Friday, October 24, 2014

Blogging Troubles

Even though my dream was to show I could turn my blog into a blogosphere I committed to NOT quit my day job. Ha! At any rate it has not gone as planned. Surprised? I am still fortunate that I live in Paradise just a half block away from Nanakuli Beach, so that I could even write this post from the beach.

"Yes, we avoid any meetings of more than one person. The length of a
meeting rises with the square of the number of people present."

Hey, that's an idea, I gotta work on it. A beach chair with an umbrella to give you shade, My laptop and my thermos with a full complement of Rum and Coke. I have my music in the laptop which I can turn on or off anytime. And the batteries will last a good three hours. Good enough. Take my camera and have someone take my picture and post it in one of the blogs.

Anyway, Dance Waianae Blog is just amazing in the gradual growth in hits. Nothing spectacular, just slow steady growth which is just fine with me. In fact that is what is happening in the entire blogosphere. Of course, no one knows what will happen when we get a steady Two Center or even a Guest Author. I know the hits will go through the roof.

"Walk Through Paradise With Me." by Melveen Leed

What came first the chicken or the egg? Same thing here, the blogging info or the reader/dancers. In our case I know for sure, we have to deliver the dance information and the readers will pick up on the action. So I ask, where are you? With a photo and a little information.

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