Monday, May 3, 2021

Too Soon

The Dance Scene is still on hold. Some places have gotten permission to resume under certain rules, marking a major victory for some dancers after a year of restrictions. Outdoor dancing got a go-ahead from Gov. David Ige, as long as they are supervised by event planners and limit attendance to fewer than 100 people, including staff. Tables may seat no more than 10 people, who must wear masks and have their temperatures taken. Even the dance floor is subject to restrictions — a limit of 30 dancers at once, spaced apart and wearing masks. Unfortunately we have not conformed to the rules. Vaccines or no vaccines, we are definitely not out of it.

"Social dancers and success? There is only one way – to be able to spend
our lives in our own way, without encroaching on anyone." 

Dance Studios are doing as best they can. Classes are only for select groups. Temperatures are taken, and masks are required. Trumpanzees are not invited. Couples may sit together but separate from other couples at least seven feet. Hand sanitizers will be available. On the floor couples about seven feet apart. This may be a relatively safe method. Vaccines or no vaccines, the cases are not coming down that much and we are getting more variants. The Tourists, naturally. Remember, "It ain't over 'til it's over." Stay Safe.

"Why animals are bad dancers. - Two left feet."