Monday, June 4, 2018

Rolling Again

Arturo Meza, famous Mexican writer and poet was asked to comment in Mexico City, on a Trump declaration at the end of his first year. They were disappointed that he just regard it as a sheet of paper. They did not recognize the his English was not very good. They translated what he said, their way. What he said was, "It is just a piece of sheet."

“Social dancers know that people dance because dance can change things.
One move to music, can bring people together. One move to music,
can make you believe like there's something more."

We are coming to a very good definition of dancers on Oahu and it hasn't been easy. Each faction has thought they were the real thing, but we are learning that the others are dancers too. The most elementary were the street dancers and mostly solo. Many were very good and found other social dancing in line dancing. Then we had the social dancers that learned a lot from the Studios teaching the American Style of Dance. This splintered and combined with street dancers to develop a slightly different style in the Night Clubs.

"I Want To Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston, 1987

Then about forty years ago enter the International Style of Dance and quickly introduce the exhibition and the competition style so well that they assumed the mantel of excellence. At the beginning of the Palladium, was the first time I heard the term "Junk Dancer." They had begun with stating the correct way to dance International. With good reason for it was to be judged. Somehow it was transformed and if you were not dancing it correctly. then obviously you were dancing incorrectly, with no qualifications.

"Social dancers learn that they have to live their own lives too, as best they can."