Sunday, March 29, 2015

The New Blog

Surprise, this new made over Moanalua Corridor blog seems to be plodding along very nicely. But of course we have Dream To Dance Studio and Dance Hawaii = Maurice Morita in this sector. As per usual a couple good Two Centers will get it rolling.

"Those who tried and failed are infinitely better than
those who try to do nothing - and succeed."

Wednesday, April 1st, the Big Blowout.
The Dance will have free Valet Parking and free admission. Ten peice band playing all the oldies but goodies. Every one get a free ticket for the Mercedes Benz that will be raffled at half time. There will be Steak and lobster available all evening along with 14 cases of champagne - all free.

It should not be so amazing that the readership of this blog is increasing and that the class of readers is much for the better. These people are interested in dancing not in running down dancers. We also appreciate the well wishers for their thanks and for their kind words but I must inform all of you that most of the credit is increasingly getting more diverse. We also need more comments in the blogs.

"Which Way You Goin' Billy?" by Poppy Family

The newsletter views have been changing into more like Social Media.  This has been from the new blood coming in. I will not live forever so that we must accommodate more people running it and they will just take over very easily. Perhaps we can look forward to independence by the middle of this year. Of course, with independence comes the opportunity to make your own parameters.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Pub's Side Note: Be careful with the "publish personal emails" virus on Oahu. If they say we publish personal emails, people believe it and that's it. No need to ask "Where, When, Show me?" Naturally no one says a word. You are guilty and there is no way to prove your innocence. Those are their rules, tough.

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