Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It is certain now that Central Valley blog will be phasing out. It will be amalgamated into this blog and I can anticipate some additional hits. Of course, that is not the solution to the entire problem. The most important solution is still the Information and Photo Contributors and then the Guest Authors.

"The entire world has always hated change, yet it is the
only thing that has brought progress."

But some people are becoming aware, I must do more person to person communication. "To Whom It May Concern" is not the kind of communication required here. So I will learn. And I am communicating to a few that I need helping taking the photos. That can be a starter.
"Love Is Strange" by Mickey and Sylvia

Next I have to help the Public Relations in the existing dance locations in the West. I cannot go to all but I will have to fit in whatever I can. And then there are some that would rather not be included in this Public Relations and I must respect.

Just like Tw-itter only B-iggah and B-ettah.

Then there is the coming new social dance club, and not structured as the old. It has been tried several times and never succeeded for various reasons. One is the development of the rootzi tootzi attitude. The new club must be for the dancers and not for some kind of support. There are many that have become aware, and it is only just coming out.

There must be dancers on that side of the Island. Just accustomed to dance in town.

Social Media is becoming more acceptable throughout the world. And there are actually people out there that think that it is the instant solution for the World's problems. It has been said before, "That isn't cynicism, it's arrogance and ignorance."

How about the Waianae Coast, any dancers there?

There are, of course, no instant solutions, And unfiltered and unchecked tweets and blog posts give us nothing more than opinions. And frankly, in our blogs, that is all I ask. The different opinions are what have value in our blogs. They constitute a more democratic body of communication and much more open than the clique method that has been done for so long on this island with such sad results.

A dance blog is what all "dance websites would like to be" updated on a regular basis, containing various points of view that are of interest to a select or target audience, before and after the occasion. Information easy to update and change. Our reader/dancers are gradually picking up on this action.

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