Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rail by John Pritchett

Available in book online and in most book stores. Terrific cartoon analysis.

Buy it now for the best commentary on Rail
in the entire Pacific Region.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Waipio Industrial Park

Five multi-tenant warehouse/distribution buildings, located in the master-planned Waipio community, with convenient access to Honolulu's main freeways.

Offering bay sizes from 900 square feet to 77,000 square feet. Built in 2008 before the Present Rail Party was organized and too late to stop them. Since then they have stopped all the rest, paying off the legislators, to make the big buck$ in the Rail Disaster.

And you can think of all the lucky ones that can make it home
in 20 minutes. No Rail Disaster for them, they really live,
and work in Paradise.
Thousands of cars missing from the freeways to and from Honolulu. Thousands of cars missing from downtown Honolulu Traffic. But the Present Rail Party wants to keep it a secret because then there is no need for a Rail Catastrophe and more people are becoming aware of the ten year tax burden ahead. New estimates are up to ten billion dollars for the Rail Mess. When the Federal money runs out we are in deep doodoo.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

American Rumba

When Arthur Murray first saw what he thought was the Rumba, he instinctively knew that the American people would never learn the rock step and the slow step to that music. He, being smarter than anyone else, introduced the box step as basic, with a slow, quick, quick and the rest is history.

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

What made it even more solid was that Fred Astaire was a dancer and he knew that most moves had been done over the centuries.  So Arthur Murray sued Fred Astaire for using "his" box step with a slow, quick, quick in the Rumba and what is more, he won. What did the courts know about dancing? Fred Astaire then changed his box step to quick, quick, slow and got away with it. Thus began the screw up that remains to this day.

"Saturday Night" by Bay City Rollers

The Competitions in the American Style of Dance in the US are mostly controlled by the Fred Astaire Studios, so we can guess what basic is used for Rumba. They are gradually introducing an "alternative" basic throughout the mainland which is the original Rock Step and a Slow. Like in Calypso, Beguine, Mambo, and dozens of other Caribbean dances, and also the famous International Style of Dance.

"Real joy comes not from ease or riches, or from the praise of people but from doing something worthwhile."

Kilauea Rec.Center, Perfect.
Even in Latin America. where the people in the middle and upper brackets have become "civilized" and are not fanatical about dancing. They dance it as a social skill to dance at weddings and dinner/dance occasions at the country club. Many have learned in the US from Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire studios. So you go someplace and they are dancing it slow, quick, quick. You go that way. You go some place where they dance it quick, quick, slow and you go that way. Let's dance. But out in the bush it is a Rock Step and a Slow step.

Fortunately, plenty of dancers throughout the country and specially here on Oahu, are discovering the elderly Mambo steps to make use of in the Rumba and nothing could be more ideal. The basic, the crossover break, the underarm turns, the hand to hand, the spot turns, the whole enchilada. Fits like a glove, Stunning! Does anybody really know this?

But then it is gradually being danced by the Universal dancers. New invention? Ha, that is the way it was danced 100 years ago by the originals before it got screwed up the experts.


Friday, October 25, 2013

The Box Stop

By Quentin Hasegawa, Village Park

The box step is danced by using a forward and backward pair of altering figures to step on the four corners of a square. Where did it come from? Actually it had been used for thousands of years in different cultures and different dances.

"Dancing is the art of getting your feet out of the way
faster than your partner can step on them."

In the book "Dancing" by Marguerite Wilson, Philadelphia 1899 she describes what she calls the waltz, and what is today called the natural turn in the Viennese waltz, (using ballet terminology.)

She said "Before trying to turn, these steps ought to be practiced forward and backward in an imaginary square, as indicated in the following diagram ..." The diagram shows the box step, though she does not call it by that name. Thus, she is introducing the box step as a preliminary practice step to build coordination before learning the natural turn. She describes the process of turning later. She is not describing what is now known as the "turning box", she is describing the natural turn in the Viennese waltz. Still later she describes the reverse turn.

"I Do The Rock" by Tim Curry

What they now call change steps she calls the pursuit, and she prefers the man to go backward in the work of change steps. The box step was an exercise, not a dance. The box step is not the waltz step. The waltz step is different. For plenty of people it does not look like or feel like a dance, and some people think it ought to not be promoted as being a dance, But the box step has so long been represented to be the waltz step, (this misconception ought to have been corrected long ago,) it is too late to change now.

"Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by Temptations

How did the box step go from merely an exercise to being thought about by uninformed teachers to be the waltz step? No one knows. Plenty of knowledgeable teachers recognized the movement from other dances. Some teachers may have looked at the diagram and not read the book, thus honestly fooling themselves in to thinking the box step was the waltz step. Whatever, it's now been solidly accepted by most everyone.

Pub's Side Note: "In Hawaii, dance blogs are enabling hundreds of dancers to express their opinions with reduced political risk simply because of the sheer number of like-minded opinions online. Facing these independent voices, the old clique machine starts to grumble then to crumble."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Posters

This blog is amazing and seems to be going in the right direction. Was about 20 points behind Blogging Hawaii and now within ten points of coming even with them.

The Good People are always looking for opportunities to help others. Da Odder Kine are always asking, "What’s in it for me?"

Pearlridge Chapter and Kalihi Chapter could make the difference and of course, only the beginning. And Halloween dances all over the place, I bet they have something going on the North Shore and the Windward Coast, but if they wish to keep it a secret we shall respect.

I hope to be getting more posters (easy to post) with all the holiday dances going on. Of course the rest of it too, information and photos. The reader/dancers are there and waiting. I just don't have much to offer them. The icing on the cake is wot happened at the shindig? Info and photos, the reader/dancers would eat that right up. Mahalo.
 And on the Big Island.
Pub's Side Note: There are three rules for getting guaranteed hits in a blog. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good News

My son Ron (in California) sent me an invitation to the wedding of his daughter Teressa Martel to Mark Allen Nakamoto  on November 8th. I will not be able to attend but I sent a nice box of Chocolate covered Macadamias and a small check.

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, but people will
 never  forget how you made them feel."

Received an email from my son and a beautiful photo:
"Teressa and Mark received your package and were overwhelmed with your generosity, so thank you.  They are making final plans and we're looking forward to the ceremony, which will be performed by Mark's former boss, Congressman Mike Honda.  We're always busy here, but life is good, take care."
"Vaya Con Dios" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Congratulations to Teressa and Mark, and much happiness on your wedding day. May the love you share always continue to shine. I wish you every good wish and my prayer is that you find a lifetime of happiness and love as you live to make your dreams come true.



Friday, October 18, 2013


I am now looking for some special photos of a couple in some kind of dance position and preferably in costume. I have about 100 of these, (hard to find on the Internet) transparency kind for my posters. In this case the transparent part is the background from the actual dance figures. I have finally found out how to do this with any photo. Two examples:

In this poster I use Calvin and Debra Ota. They look very nice.
Theo and Diana Behec, dance instructors HBDA
If they wish I can give them a copy and they can use it wherever. If I work it right, I will get rid of all the professional transparencies that I have and use only our people. And of course, I have to show someone that joins our blogging how to do it for the future.
"Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those
that capture the heart."
Received from Aunty Maile: WBDC requests the honor of your presence in whatever you decide to come as...
No truth to the Rumor of six cases of champagne. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things Are Looking Up.

Getting around a little less but the rumors are still running around. And I hear all kinds of rumors just probably less than the rest of you. I hear that Chapters may be disbanding, Pearl City is moving to Waipio, Aiea is moving to Foster Village, and you all know the kind of hooey out there. Dancing is being cancelled here, And Salsa is no more there. So I have to just take them with a grain of salt. If they are just rumors, don't believe them, they certainly will not enlighten me or anyone else.

There's music in the gushing of a rill;
There's music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.
~Lord Byron

I have again expanded to ten blogs and diluted the readership. The Stats are shaping up nicely, even with the spam robot hits. For sure, we are gradually getting the best reader/dancers on this Island. This should be the last expansion before I delete the worse ones. It will come down to about five blogs and the reader/dancers will make the choice.

"American Pie" by Don McLean

I signed up for five micros, Twitter, Linkedlin, Google Plus, Friend Feed and Facebook. And I have been using them to beat the bushes for the blogs. With ten blogs the hits should have dropped but they are staying steady. Now I expect them to rise in hits to the end of the month. And I already deleted Facebook, they are all over the world and I am interested in Hawaii.

It still stands that the readers want something that is not S.O.S. So the Two-Center and the Guest Author are of prime importance to the development of blogs as social media. Whatever it is, as long as it is your own personal viewpoint. And this applies to photos too. Your preferred photos may not be the same as mine or his, or hers. But it is all there available in our dance scene. All we have to do is be willing to share.

