Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving Right Along

The slide show is getting acceptance and now we must polish. All of the photos taken and submitted during all of our excursions will probably be published in the blog. Hopefully more of our reader/dancers will be willing to share with our fellow dancers. Makes for a very colorful and interesting blog.

"The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. And along with success
comes a reputation for wisdom."

However, not all will go into the slide show. I included whatevah into the first trial and everyone can see the results. I already knew that three or less is wasting space where we could include more people. So the only excess pics are the ones that are too big. Everyone should be able to see that from four to seven is just about right to get everyone looking good.

Those will be the ones going into the slide show. I have labeled the good ones from the first batch with "A." And I will weed the others out slowly. The new ones will be labeled "B" so that as I add new ones, I can eliminate the older ones and keep the slide show current. We will probably end up with about 20 or 30 pictures all told, the readers will decide.

"Heal the World" ... Michael Jackson
"Heal the world, make it a better place. There are people dying - But if you care
enough for the living - Make a better place for you and for me."

Then I would like to set up a side bar monthly photo of the "Teachers of the Month" to pay our respect to so many of our good amateur teachers, many of whom have been teaching so terrifically for decades. The problem, who first? And how do we get the second and the third? And should it be in the Oahu And Beyond blog better? Perhaps in Central Valley?

Gradually I am beginning to get good consultation from our fellow dancers. And they rule. Meanwhile we anxiously await news from Pearlridge or Aliamanu Chapters. The readers will just eat that right up. Mahalo.

Pub's Side Note: The bus service is not going to get any better, so you may as well get that car. Tough on the freeway, but you will be sitting down, listening to your music and maybe talk a little story on you cell. The cost is much more but it is certainly worth it now, you don't have much choice.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The NIght Club Two Step

An easy first dance to learn,
By Pat Horne, Seattle, Washington

You might have heard of this beautiful dance, the Night Club Two Step or probably danced it over the years. This dance is not Ballroom, Latin or Swing - it is a Rhythm dance. It incorporates slow to medium music.

"The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen."

To be specific you dance to the rhythm of the music which is the quick, quick, slow. This is called "timing," a most important concept for dancers to know. Everyone loves the dance and what makes it so popular is the music.

Two step is very unique not at all like any other dance and it is easy to learn. The step requires a rock-step-side and a rock-step-side for a basic step. There are techniques to make the dance look smooth and gliding. The patterns we particularly like to teach figure 8s, body wrap, unwrap around the world, clutch carousels, lady under, man under and of course the popular left turns with many variations.

Again, the count is 1 and 2, 3 and 4 or quick, quick slow, and quick, quick, slow. Easy? Say Yes. Bob and I choreograph our students material for all the dances we put on and have 20 years of teaching experience.

"The Lady Is A Tramp" ... Della Reese

I was fortunate to help out at the excellent Saturday evening review dance at Aliamanu Intermediate. Night Club Two Step is being taught very eloquently by Romy and Miriam Quemado at Kailua Chapter HBDA.

Pub's Side Note: Auto Sales are up. Buses so packed they leave people behind. "Get the next bus!" Brilliant thinkers at Honolulu Hale. And we are going to vote for them again?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vibrating Dance Floors

By Frederick Gonzales, Barber's Point.

The Vibrating Dance Floor will probably be installed West of Ewa, first. “It feels like an earthquake,” is used in describing what the body-kinetic dance floor feels like when in operation.

"Today, I choose to create joy in my life. Whatever my external circumstances,
I choose to see all of life through joyful eyes."

The Newer Type Floors
Architect William Russell adds, “The vibrating floor throbs, it’s visceral and goes right through the body.” Looking at the main dance floor, which is located between the DJ’s concrete command centre and the stage for live performances, it’s hard to believe that this hardwood surface, which sits flush with the surrounding concrete floor would budge an inch.

It looks like any other dance floor, but once the music is turned on the floor vibrates, becoming stronger when the bass to the music gets louder. And as it has been accurately described, it does feel a little like an earthquake. It is a boon for the hard of hearing for the beat comes right up through their feet.

