Friday, May 22, 2015

Steady as she goes.

Copyright law protects original creative works, such as software, video games, books, music, images, and videos. Copyright owners generally have the right to control certain unauthorized uses of their work (including the right to sue people who use their copyrighted work without permission). Fortunately on this blog most of our people are on the right track.

"Everyone has the right to their opinion. No one has the right
to be wrong in their facts."

Even if you have permission to use an image, you may need additional permission to use what is in the image (e.g., a photo of a sculpture, a person, or a logo) because someone else's copyright, trademark, or publicity rights might also be involved. You are responsible for obtaining all of the permissions and licenses necessary to use the content in your specific context. For us we must make every effort to avoid any of this. What we get from our readers should be permissible. Mahalo.

 And yes, we are all beginning to understand that the Rail Catastrophe is going to mess up the works for all in this area. But those people gotta make the Big Bucks. Millions and millions of dollars in profits. We have to find places far enough from the noise and the upset of the buildings around them. The Moanalua Corridor is the sector that will be developing the best. We will make it in spite of all that big mess. We shall dance on Oahu.

Pub's Side Note: A good idea of what is coming in from our good Two Centers is in the blogging of Richie Fun in the Town Dancer blog and the Dancing Nights blog. Good news for the reader/dancers.

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