Blogger's Law No. 45a: Where an exaggerated emphasis is placed upon delegation; responsibility sinks to the bottom.

The American Indians have Exhibition Dances Too

Fancy Dance
The brightest and fastest of men's dance styles, the Fancy Dance or Feather Dance did not originate from any old dance or style. Fancy dancing is the result of trying to entertain visitors at reservations in the early 1920's. The outfit combined the popular bustles of traditional dancers and made them larger, brighter, and more exciting and added feathers, fluffs, and colors wherever they would fit.

The Fancy Dance has typically been a young man's dance, although many older dancers who are still in shape participate. The Fancy Dance belongs to no one tribe -- it started in Oklahoma and is now all over the country, with some differences in dress and style in the North.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Too Many Blogs

Content Overload
The problem with so many dance blogs is that readers are suffering from content overload. We only have so much time in a day to read blogs, and even if we limit our reading to a particular niche or topic, there are still way more blogs out there than we could ever hope to read.

This is one reason so many blogs are abandoned after a little while. It’s probably safe to say that most blogs never surpass roughly a thousand unique visitors each month, (34 average hits per day) and many dance blogs and Web sites don’t even reach that level. It can be very discouraging to a blogger to plateau at a few hundred visitors each month. But each of these blogs is contributing to the feeling many users have of there simply being too many blogs out there.

Think about it: how many blogs do you currently read on a regular basis? Even avid blog readers out there probably don’t read more than a hundred blogs on a regular basis. And most of you likely don’t read more than a dozen with any kind of consistency. So why do you care if more blogs are created?

The latest is the spam robots that are programmed to tune into our blogs. They just mess up the statistics on each blog and do nothing. Blogger cannot do anything to stop these people, and I have read that they may get paid by these goofups. So Town Dancer is taking a vacation from these suckers. Our Guest Authors are free to do as they wish, but I will go on vacation. I have got too many other blogs to take care of and I must be on my way.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


The stats are turning out most interesting. The blogs are written mostly by me, but what do I know? However, I go by the hits, even though Google has the most screwed up page view analysis on this planet. It is free and I am stuck with what they have to offer.

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because
we are living our fears."

I have the advantage that I can compare several blogs and even though Google is lacking in the correct information, I can compare. The same errors and omissions are in all the blogs. For sure, Blogging Hawaii is the most likely to challenge Town Dancer for the number one spot. The Guest Author is all that is required. We just have to find the person willing to share dance information and perhaps photos too. That is what the reader/dancers want, and the hits are there, just waiting. I can see it in the Stats.

"The Sounds Of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel

I am now going through the bushes and actively seeking the organizations that do not have a Web sites. They need us and those are the ones that we can put on the map of dance on these Islands. And the proof is gradually coming out for those that I have been fortunate enough to help. They are even getting to be known throughout the Islands.

What is West Coast Swing? West Coast Swing is a grandchild of the popular “Jitterbug,” also known as the “East Coast Swing” and “Lindy,” of the 1930s and 1940s.

In the 1950s, when dancing was very popular and dance floor space was at a premium, Southern California dancers refined their dancing to dance in what is called a “dance slot,” as opposed to dancing in a small circle.

"Gimme Some Lovin'" by the Spencer Davis Group

It is most appropriate for our kind of dancing on a medium size floor. Large size floor is Ballroom like the now famous Palladium in Honolulu. Small size is like most Night Club floors, not really made for dancing. And Medium size are our kind of dance floors, 1000 to 3000 square feet of dance floor space. If the Palladium has 11000 square feet of dance floor, one quarter would be just fine for the rest of us common folk.

The “slot” method allows more dance partners on a dance floor than that of the East Coast, Lindy and Jitterbug swing varieties. Since it was invented on the West Coast, it has become known as the West Coast Swing. or WCS. West Coast Swing is danced to blues, funk, and R&B music, which is a slower beat than that danced by the other swing dances.