"Crazy World" ... Gaby Goldberg

Developed by Djenerate, a company that creates sound systems, the dance floor is a development of the “bodysonic” floor created for Cameron Leslie & Keith Reilly’s earlier Fabric nightclub. However this dance floor is “bigger, faster and stronger than Fabric’s floor,” says Djenerate director Luke Pepper.

Essentially the floor comprises a sandwich of 19mm-thick plywood and 20mm-thick hardwood glued together and supported above a concrete slab by timber joists and neoprene pads at 1.2m centres. Above the rubber layer are 75 panels, each 1m x 1m and with a pin in the corner which fits into a socket in the frame below.

"To A Perfect World" ... Melissa Manchester

We'll settle for this one in Kapolei
This allows the panel to move up and down, but not side to side. Screwed to the underside of each panel is a transducer — a cast metal casing that holds an electromagnetic piston which moves up and down, and transfers movement to the timber floor. Each panel is like an individual speaker and when a low frequency is introduced the cone or panel vibrates.

Aran Chadwick, director at Atelier One structural engineers, who provided advice on the floor’s design, says the main challenge of this type of floor is that with most raised floors, which is what this is, everything would be stuck down. But with a vibrating floor rigid fixings can’t be introduced. At the same time, with some 500 people jumping up and down on it, the floor had to be made safe. This is achieved by the pins which prevent horizontal movement.

On Oahu, it will take some time for them to know about regular dance floors and the benefits thereof for dancing. We will see a vibrating one built in West Oahu in ten years, - maybe.

Pub's Side Note: On the Internet, we can buy the instruments.
If she wants a date  -  Meter
If she wants an escort  -  Conductor
If you think she is picking your pocket  -  Detector
If she goes up in the air  -  Condenser
If she is slow in comprehension  -  Accelerator
If she is hungry  -  Feeder
If she has cold hands  - Heater
If she is narrow minded  -  Amplifier

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Street Dancing in the West

By Richard Sing, Honokai Hale

Yes we have street dancing in the West but mostly promoted by the few Dance Studios in this section. There doesn't seem to be any studio that teach "Ballroom" dancing. Of course,
 "Ballroom" has been inherited as unacceptable in the West.

"I write for those people who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were taught to respect the opinions of the "experts." We've been taught that silence would save us, but it never has and it won't."

But adaptions to street dances for the young are today practiced at both dance studios and other spaces. Zumba is up and down the Waianae Coast. Dance studios often dub the commercial adaptions as street dance, regardless of the fact they aren't 'absolutely' by true definition.

Some dance schools use street dance as a form of physical education. While line dances may be considered street, vernacular, or folk dances, they may require some professional instruction (or choreography) and integrate moves derived from studio dance styles. We shall see more when we get some night clubs in the West.
"Dream Lover" .... Bobby Darin

Street dances are dances that evolve between people in a social environment, although it cannot be always determined as to how they actually do evolve between people. In theory, as one person comes up with a move that apparently looks good to another person, that other person tries to copy that move.

For example, when breakdancing evolved out of early hip-hop culture, people came up with their own moves, and other people improved them. Street dances constantly evolve for as long as they are intermittently practiced and regarded as the same dance. All the moves danced to breaks in hip-hop culture was regarded as breakdancing.
"Unchained Melody" .... Righteous Bros.

Sometimes it is possible to trace back street dance styles that were mostly pioneered by specific persons. One example is Locking, which is often regarded as being started by Don Campbell, who was a 1970s pioneer of American street dance. Most of the time it is impossible to credit specific people for street dances.

Many street dances evolve outside of professional dance environments and there is no social and/or legal record. Street/vernacular dance pioneers also rarely have professional degrees in dance, thus distinguishing street dance from other modern dance forms. Fortunately, when they get over thirty they become interested in social cultural dancing. This has been a new territory too long in coming.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Benefits of Dancing Light

By Jemadean Dobrosielski,
Founder of Salsa Pasión in San Diego

For the Follower: Dancing Light and moving herself (instead of making the Leader move her) creates an environment of independence coupled with agreement. When the Leader invites her, she accepts, and then moves herself to the correct amount of time.

"To feel rich, count the things you have that money can't buy."

This instills his confidence in her and he doesn't feel that he has to force her. This gives him the freedom to lead without having to support or struggle with her weight. It also creates an environment in which she is asked, not told. She controls her own energy and momentum and doesn't have to contend with the extra energy from a heavy lead.

