Thursday, June 21, 2018

Slow Going

I finally got my main computer and my back up computer, running and they just both need the detail to get both up to date. It has been taking the blogs a while to get back on track. And Platinum Horseshoe lost a lot of readers when we lost Aiea and Wahiawa.. And I am beginning to miss my Search Engine Hits. For now I am deleting the comments sections in all the blogs. I don't get the people that I want and I get many anonymous that are looking for a money connection. So the best way to get something in is to just email it and I will post it to the blog of your choice.

“Social dancers believe that the impact of music is so great that
you'll leave whatever you are doing just to move to it.”

Many people writing something don’t really enjoy the editing process because by and large it’s the least creative part of writing a blog. Still it’s the most necessary. Yes, I know, I am one of the sloppy ones but I am learning. For example the spell checker that comes with this blogger will not alert me to the fact that words like there and their may be mixed up and often they're wrongly put. so it’s up to me to understand the difference and the correct usage for each word. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use automated spellcheckers. What it does mean is that I should understand the limitations of each so that when I am using them, I will know what might have slipped through the cracks.

January 20, 1990 Michael Bolton "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You"

In the end there’s really no substitution for reading my blog out loud and keeping my eyes focused for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Concentrate, for at my age, it’s easy to let my mind wander away and that’s why I find reading the text out loud to myself is the best method to catch mistakes. When I am finished with a careful self edit, I am pleased with the way the blog sounds afterwards. And even then I will see typos in all kinds of publications. On Oahu I cannot visit everyone so I must wait to be invited. I cannot eat or dance but I can blog'em and that is my hobby.

Friends can be like underpants - some crawl up your ass - some snap under pressure -
some don't have the strength to hold you up -  some get a little twisted - some are
your  favorites - some support you -  some are cheap and get bent out of shape -
some actually do cover your ass when you need them to.