There are basic patterns with quick turns and spins, but as the dancers improve, they are able to improvise and syncopate to the music so that what you see is a sexy, smooth dance, that is timed to the beat, lyrics or various instruments of the music being played. Once you see West Coast Swing, you’ve got to learn it. Come out and dance it!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anti-Rail Resolution

News Release from Kapolei Neighborhood Board
Monday, October 1st, 2013, the Transportation Committee from Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale passed a resolution “opposing the Honolulu Rail Project”.
This resolution continues on to entire neighborhood board for a vote on 23 October, 2013:


WHEREAS, this community board is concerned that the current route for Rail will not properly service Makakilo, Kapolei, the Ewa Plain and Leeward Coast residents, and
WHEREAS, this community board has significant concerns regarding the financial aspects of Rail and the lack of accountability to the public, and
WHEREAS, this community board is concerned about any diversion of funds from TheBus, a system known nationally as a success, into a system to support Rail, and
WHEREAS, this community board is concerned about the cost and noise level of a steel wheel on steel rail system and the fact that less costly and quieter options were not considered, and that schools, businesses and homes located along the Rail route will be “negatively” impacted by the level of noise, and
WHEREAS, this community board is extremely concerned about the traffic conditions during the construction phase and after completion of the Rail project, and that not enough is being done to pro-actively mitigate traffic conditions, and that some of the board requests for additional pro-active measures appear to be ignored, and
WHEREAS, this community board is concerned that with all the new development projects along the Rail route, a freeway Level Of Service (LOS) D or better cannot be attained during rush hour and that not enough is being done to pro-actively mitigate the current or anticipated additional traffic flow, and
WHEREAS, this community board believes the Rail system was sold to “voters” as a “traffic solution,” when it now appears to be primarily a “land development tool,” and that expert, census, and government survey data clearly show that the Rail ridership will not be at the level that the city anticipates, resulting in the system being heavily subsidized, ultimately costing the taxpayers in the form of user fees and taxes; therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED that the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board states its opposition to the Honolulu Rail project.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this Resolution be transmitted to the Mayor of the City & County of Honolulu, all members of the Honolulu City Council, the Director of Planning and Permitting, the Director of Transportation Services; the City Planning Commission, the Board of Water Supply Manager and Chief Engineer, the State Office of Planning, the State Land Use Commission, the State Director of the Department of Transportation, Leeward and Central Oahu legislators, and all members of Leeward and Central Oahu Neighborhood Boards along with all neighborhood board chairs.
Resolution Passed out of Committee by a vote of 2 to 1 (D. Kalani Capelouto, Thad Spreg – For), (Frank Genadio – Against). Resolution transferred forward to the NB # 34 chair, for inclusion during the next board meeting, under regular business (regular action item).
Submitted by: D. Kalani Capelouto, Transportation Chair
Reviewed by: E. Souza, Chair

 One tenth the cost of the Rail Fiasco and five times more efficient. And I coulda got the bus right around the corner
where I always did.

The Industrial Parks, thousands of cars not going or coming from Town and thousands not in Honolulu Traffic. Voted
down by the Present Rail Party every time. And I
coulda been home in 20 minutes.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


You can not have a conversation about social media in modern day business today without discussing the idea of transparency. Increasingly, companies are incorporating transparency in their promotion efforts. Why? The reason, is because customers and stakeholders increasingly expect it. “It (transparency) is the new operating standard.”
"We must remember the past, define the future, and challenge the present -- wherever and however we can. It will take the rest of our lives even to begin. But then, what else have we to do?"

Transparency is about being open, honest, and accountable. Anyone can look around them and see how much transparency is in each dance organization. Many new people allowing it. It’s about responsibility.

In blogging, people are reading and making evaluations and decisions based on what bloggers write, and as such, it’s important to take responsibility for the messaging bloggers put out there.

"Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy

And if I am positive something is going on in the Moanalua Corridor. I am not aware of what it is. But then I know that "transparency" may not have been an acceptable way in dance circles from way back. Perhaps it is not even a known factor in ballroom politics in the past or present. The closer you held your cards to your chest the better off you would be. Fifty years ago it worked, but not now.

Fortunately the new ones that are taking over are aware of the advantages of transparency and making use of free good public relations from blogs. These are the ones that will build the good dance clubs and we are still in the process. Tony Hsieh explains it best, “I think people worry much about bringing their personal selves in to business, when I think the way to succeed in today’s social media world is to make your business more personal.”

Transparency, Da Odder Kine.
Many of you have noticed the posters that I make and the dancing couples depicted in the posters. These have been special graphics called "transparents" They are free but hard to find on the Internet. I have been lucky and have over the years accumulated almost a hundred. Many which I have never used, probably will never use and I will delete them.

