Monday, October 29, 2012

American Style of Dancing

by Harry Kaneshiro, Pearl City

Historically, American style ballroom (called Smooth) was developing in the US at the same time as English style ballroom (called Modern) was developing in England. There was probably some cross fertilization, but there was also a lot of independent development.

"If you hear an onion ring, answer it."

Competitions seems to have started to dominate the development of English style fairly early (1920s), while American style was more rooted in social dancing and not as strict. The desire was to emulate the stage and screen dancing as epitomized in the Fred Astaire movies. Contests (not competitions) were held just for fun.

Contests had judges that liked or didn't like the dancing and that was it. Competitions were strict and got stricter with time. Heal, toe, toe, heal was strictly enforced. Or maybe it was the other way around. Your palm should be up or down, whatever. They developed the art of cloning.

"Shake, Rattle And Roll"   ...   Bill Haley & His Comets

You can generally trace many open American style foxtrot figures to things that Fred and Ginger did in various choreographic sequences in their movies. Teachers specially took that into consideration In fact, because of those movies, there was probably more influence of American style on English style than vice versa.

The National Dance Council of America syllabus has popular variations. Names of figures and timing can vary from one part of the country and/or studio to another. The consistency is quite loose and yet they manage to dance it that way. The main divisions are the Arthur Murray school and the Fred Astaire school.

Together they are closer to Universal (Social) dancing than any other discipline and it is somewhat standardizing into one American Style of Dance. If an Arthur Murray man meets a Fred Astaire lady at a night club they will have very little trouble adjusting to the man's dancing because he leads. It is also true vice versa.  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: If they would just replace #40 short buses with tandem buses, what a world of  difference that would make in the West. More people riding the bus more comfortably. Less people on their cars on the streets and highways. Cost a couple million but it would never, ever come close to the ten billion that the rail would eventually cost. Ask anybody. They take the car because riding the bus is a pain in the ass.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Tragedy of the Bus on Oahu

The instigators couldn't care less at the extreme discomfort they have cause the users of public transportation. The devastation of the bus users by DOT and Wayne Yoshioka is unforgivable. Of course he got some help from PRP and their lying "push polls" which are illegal, but who cares. They are in their ivory tower and they know it all and they can lie all they want to.

Even I have been casually informed that the Rail will be capable of transporting 28000 passengers per hour. This is mind boggling, simply fantastic. They look down their noses at us country bumpkins with reason. But we can figure. We will be able to evacuate the entire Waianae Coast including the city of Kapolei in a little over an hour. This is an eye opener, a obvious necessity. These people got brains oozing out through their ears, they are so smart.

On the left, the Rail in San Francisco. They soon realized it didn't work the way it should
and it looked terrible. On the right, after they tore it down, looking beautiful again.
But the bus service is terrific, like Ben's FAST. 

What do we know? All we can do is guess, one of us is a Dumb Dodo!

I will have to postpone my ordinary trips to town. At 87, it is bit tiring to ride standing up from Nanakuli, all the way  to town. When they reorganize that mess at the Department of Transportation then maybe. They don't care that there are old ladies riding standing up from Waianae to town.  Auwe!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Split Infinitive

To Boldly Go Where No Split Infinitive Has Gone Before
By Patti Stafford, Los Angeles

To infinity and beyond. . .I’ve never given it much thought, but being a writer and a bit eccentric, I thought it’d be fun to look at split infinitives.

That's what she said, "Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others."

It seems splitting infinitives annoy some people, while poets and song writers can use them quite often and their use flows with grace. I’ve even used them myself at an attempt to sound more poetic. Not sure what a split infinitive is? That’s okay; it’s not something people talk about everyday—not even in writing circles. In fact, most of us haven’t given it much thought since high school.

When an adverb is placed between the word “to” and the infinitive form of a verb—it forms a split infinitive. It’s traditionally considered incorrect, but where would Star Trek be if their catch phrase wasn’t, “to boldly go where no man has gone before?” To go boldly just doesn’t sound the same, nor does it grab your attention.

