Thursday, July 26, 2018

Evolving Very Nicely

I have tried to define Social Dance Oahu blog as my personal blog but it seems to be accepted as just another blog. Fine with me for each of the blogs seems to find themselves with their own readers. Again, the Information Contributors are the ones that will help to define each blog. We just have to be patient.  Who knows? With enough good Two Centers, the hits will run up ahead of all the other blogs and make it ready for independence.

“Social dancers know when both partners are in touch with their own sensuality,
the experience may be amazing because it is a harmonic dance of passion.”

What is Feedback? Nobody knows. Feedback could be the response or reaction of the reader/dancers after reading and understanding much of the blog. It enables the blogger to evaluate the effectiveness of the message. Without feedback, two way communication is either ineffective or incomplete. Feedback is the only way to gain reader's response and depending on the feedback, the blogger can modify any future content.

1991 "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" by Janet Jackson

I have been getting hints in writing on some nice guidelines for our bloggers, I may have to look into this when we get more bloggers. I am specially looking for those on the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. This is Social Dancing and most experienced dancers do things their way. It is only lately that it is being recognized as a most accepted way. The rigid styles will remain rigid in their syllabi, that is their style. Accepted yes, of course, but recognized as being a different style of dance and they can make their own rules.

"For many social dancers on Oahu, the problem is that we care
too much about people who don't give a shit about us."