Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Readership, dancers

Waianae seems to be the perfect place for a new dance club dedicated to the social dancer only, Most of it based on the American Style of dance syllabi and with the introduction of some peripheral dances, such as Bachata, Salsa and the Latin Waltz. With a DJ that will play Latin music to Latin dances. Unfortunately, the rulers of this islands have kept Waianae and the North Shore separated for their own money making deals in town.

"Social dancers feel that every detail of the music, is like there is something
in them that responds to the rhythm in a way that only they can."

The North Shore is showing some interest in music and dance. Cholos Homestyle is leading the way. The others have some good sporatic musical presentations but they don't last long. Honolulu turned down the building a new tract of houses on the North Shore as something about "Agricultural Lands" which have never been used for Agriculture in 5000 years. Paradise is close at hand when people can live, work and play in their own kuliana. No - they gotta make you deal with Honolulu. Honolulu gotta make the Big Bucks.

"Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie (1981)

Anyway, nice to know that Line Dancing is holding on very nicely in spite of the lack of interest from the men dancers. You don't have to have a gun in holster for a man to dance. Makaha and Kapolei but has mostly women. I just read that is against the law for men to dance Line Dancing and it may be close to a ten year sentence, I don't know. But what the hell we are going to find out what we can do. And in our social dancing we can see some very good "men" line dancers.

 “Social dancers know that they should stop doing what is easy or popular -
and start doing what is right.” 

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