What makes them transparent is that the background is transparent, so wherever I place the graphic, only the figures show and the background of the poster shows through. But now I have discovered how to make any photo transparent. So far I have done it for two couples. Calvin and Debra Ota (above graphic) and Theo and Diane Behic and I have used them in posters. So I am looking for the next one. Some nice dancing couple in a nice dance pose, preferably in costume. Just email me the photo and I will do the rest. Gradually I will delete all the professionals and I will use only our people. Wouldn't that be nice?

"It may be true that the weak will always be driven
to the wall. but it is the task of a just society to see
that the wall is climbable."

Monday, October 7, 2013


It has become evident that some organizations have not been inclined to notify me of an event. And it should be by all rights their decisions. For some this was been established a long time ago and it has not been a problem. Most everyone is well aware that I believe that everyone should do as they wish and I will respect.

Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words. ~Robert G. Ingersoll
I have an increasingly amount of ground to cover so that I am limited. And then too, there are many things that can go wrong, Fortunately in the West, we have Kapolei Chapter HBDA, Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Pearlridge Chapter to raise the Public Relations for all the Dancers in the area. And I welcome any others that are willing to share with their fellow dancers.

I try and I want to help but when it becomes clear that I am not really helping someone, then I must drop them and respect their wishes. As long as everyone understands what is happening we should be just fine. I try to help all, and when I am ignored, may I ignore them? I have a lot of work ahead of me and I must be on my way.

"Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult
Meanwhile, the West side of this island is rolling along just fine. There are more people becoming aware of our type of dancing, and the Recreational dancer is becoming more prominent. We welcome any new contributors of information and/or photos from anywhere to share with out fellow dancers. Eventually, those contributors of information and photos will run the hits up into the stratosphere.

Dancing for the pure enjoyment of moving to our kind of music is our thing. But some adhere very closely to their disciplines and we should respect. The recent invasion of International Style into the West should be understandable for those that are going to be participating in the competitions, for that is the "raison d'etre." You have a reason and all of should respect.

"Painted Ladies" by Ian Thomas

I also would like to thank all the particpants in the photos. We haven't had a refusal for over six months. Very Good. For any of you contributing photos, make sure you do not have a party pooper that goofs it up for everyone else. For all the rest of us, we are well aware of what photos do for everyone. And they can be enjoyed in the blogs in full color at your leisure.

I also have to work on quotes from my many friends and I know everyone has got one. This is all taking time and our fellow dancers are gradually understanding the entire enchilada. Nevah been done? I know it and most of you too. Social Media is what we will establish and these are the blogs that are going to do it.

Q: What do you call a three-hundred pound gorilla-ballerina?
A: Whatever she wants you to call her!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Tango by a poet

Excerpted from the Gift
By Barry Sultanoff

Our dance was out of the ordinary - so much so that I was shaken by it. Something happened to me during those three minutes (or was it six?) that I danced with Vicky that will be with me as long as I live - and will seed my dreams at night and lighten my step by day.

"A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks."

As I write, slightly scheming to infect you with the essence of tango magic, I can sense that since last night there is something new and alive stirring inside me. I feel the tickle of its tiny footsteps in my chest, treading ever-so-lightly, unnervingly close to my beat-skipping heart - and yet soothing somehow, a tango waterfall splashing in a deep cavern of some interior grotto. quietly cascading in the sleepy hollows of my soul.

Am I in love? With Vicky? With Tango music? With this awakening part of myself? How does such a pristine pleasure spring, as if by lyric design, from this seemingly simple exercise of connecting - two partners meeting, then moving in unison to the soulful sounds of the Bandoneon?

"A Media Luz" by Carlos Gardel

Can words ever describe that moment of complete surrender and the timeless minutes of connectedness that followed - the rhythm of movement then-pause that lured me, unresisting to an irresistible place that other tango dancers surely know, escorting me to a world of no boundary?

Is there some precious name for the energy that showed unexpectedly and volunteered its services, for the unbidden ally who carried me through the dance upon his confident shoulders, infusing me with his seasoned sense of chutspah - and setting my spirit aflame ...?

So that, not even knowing what steps I led, I led them masterfully - a man transformed, a man obsessed by the dance, eaten up by it, digested and reassembled into grateful, humming parts, like the wings of the bird by that name. Yes, a humming bird - his entire body a blur, alluringly invisible, hovering in flight, oiled by the love of the dance and now gliding, gliding.

"Nostalgias" by Placido Domingo

I understood more clearly now why I'd been willing to struggle through the early years of learning the tango.