Monday, June 25, 2018

West Oahu looking better

With everything that has happened to us dancers on the island of Oahu, we can either feel sorry for ourselves or treat what has happened as a gift.  We learned something and everything was either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep us from growing. Most of the time we get the chance to choose. We know the good dance places that are in process of developing in West Oahu. And we know that something is overdue on the Waianae Coast and on the North Shore. Business Parks are a big solution for the residents and Downtown is against them.

“Social dancers quickly learn that life doesn't always go the way they want it to,
and that's okay, they will still keep on dancing.”

Line dancing as a separate peripheral comes and goes and it is much more accepted in the social dance clubs in West Oahu as a intermission fun time. Men dancers are still sorely lacking but the ratios are getting better in the West. The biggest drawback is that they are getting much too fancy. A few basic moves to "enjoy the music" is all that is necessary. Fancy steps, we know what they are in any dancing. They become Exhibition and/or Competition. Nothing wrong with that if that is what you like but it can and should be recognized for what it is.

1990  "Vogue" by Madonna

Meanwhile we must go on with much of what we are doing right, because so many new people keep showing up all the time. Social dancing is definitely in. There is no disrespect to the disciplines if a disk jockey plays a Salsa or a Bachata. Neither are a part of American or International syllabi. But they try to please the dancers and that is the name of the game. A few days ago, the disk jockey completely forgot to play a Viennese Waltz and nobody noticed. Anyway most of us will admit we are social dancers.

"Social Dancers know that it isn't hard to find injustice in our dance circles,
but we must not let injustice smear the good deeds that do occur everyday."