She creates an environment of consistency and leisure in which she has space to throw in that elegant arm styling she learned in class, or be playful and sexy without worrying about being thrown off balance.

For the Leader: Leading Light and inviting the Follower to move herself creates an environment of cooperation and respect for the fact that she does have a choice in accepting the invitation. It establishes that she accepts the invitation by moving herself in the correct amount of time and that she is responsible for carrying her own weight.

He controls his own momentum and energy, and doesn't have to contend with extra energy and momentum from a heavy follow, thus allowing him to execute more complex patterns if he chooses. He creates an environment of consistency and confidence in which he has the space to relax, enjoy the music and express what he hears through the dance.  *  * *  *

"In The Blue Of Evening" by Frank Sinatra

Pub's Side Note: "Truck Drivers" are known as heavy leaders. Some say they get it from dancing with "trucks." But it is really up to the leader, not the follower.

From the Spencer Dance Newsletter in London: "Carry the lady as if she is a tray of drinks, in the most beautiful crystal glasses containing the finest champagne. Do not spill a drop."


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organic Tango

By Daniel Si Yee, Pearl City

What Is Organic Tango? I had never heard of it before but apparently it accepts fusion in some part of your dancing which I suppose is happening every day with Universal dancers. In Argentina it has evolved into at least ten different styles of Argentine Tango. The first club established in the Center of West Oahu will probably be the one to lead the way into the Hawaiian Tango.

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

The concept of organic tango embodies the cooperative, creative, and open-minded interaction between both men and women. Both the follower and leader share in the responsibility of connecting with each other and to the music. Each partner plays a distinct but equal role in the dance, continually communicating with one another through body movement and musical interpretation. Structure and Style of one's own dance are two independent entities that are allowed to reach their maximum potential.

"La Media Luz" by Julio Igliesias

Organic tango is essentially a walking dance to music and emphasizes the social nature of the dance and places primary importance not only on a keen awarness of one's partner but also of the other couples sharing the dance floor. To allow the tango to evolve in such an organic fashion, the organic tango dance philosophy was established. For even more info on the organic tango history, philosophy, and teaching approach please have a look at the" Organic Tango Cookbook".

There will be a "local" tango danced sooner or later and it will be done in the West. There is no dance that has a patent on any dance movement. What will be the combinations? I don't know. But I am beginning to hear of tango in the line dancers. Seems to me impossible. No? When we get more places to dance in the West we shall see it evolve. It will probably evolve out of the Filipino Tango and modified by the American. The kicks in Argentine Tango are out. The sleek, milonga moves are in and the rapid head shakes of the International are out. It is coming.  *  *  *  *

Paul Pellicoro (translated from the Spanish) on Tango

Tango is a social dance, a dance of the people. What would be the point of having lessons with teachers if we all taught the same? That is the charm of tango: with each person you find a different character and style.

Tango is about feeling and sensitivity, otherwise you are just doing gymnastics. You can do all the steps but it has to have the feeling for the music and sensitivity of authentic tango.

In social tango you move with the music and with your partner. The relationship between you and your partner is not personal. What is personal between the two of you is that you both are trying to caress the music with your feet. A good tango dancer is one who listens to the music. We dance the music, not the steps. You see, we are painters. We paint the music on the floor with our feet.  *  *  *  *

"Nostalgia" ... Placido Domingo

Pub's Side Note: Paul is definitely not talking about International Tango. That is a very different thing. The new American tango fused with the Filipino Tango on this Island will incorporate all the good stuff. It is still in the developing stages, ask any Filipino teacher of dance. In the West we are going for the "Da Reel Teeng"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

We can do more.

The hits on the total blogs ebb and flow. When they go up, it is exhilarating. When they go down, it is depressing. I should get used to it by now. They are going down now and it is still depressing.

"Unless you restrict your reading habits to a really small segment of the
blogging population, a feed reader is only going to give you a small
window of what is happening in the dance blogosphere."

So I have to plan on getting a good guest author for this blog. I cannot carry Oahu - West by myself. Fortunately I will have help from Kapolei Chapter HBDA, Willy and Tim have done wonders to get their chapter in the limelight. They are even known in the Philippines. If we just get one guest author from any one of the other chapters in the West, preferably one that does not have a Web site, we shall roll.

