Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One More Month.

The hits are dropping all around. But that is to be expected when I am rearranging so much. This blog will definitely be deleted according to the stats we have now and be combined with Dance Blogs. It will become my own personal blog and I will review all our blogs regularly.

"Yes, we would rather be hated for who we are,
rather than be loved for who we are not." 

Next most important is that we have two blogs running neck and neck for second place. Platinum Horseshoe, and Blogging Hawaii. In a couple months we are going to get more action in both of them and one of them may move into position of becoming independent. That, I would like to see. These are older blogs and have established some seniority.

"Lahaina Roadstead" by Loyal Garner

There have been some changes and there will be more changes to come and they will be decided by the reader/dancers. Of course, our Two Centers and Guest Authors will make a big difference in what the reader/dancers prefer. This is pretty much out of my hands.

"Night Life" by Don Ho

All the other blogs are still relatively new and still in process of developing according to the Two Centers and the Guest Authors. But increases in hits will continue to show in the next few months. I have determined that any blog with less than nine average hits per day should be deleted. Doble digits can show some viability even if only by myself. And with a regular Guest Author would go easily into the 20s.These blogs have great possibilities for public relations but the reader/dancers will be the ultimate judges.

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