Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coming Up Good

Even though we are in a plateau and I have certainly over diluted the readership, the entire enchilada is doing good. I expect it to go higher this week, I am developing more confidence in my own stats. Together all my blogs add up to more than ten thousand hits per month. It definitely means that social media can be done blogging and I am connecting.

 "Don't lose faith. Sometime what looks like a terrible situation is
simply meant to put you in position to do good."

I am using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus but only as promotion tools for the blogs. I am pretty certain I have uncovered the secret to the elementary hits at this stage. The Two Center with one photo of the dance gang, the location and the names. That guarantees an increase in hits, which of course is very basic but only the first phase. There are several other options available. This is the most important at the moment. Just one in each blog would make a tremendous difference.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

With Facebook, Snapshot, Flicker and a few other photo storage locations, getting almost one billion photos per day, it is a wonder that no one ever worries who will see their photos. You send one photo to us and everyone in our blogosphere will see it and very likely a few others. I can see it very graphically when Calvin and Debra blog. Wow, the hits go through the ceiling. Means that our friends, neighbors and fellow dancers are reading and our bloggers are not just beating their gums. So we must be patient and wait for those that will see the light.

Pub's Side Note: Is there a tendency to more social Saturday night dance activity in the Ward area? We get some information but perhaps they wish to keep it private. We must respect.

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