Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Social dancing has evolved over the years into what it is now. The music? Of course, and learning to move to the music and lead and follow. Food and talk story has also been part and parcel of social dancing. Many of us are satisfied with achieving a simple routine of steps and just enjoy the music and then enjoy the rest of it which is the socializing along with the dining. As we progress throughout the years many of us just naturally want to learn more and we gradually phase over into the intermediate levels. There are approximately 30 patterns in each type of dance for anyone to dance it on a social level.

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique,
they are great because of their passion. ” ― Martha Graham

Any more new movements are in the advanced levels of the dance and for OP (other people) No hu hu, anyone should be able to decide how they want to dance. Many in this more advance group can dance socially but they may become more interested in the "to be seen" categories where they may be exhibition and/or competitive dancers. If there are 700 documented steps in Salsa you can guess how many are in this advance group. But we should respect their wishes and the fact that they may dance "correctly" and they may insist that they are a quite different group. They are right and we should make an effort not to bother them.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

We can go on our merry way doing our own thing. This is not from a thorough, complete, detailed study of the dance or the social structure of these groups. It is closer to an opinion based on 40 years of experience on this island and my small statistical analysis. Others may differ? I do not lay down the laws for anyone. Whatever groups they belong to, they could very easily get their point across in these blogs. It is not like they don't have a choice. They all have two choices, they can take it or leave it. Oh?

“In dance blogging, much of what is being said has not mattered,
and much of what has mattered has not be said.” 

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