"Only The Lonely"   ...   Roy Orbison

To understand a split infinitive a bit better, it’s necessary to know what an infinitive verb is. An infinitive verb is the basic form of a verb that is not affected by tense, number or person. It’s almost always preceded by the word “to.”

Generally in English, the infinitive consists of two words and if there’s an associated adverb it should precede the word “to” or follow the verb (boldly to go, to rock gently, to go boldly). But this rule is often ignored.

"Tennessee Waltz"   ...    Patti Page

Often people will cause a split infinitive with several adverbs or phrases (i.e. We want to boldly and without reservation go where no man has gone before.) Some writers (and speakers) avoid split infinitives all together. Unless it reads well or sounds more poetic to use it, they feel it’s in bad style and taste. Split infinitives can also affect the meaning and can lead to ambiguity.

Example from Guide to Good Writing*: They decided to cautiously advance may be rendered as they decided to advance cautiously or as they decided cautiously to advance—each has a different meaning.

In my personal opinion on split infinitives, I think it’s all about the context and style of the writing. It works great in poetic verse, but not so well in business and formal writing.
What’s your opinion?  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: Just received, The Republican Golden Rule:
 "The ones who have the gold make the rules."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Formation Dancing

by Gene Russo, San Francisco

Today in our world, there is an increasing need for people to learn to work and and live together cooperatively. With overcrowding and shortages of housing, parking and energy, it is essential to develop better teamwork and cooperation skills.

"Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do."

Beijing, China
How can Formation Dancing help? I have discovered some interesting facts recently. Everyone is familiar with the "V" formation that geese use when migrating during the spring and fall of every year. Scientists have found that there are good reasons for these flying habits. These principles may apply whether we are migrating geese or human beings trying to work together towards a common goal.

Geese also share leadership. When the lead goose tires, he or she rotates back into the "V" and another goes forward to take the lead. When geese fly in formation they can fly about 70% farther than when they fly alone.

There is a lot to be learned from lessons found in nature and from Formation  Dancing too. It also presents an alternative to competition dancing as a performing opportunity or to increasing dancing skills. When there is an emphasis on winning and losing, people can be left in the sidelines with a sense of failure and incompetence.

Formations promote a sense of teamwork and cooperation that reaches well beyond the dance floor, as they share the "gift of dance." By their performances for groups and organizations they are extending the benefits to the community at  large. If you have never experienced the joys, fun and rewards of formation dancing, I invite you all to join us.   *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: Perhaps the Rail is something worth the billions and billions of dollars that are projected. I just receive an email informing me that the Rail will be able to transport 28000 passengers per hour. That is mind boggling, and just about the most amazing thing I have ever heard. And I believe these number crunchers. They don't know any better. For us, now we know, that we can evacuate the entire Waianae Coast together with city of Kapolei, in a little over an hour. How about that? Aren't you relieved? Wow!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Da Rail, Auwe!

Independent UCLA professor, BrianTaylor, states that rail is effective in very large cities - but BRT is much better for Honolulu. He also said: "This Rail project, I guarantee you, is going to cost substantially more than they're projecting." This well-balanced report should make it very clear to all that Ben's FAST plan is the way to go! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS!

 "Mitt Romney has been giving his volunteers a free sweatshirt for making phone calls on his behalf. The sweatshirts are just like Romney, 100 percent reversible." -Jimmy Fallon

UCLA Prof. Brian Taylor doesn't have a stake in the battle over Oahu's transit future. However, the transportation policy and planning expert does offer a unique perspective on what would be best for the island's transit needs – the city's proposed $5.3 billion rail project, or a bus rapid transit system.

"When you look at the size of Honolulu (and) you look at the transportation problem they're seeking to solve, BRT is almost certainly a better investment," Taylor said Friday in a telephone interview with KITV4. "Big Rail System types of investments are essential to keep very large, very densely developed cities functioning effectively, and so they're often the best investment that can be made," explained Taylor. "You have to take all that capital cost for the system, and you have to divide it over the riders you have."

