory but few dancing organizations. They will come. Central Valley will probably increase all by itself when we get one more dance club in MIlilani or Waipio. With plenty dancers willing to contribute information and photos for the benefit of all our reader/dancers. Then, I can work on remaining five and get the next best blog independent.

"Walk With Me Through Paradise" by Melveen Leed

Blogging has been a nice hobby even with its ramifications. Much of it is pleasant work and I get the information to blog from "artists." I end up just being the mechanic but it is just fine with me. Social Dance Oahu has become my personal blog and it is central to all in my other blogs. It will help make all the other blogs eventually independent. These evolving blogs will add their own Guest Blogger and they can publish whatever and whenever they damn well please. They will establish their own parameters and will be for the best of the entire dance scene. When I leave, this old world will keep on turning.

 “Social dancers believe, that they can be the change
that they wish to see in the world.”

Monday, April 16, 2018

Cinco De Mayo

I came here in November of 1978 and met very few Mexicans. I was very pleasantly surprised in the interest of Cinco de Mayo festivities from the Hispanics and even the other ethnic groups. Of course, like many other holidays we do not have to think why? It is enough to know that we have the opportunity to sing, drink, dance to nice music and generally have fun. Nothing wrong with that.

“Social dancers may dance together and be joyous, but they can let
each other have their own space and be alone too."

"Hay Jalisco, No Te Rajes" por Los Triburones.

Came across one of the myths of Cinco De Mayo.

And myths on dancing have existed for centuries. This one called for a shipment coming from New York to Vera Cruz, Mexico in the mid 1800s. It consisted mainly of 500 huge buckets of Mayonnaise. And the Mexican were just learning to like their Mayo.

Coming into the Gulf of Mexico a great storm arose and the boat sank. This shocked everyone in Mexico with the news that they had lost their mayo.  And they decided to commemorate the day with a New Holiday, and they called it, "Sinko de Mayo." - Well, every one is entitled to their myths.

"Adoro" por Armando Manzanero

Everyone will be celebrating all over Oahu no matter their ethnic descent. Then the urge hit me to look for more information on Cinco De Mayo. Cannot find the reason but Cinco De Mayo Block Party in Chinatown is No More.

Hawaii’s Hispanic Community used to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a Celebration Block Party event. This free event was open to the public and many ethnic groups enjoyed the festivities. But then again Trump doesn't want Mexicans or Mexican music in "his" country and he wants to get all these Hispanics outta here. His famous quote, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

"Who can suffer while roses bloom? - Don't dream it, be it -
Our happiness depends on us."

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is a tool that can enhance any one of our blogs reputation and exposure. When you have a blog and you are not famous, the content might have trouble reaching a wide enough audience, even if it is top-notch. By offering the use of any of my blogs to the dancers, I may get Guest Bloggers, with their own personal views, that can do some blogging on a regular basis, without making any commitments. I am sure, that we can reach many more people who may become readers. Guest blogging posts succeed because it’s hard for one person to produce a steady supply of fresh content.

“Social dancers. think less about the steps. There are no real moves in
social dance, only movement. Just listen to the music, the sways
 become steps, and then you realize, you are dancing.” 

For our blogs we will accept any dancer to be a Guest Blogger. They should have been reading enough of our blogs to make a decision to as to which one would be preferred. They can even have a Trial by emailing the potential blog and I would post to the blog of their choosing. If they like it, I can email Blogger and let them know "Your name and your internet address." They will send you the invitation and the password you choose will be only between you and Blogger. And you are in.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

You can now open, post text and a graphic, preview at any time, publish or delete it. Close it and get out without saying "boo" to anyone. It will have your name. Anonymous is not permitted but you can choose a pen name. In effect, you will have your own blog within our blog and all with ready made readers. And all of us with the expectation that the average hits will go up much faster. Of course we will need more Guest Bloggers and once any blog gets in a comfortable first place we can plan the independence and I can resign.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective,
not the truth.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Thursday, April 5, 2018


I think that I am the only one that can see it and I am not at all certain how it is going to come about. It is slowly forming all by itself, our blogosphere into a new dance force, for Truth, Inclusion and Innovation, and made "of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers." The dancers are getting ideas and dis da place to spread the word. Let it roll! And we will accept that, each of one of us is but a small piece of the action, and each one counts.

"Social dancers know that maybe it’ll be there when they’re walking
into a dance. They will know they have something desirable,
and they know they can move to that music.”

There are a few people that communicate to us in flyer format that are slowly guessing that we are trying to create a social network, not an advertising agency. We try to communicate to our fellow dancers of the coming attractions. Of course, it is possible that some do not have a clue yet what we mean by all of this. It will take time. Patience. Social Media is two way information, Never been done before?  We could try to understand that there are many different points of view among our friends and fellow dancers. That value shared is what makes social media.

"Don't You Want Me?" by The Human League. 1981

Many people that have computers do not have enough information to save in data clouds free or not. But a few years back a nice lady friend informed me that she has her entire photo albums in her computer. A beautiful set up that took her a couple years to develop. Then the computer crash and they could not save the hard drive. She lost everything. I buy USB drives by the box. And I take a few with me to pass out when I party. Of course, I should put something in there and usually put in a song video. I get them for free and the music is good but the visuals are not. They of course, want me to buy it and which are less that than ten dollars a piece. I just want the music and if I can see something, good enough for me.

"In Hawaii, we love getting lectured about patriotism and morality by an
uninformed asshole who, obstructs Justice, undermines our
institutions and pays hush money to porn stars."

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Our Blogosphere

Should bloggers remain journalistic with their content, or be as opinionated as they feel necessary? You can be sure that in our blogosphere, no one person is going to dictate our guidelines, nor is one club. That is why we seek many different Guest Authors and so many different opinions. Cookie Cutter deals or Clones are not what we are looking for. Blogging can be a profession, but in our case it can be a personal means of communication. Social Media is still an unknown on Oahu.

“Social dancers learn quickly that dancing doesn't always go the way they
want it to, and that's okay. They will still continue to enjoy the dance.”

There is still an ongoing debate over the etiquette a blogger should use when constructing an article.Whichever process you subscribe to, It could be an important practice to explore a tiny bit of several. That within the few parameters set by the administrators of our blogs, all should feel free to express their honest opinions & keep flaming to a minimum. In part, the merging of traditional journalism to the world of blogging has raised some important expectations around what a writer should do and how they ought to behave.

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper 1983

But making that decision for our own blogging purposes can be easier even when we are affecting our fellow bloggers on the same blog. Though we are fortunate, so far, to accept that in our blogosphere each Guest Author or contributor is expressing his/her own honest & personal opinion and it should be accepted as such. The matter of holding people accountable for their own online content is an attitude that has swelled over the years, changing the expectations of readers. We should continue along this same line. And we will get differing opinions which we welcome wholeheartedly, Mahalo.

Social Dancer Law #14: For every dance move,
there is an equal and opposite criticism.