"Twinkle And Shine ... Doris Day

It seems like I am getting back in with HBDA at their functions at Aliamanu. It worked without any trouble last month. I will try to make it next week at Aliamanu and see if I can develop a nice blog for that function. It will be a good restart. The reader/dancers are there and everyone benefits.

"At my age, tomorrow is the most important thing in life. It comes to me at
midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself into my hands.
And hopes I've learned something from yesterday."

Of course, all our blogs need information contributors and at least one more Guest Author. The diversity of opinion is what is making these blogs. Just read some of the other blogs to get an idea of what information you could contribute. If, in addition, you could send an occasional photo with four to six people and at least first names included. whatta break! Yes, I know, close to impossible.

Central Valley blog will be deleted sometime next week and then Oahu -West will have entire western part of this Island. I am going to be very busy and I hope I get some help from the residents of this area. Most are willing to send us flyers and perhaps get some free advertising but it really does not do much good.

"To A Perfect World" ... Melissa Manchester

Those dancers that will be attending have already been notified and communicated with in newspapers, newslettters, web sites and email flyers. The real news, "for a blog," is what happened at the function, with photos included. If they do not wish to share with our readers, that is their privilege. But that is blogging not advertising "to whom it may concerned." It is going to take some time for more of the dancers to realize what's going on and the benefits from "blogging."

Pub's Side Note: Check out Da Spin Doctor on the latest Oahu And Beyond blog. Dat's da kine blogging we need, different. We have to find a good location for the Da Spin Doctor in the West. He already is in the Fleet Lounge near the Airport and Pearl City Elks Lodge. Now how about Aiea? Who knows? We might get the Moanalua Corridor going again. That was a dream before its time.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Night Club Studio Set Up

General rules on the mainland for a social dance club within the NightClub-Studio set up, mainly on the West Coast of the US.

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash."

The NightClub is on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and runs like most night clubs with a $20 cover charge from about 7 to midnight. Everything is sold by the bottle. Hard liquor is sold in pints. No need for a chemist bartender. Plenty of juice and soft drinks available in machines. Free plastic glasses, ice, napkins, toothpicks are provided. Some of the bartenders are on an independent contract basis. They buy and sell their own inventory. None of the drinks are on the house to anyone.

However anyone can join the social dance club that is organized within, as "B" members and the cost is $30 per month. Some are restricted to establish exclusivity. As "B" members of the club (white card and color changes every month) they pay one half of the cover charge at all regular Night Club functions. Otherwise, they do not have to participate in anything. They can also particpate in Group Classes of American Style of dance but only if they wish, at half the regular cost.

"Magic Carpet Ride" ... Steppenwolf

If the regular cost per class hour is $8, then the member pays $4. The time allowed is however one hour and a half. The last half is not part of the lesson but they play the music of the class. It is strictly up to the student how much time they wish to practice their dance lessons. Most take advantage of the time and place.

If they start the first class at six, the third class will end at 10:30. And classes are available four nights a week, Monday through Thursday and most courses run four weeks long. Their own syllabi run from absolute basic, intermediate bronze and advanced bronze. Some have no classes on Wednesdays and have a Pau Hana dance instead which opens at five and is pau at nine.

"The Way You Look Tonight" ... Ray Coniff

Ten basic movements (four in the first class) in each course will give you a good repertoire and you should be dancing up a storm at the end of three months. There will probably be some repeats and that does no harm. The weekend is for NightClubbing but there are extra hours earlier in the day available for private instruction and also available for rent.

"A" members are those willing to participate as directors of the social dance club and help in the social functions. They are the party planners and they meet once per month at the club. They are elected (chosen) for the calendar year, limited to ten and membership costs $30 per year and they receive a "silver" card for free "couple" admission to all regular weekend functions.

Double "AA" members pay the same $30 per year but and are able to use their "gold" cards for all regular and special functions even where there is Ticket Sale. Eligible are the teachers and assistant teachers and the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the social dance club.

"When You're Smiling" ... Andy Williams

Most are turning out a terrific bunch of American Style dancers that can dance anywhere, having learned their basics well.