 "I Walk The Line"   ...   Johnny Cash

Taylor's research shows one of the greatest factors in determining a transit system's appeal is the ease with which riders can get to a transit line, whether it's BRT or rail.  If a rider needs to go through various steps like walking, driving or transferring to get to a final destination, the less likely he or she is to use public transportation.

"So, making the vehicle a little bit faster is not nearly as important as having a cutting down of the wait time," he said. Honolulu's controversial rail project could hinge on next month's mayoral election.  Former acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell, who supports rail transit, faces former two-term Democratic Gov. Ben Cayetano.

Cayetano has promised to kill rail transit and prefers a hybrid plan he calls FAST, which features a BRT system, an elevated Nimitz Highway flyover, and short underpasses along Kapiolani Boulevard at a projected cost of $1.5 billion.

About Prof. Brian Taylor:
Taylor is currently an Associate Director of the University of California Transportation Center, Chair of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies Federal Transit Administration Transit Economic Requirements Model review committee, and a Fellow in the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Pub's Side Note: Population of cities with succsesful Rail systems. 1, Tokyo, Japan - 32,450,000, 2. Seóul, South Korea - 20,550,000, 3. Mexico City, Mexico - 20,450,000, 4. New York City, USA - 19,750,000. Tokyo alone has over 32 times the population of the entire state of Hawaii. Use your head, Red.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Bottom Three

With the new rearrangement the three new territories are just about tied in the number of average hits per day. Another month and they will sort themselves out. The information contributors in each section will determine the outcomes and the hits will show it.

"The head never rules the heart, but just becomes its partner in crime."

Central Valley for some reason seems to be holding a slight lead, followed by Oahu - West and then Dancing in the Dark, which takes over the old Da Blogosphere blog. Their new territory is from the Stadium and includes Kalihi, a long time in West Honolulu.

The combination information and photo contributors will be crucial to the development on these blogs and many do not know how to go about it. I will have to make more verbal contact with the possibles. I am leaning towards the American Style teachers of the different social clubs. What a wealth of experience they can contribute to our reader/dancers. The hits would go through the roof.

"That'll Be The Day"   ...   Crickets

The slide show seems to be well accepted in the Oahu - West and Central Valley blogs. It is only right that I set one up for Dancing in the Dark. With a good coverage of the social dancing at Aliamanu Intermediate and some good PR for Kalihi Chapter HBDA, it will get rolling.

With all the dilution of the readership with the addition of new microblogs, the basic Blogger blogs totals are still going up, though very slowly. Simply because we are getting new readers for various reasons. We will get to them later.

I do not count the micro blogs, they are there only as PR for regular blogs. And there are four. Twitter, Google+, Posterous and Tumblr. They do a terrific job, I think. But I don't really know, no hit counters. However, Nikaawa's Space, (Posterous) and Ewa Plain, (Tumblr) can be accessed through the links in the side bar. Take a look-see.

Pub's Side Note: Mitt Romney was hoping to energize Republicans by announcing Paul Ryan as his running mate. Seriously? That's like trying to spice up a bowl of oatmeal with more oatmeal.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Waltz

By Jan Mitkowski, Makakilo

For more than two centuries, the waltz has been the most loved of all the social ballroom dances.
Waltz music, written in three-quarter time with the first beat accented, and  perhaps over three quarters of the Waltzes are composed in that fashion.

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."

In the other waltzes, the composer will write for the sound according to his ear. Accent the second and even the third with a little syncopation here and there. It may even sound beautiful but definitely not for dancing. You just have to accept the ten million Waltzes that are available and can be danced.

Several different Waltzes have evolved depending on the tempo of the music and the area where it has been danced. The European has been mostly into the Viennese style. The British and the Americans developed the slow waltz which has been further diversified into more different types. The American style waltz is one of the main ones, with the Country Style closely patterned in a like manner.

"The Tennessee Waltz"   ...   Patty Page

The English International Style is in a class by itself. The figures are far more complicated and require considerable skill and practice. It is used almost exclusively as exhibition and competition dances and it is very strict in its rules. Understandable, for it must be judged and danced according to the rules set down.

