Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dance Floors

By Frank Takizawa, Pearlridge:

Yes, I know, there are very few that are used for dancing. But then no one knows anything about dance floors. I have asked around and they are just as ignorant as I am. Of course, then there are some that know about the installed dance floors in the hotels at Ko'olina Resort and know full well that they will never be used to dance on. Smart rich people may have their reasons, but it beats me.

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No one seems to really know anything "concrete" about a dance floor. The top layer of a sprung floor is a performance surface. In dance this may be replaceable to suit different styles, such surfaces are often also called marley floors or "dance floors." We don't need that. Can we get a "one size fits all" to include all of our kind of partner dancing?

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The term speed refers to the traction (kinetic friction) of performance surfaces: fast describes slippery surface, and slow higher-traction surface, like a gym floor. I am beginning to understand why dance clubs don't use gyms to dance in. Remember the old days? But a good steady Dance Club could make a deal with a large Community Center and install a good Dance floor for easy access to all dancers. Paid for by Fund Raising Dances.

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The dance floor should encourage optimum performance and be safe. There are many differences between what would be the best floor for different forms of dance. Like a good race track it should have just the right amount of give; it should not be too hard which causes repetitive strain injuries or too soft which is tiring. It should be even and flat with only small variation in characteristics across it. And most of us would just enjoy dancing on it, time after time.

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