Sunday, May 8, 2016

So Wot Snew?

The news from the Waianae Cosast is that it is getting better in spite of the Rail Disaster. Though there may be a homeless camp here and there and across the street a brand new million dollar home building. I always felt safe enough to walk around at night, enjoy the beach at night and have never had even a scare. I have, however, respected the locals and their customs (as you should do anywhere in the world) as I think that makes all the difference in the world as to how people treat you.

"Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot"

Some of the very best beaches on this island of Oahu are on the Waianae Coast and I truly believe the people of the Waianae Coast should be able to live, work and play in their own kuleana. Visit Honolulu? Of course, sounds terrrific but we do not wish to do it every day. This has never been understood by the Fat Cats and the Rail Crisis in Honolulu. But we all understand, "It's the bread, Fred."

"Shaved Ice" by Loyal Garner

Believe it or not, on a Waianae Beach, you won't smell like someone else's sunscreen when you get out of the water, like in Waikiki or many other overcrowded areas. Any given day you can drive along the coast and find a beautiful secluded beach spot where you will be alone with nobody else to be seen. People here are so friendly and willing to lend a hand or anything to be neighborly. Tourists get more of the island experience for their hard earned money on this side of the island.

"Song To A Dream" by Nohelani Cipriano

Nowhere else on this island have I truly felt the aloha spirit more than the one place people told me never to go. I thought I would just stay in one spot and look around and find the right place. Kalihi was terrific, low class people but good friendships. I have been bouncing around and now I am stuck in Pearl City because it is close to the VA and the medical help I need to live a few years longer.

"As Social Dancers we do not have to practice. but every time
we dance we turn into a better version of ourselves."