The Latin styles vary also in the step pattern according to the music. Most of it is danced in a chassè and you can tell by the music which resembles the Viennese in the beat.

But they also have music that can be danced in the American style. Latin-Country music veers towards the Polka. Yet some of the most beautiful Waltzes come from Latin America and are played all over the world.

"Till I Waltz Again With You"   ...   Theresa Brewer.

The Waltz is a progressive dance that requires smooth and continuous movement along the Line of Dance. It is characterized by an erect posture and the more advanced will have a rise-and-fall in their dancing. But for social dance and American style, it is just a three beat and you can just enjoy moving to that beautiful music. The kids can dance whatevah!  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note:  Paul Ryan is full of excitement, he's drawing big crowds. The only thing holding Paul Ryan back now according to political experts is Mitt Romney.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Dance of Substance

From "Diary of a Street Dancer"
By Walter Darian, in the 80s.

We called them "classics." Since the turn of the century there were arguably thirteen. To be included in this group. a dance must have lasting appeal. And a dance's Basic step determines whether it will be accepted by the "trendy" public as well the experienced social dancer.

"Gravity is a myth, the earth sucks!"

The great appeal of the Mambo was and is, its Basic Step ... the dancers constantly moving from and returning to the Basic. A sure "kiss of death" for a new dance is one with an uninspiring Basic Step. The Hustle was a good example. When first introduced, it was vastly different from the popular style that followed a year later ... when a "quick" step was added to the Basic. The addition of which, made the dance ... gave it substance!

At present there are five "major" dances popular with the "in crowd" and topping the list is:
The Mambo: Mamboniks are simply driven wild with by its pulsating and exciting rhythms.
The Tango: Danced in your preferred style, Roseland,  International, Cafe or Argentine - is perhaps the most beautiful of all dances. Its music ... intoxicating. If there are violins, guaranteed, her eyes will be closed.
The Foxtrot: Slow and Easy, your arms around your partner, cheek to cheek ... or the faster tempos of Society music is pure delight.
The Lindy: I've said so much about my favorite dance that there is no need to further elaborate. - And there is one more that rounds out the Big Five.

Its exciting, breath-takingly fast and a real crowd pleaser! It is also the most difficult of all American Social Dances. When you are moving at "figure skating" speed ... suddenly stopping short ... turning on-a-dime ... reversing your direction (against the LOD,) the girl responding with a big smile following perfectly, and rewarding you with words like "You're wonderful." I tell you ... that's pleasure.

You guessed it by now, I am referring to another of my favorite dances - the spectacular Peabody! 

When you can do these five dances of substance well, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you can dance with the most sophisticated Social dancers from New York to Florida. No small accomplishment.  *   *   *   *

"Somewhere My Love"   ...   Placido Domingo

Pub's Side Note: Naturally in Hawaii, in the 21st century, we have a different set of dances. Would be interesting to know which ones. I have my top six!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hitting Bottom

The hits are slowing down. They are not the answer to everything but they help in giving us some direction. It requires a little more look around and trying to see things more carefully.

 Who said? "Mistakes are often the stepping stones to utter failure."

Instant Messaging
Kapolei Chapter HBDA is still leading the way for the dancers in this section in news. In second  place is Aliamanu Intermediate with its social dances on some Saturday nights. From the dancers in these two places, I have uncovered the preferred size dance floor in a commercial dance night club. It is lot bigger than what you have in town.

Dance Hawaii may be doing something to get things rolling at their recreational dance functions and I am trying to help. They have some good people there. Just got to get a few more together and we can have ball social dancing at Aliamanu Intermediate. And many others will enjoy the fact that we can have fun dancing in the West. "I coulda been home in twenty minutes!"

We seem to have lost Da Spin Doctor for the moment. I was hoping to see him evolve the First Pau Hana Dance in the West. I even went to a couple hotels in the Airport district and there is still a definite possibility. But what do I know? Something could still be done at the Pearl City Elks Lodge and at the Fleet Lounge in the Airport area.

