Saturday, July 12, 2014


This blog is moving pretty good and now firmly in double digit average per day territory. So it will soon be joining the others in the twenties. The same thing as the other blogs applies, that the Two Center will be the deciding factor.

"Stupid. knowing the truth, seeing the truth and still believing in the lies."

Then we are becoming more aware that there are not that many people available in our possible readers. Those that are computer literate enough to get in and out of all the items available in blogs. Then there is the very closely held "corporation" on Oahu, the Creative Researchers And Produdcers that actively hold back many that could benefit from Social Media.

 "Stood Up" by Ricky Nelson

Fortunately our group consists of social dancers interested in moving to the music of their choice. And I  am looking for them. Meanwhile we can hope to get a nice email from someone willing to contribute information and/or photos. There are many possibilities but at the moment not too many people know.

Pub's Side Note: And many are missing the goodies in all the blogs. Very few are aware.

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