Pub's Side Note: A Tennessee couple — Dave and Rebecca Kosmitis both bona fide rednecks, had 9 children. They decided to get Dave “fixed.” The doctor asked them what finally made them make the decision. Why, after 9 children, would they choose to do this? Dave replied that they had read in a recent article that 1 out of every 10 children being born in the United States was Mexican, and they didn’t want to take a chance on having a Mexican baby, because neither of them could speak Spanish.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dis N Dat

With the introduction of the other blogs the hits on Central Valley and Oahu -  West came down. Stands to reason because of the reader/dancers we have available at this time. However, my emails are clearing up nicely.

"If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before."

Just in from the Romney people
My new one that handles all the Blogger blogs is The old one had been over spammed, over scammed and even hacked, so I just had to get a new one. But I still wasn't sure.

So I got one at to take care of people that I wasn't sure of. I made the mistake of leaving the email addresses on the blogs. And sure enough I started to get plenty of spam and scam. So I deleted this Yahoo email, the email addresses on the blogs and got another one,, with a AKA, and that turned up pretty clean. In fact I can go days without any email on that one.

The new one is tied up to the new microblogs I signed up for such as My Space and Twitter. Those will remain for awhile and I will switch the name. But I have deleted Sea Country and then I deleted Now I am in process of reinstating and changing Dance - West  and Westerly blog information.

"Fly Me To The Moon"   ...   Matt Monroe

So with Sea Country being deleted, it should help the others, I should know by the end of this week. And we may be getting closer to getting a steady information and photo contributor for one of the blogs and that will help all of them.

I have some PR to do at Aliamanu Intermediate or wherever they change that key location. I expect to be there this coming Saturday and cover HBDA and then be there the following Saturday to cover Dance Hawaii. They both finally seem to realize that I help wherever I can.

Pub's Side Note: There have been two groups in town that have consistently produced the best International Style dancers on this island. By the same token there have been two groups that have consistently produce the worst International Style dancers on this Island. Who? Ha Ha! We are talking competition here, are we not? That is the name of their game.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Disaster in our Bus System

I live in Nanakuli in a Senior Apartment building. We get free newspapers but no free transportation to town and nobody complains about that. However?

 Who said? "I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize."

What the Department Of Transportation does not know, with all their surveys, and I have been asked the most irrelevant questions, is the real story from the present users. But of course that is not what they are interested in. Throughout the world the objective is to get more people off their cars and onto public transportation. Not Honolulu, you can see the horrible examples all over the place. Old ladies riding the "C" bus and standing from Waianae to town. That's Criminal!

"My Kind Of Girl"   ...   Buddy Greco

I go to town to make some errands. On the way back I get the #93 express at 3:00 PM at the Alapai Transit Center. It gets on the freeway at Vineyard and Palama and, like magic, I am sitting down and that is what makes it comfortable, I am home by 4:00 PM. There is no way in the world, in a million years that the rail will beat that.

The only negative is that too many good public transportation people get on board in town and it is standing room only, all the way to Honokai Hale. Just change to "tandem buses" and add two more per day, would get a lot more people off the freeways and it would help a lot of people get to the Waianae Coast a little more "comfortable." Yes, I know, the Department of Transportation does not have that "word" in their terminologies.

"With Plenty Of Money And You"   ...   Tony Bennett

The same thing can be applied to the #92 express going to Makakilo and the #91 going to Ewa Beach. With an additional four more "C" buses every day,  and with the #40 bus also with "tandem buses" each way, the rail is "superfluous, not needed," except for the ones that were to make the Big Big Buck$. You don't have to go to a special station costing billions and billions of dollars. You just get the bus right around the corner where  you always got it. Dumb Dodos, use your head, Red.

"May Each Day"   ...   Andy Williams

With Kmart, Walmart and Target along with others in Kapolei, "I can be home in 20 minutes" Now if we had more industrial parks where we could work instead of being forced to work downtown, "I  coulda been home in 20 minutes." There are people in Waianae that live in Paradise because they live and work in Waianae. Make a little less money but they can be home in 20 minutes. Big Big Difference. The rail is needed by the Big Big Buck$ profiteers, not by the people and specially not the ones that use Public Transportation. They are the ones that know, not the big shots in their ivory towers.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is moving

Oahu - West is now firmly in the 40s in hits per day. This in spite of the junk hitters that we have been getting. We lost the others but now we have a new one screwing up the works. This is programming stuff. They love to screw up anyone by their knowledge of programming. Sooner or later they will be passing some laws. They may be bringing back the guillotine.

"The gene pool could use a little chlorine."

So Kapolei Chapter HBDA remains the lead into the West. And all of the West blogs beat the drums to keep them there. Unfortunately Kapolei, the town, has too many in the upper upper levels and that is not good for any town.

So Kapolei Chapter has to get dancers from Honokai Hale, along the coast to Barbers Point and even more around the coast, all the way to Ewa Beach. It will get too big for them and HBDA will know what to do. Ewa Beach looks most likely. We will keep working on it.

"The Godfather Waltz" ... Percy Faith.

The next one has to be Aliamanu because they do not have a Web site. We can show people what a Blog site can do. They deserve it because they are right in the middle of the lower Moanalua Corridor. And that's where the socials are going to be built up. I plan to be there this coming Monday when they have their classes.

After that it should be easy because Pearlridge Chapter is the sister chapter of Kapolei and they also do not have a Web site. What an opportunity! The only difficulty is my getting there. I just got my foot pads from the VA and they seem to be working. I just may be able to walk it from the Kam bus stop to Waimalu Elementary. If my feet hold up I plan on being there the following Monday.

I don't know if HBDA is having a social at Aliamanu so I cannot plan that. I must get the hits on this blog firmly in the 40s and then work to get them into the 50s. Of course the easiest way for more hits is to get a regular Information and Photo Contributor. Anyone out there? Town Dancer blog is already over 200 hits per day. (That is Mind Boggling.)

Pub's Side Note: The  "party of the rich" is making hay at the moment, they can buy anything.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The West Evolves

Oahu - West is shaping up pretty good. The hits are inching up, decimal point by decimal point, but up. I just have work to do. For the month of September I only had HBDA once and Dance Hawaii once at Aliamanu. I got them planned for October, only I don't have any dates for HBDA yet.

Auto shops in Waianae business up because of the bad bus service. People are
trying to repair their old clunkers, Last Email: "I couldn’t repair your brakes,
so I made your horn louder."

Kapolei Chapter HBDA, our blog anchor, is doing well and I hope we get a nice write up for the mid term. Then I have to plan on visiting Aliamanu Chapter, Leona and the rest of the nice people. Make a nice write up and get some photos. My feet seem to be getting better, I got my special foot pads at the VA on Friday and they seem to be working so perhaps I can fit Pearlridge in by walking up the hill and through the Safeway shopping center. I can thank Millie personally for the contributing blog with photos.

Anyone else in the vicinity that could use some PR, send it in along with a couple photos. five to seven people each, perfect. And now I am working on "non-peas in a pod look." Wazzat? Everyone will gradually know from what is beginning to evolve in the slide shows of Oahu - West and Central Valley. I cannot post every photo. Later on I plan on a monthly side bar photo of the Good Dance Teachers, I haven't figured out who is going to pick'em or how.

"My Colouring Book"   ...   Andy Williams

That one Guest Author (a dance teacher?) would be a big help to advance the hits on this blog. At 67 average hits per day (equivalent to 2000 a month) would be a perfect basis to keep going. This could attract more information and photo contributors. This blog does not have to be the same as the others. And the difference is Social Media. We will get there, eventually.

Pub's Side Note: Laptop For Sale in the Nanakuli Ridge Blog. Starting price was $220 on Wednesday the 26th and going down $5 every day until sold. Well, not really. If it comes down to $95, all bets are off the table and it will be donated to a school or church in Nanakuli the same way the last computer was donated. Two institutions are called and they are to call back when ready to pick up. They usually wait a day. This last time, the Nanaikepono Protestant Church called and picked up by 1:00 PM same day. The other church completely forgot I guess, they just never called.