Saturday, November 21, 2015

WE 21

My health is holding up and my depression is less. I look forward to moving to Pearl City. I will get out more, they have more sidewalks and a big shopping center. And a beer joint where I can stop by and have a beer. I am getting rid of a lot of my stuff that I don't use and don't expect to use it. I am making good time and should be ready to move by November 30th.

“The belief that there is only one truth, and that we are in
possession of it, is the root of all evil in this world”

Meanwhile I have been neglecting all my blogs and it is showing up in the hits. Way down. I have not been feeling well, and I have had troubles with my computer. I should be in much better shape in December. Going to the VA at Tripler will be half day instead of a full day like now.

Fortunately we start a new month and I will know more by next week. Meanwhile, any of you out there that have been wanting to say something to your fellow dancers, this is your chance. Whatever I write is SOS, but whatever you write is not SOS. Simple?

"Begin The Beguine" by Artie Shaw

The Top Three:

No. 1: Town Dancer is still holding first place with 33 average hits per day. That is equivalent to 1000 hits per month. Not that good but not that bad.

No. 2:  Platinum Horseshoe back up in the big three with 22 average hit per day which is about 660 hits per month.. I have expected that.

No. 3  Dancing Nights, is doing well in third place and very nicely in the top three, because of the good blogging by Richie Fun.

"I Believe" by Frankie Laine

The Ones in the running:

No. 4: The Dance Blog, back in the running but now I am more sure of its value as my own personal blog. It will never be in the top three but it will be close behind.

No. 5: Blogging Hawaii, still dropping and holding up in the number five spot. Patience we should see some change next month.

No. 6:  Latin Rhythms, came up one step because Extrava Danza not doing much. Of course, some dancers are becoming aware of the Latin Rhythm all over Hawaii. Just need a little recognition.

No. 7:  Extrava Danza, dropped down to the bottom of the totem pole. Gotta do something here. It started out to showcase live music but just not getting enough information from those in the know. Patience.

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

I would be glad to have any other dance organizations that have counters join in our stats and I would be happy to share the stats. We can compare so as to do what interests the dancers more and do less of what doesn't interest them. Simple! - and we can please the reader/dancers, and that is the name of our game. Mahalo everyone.

Dance Law No. 41B: No matter what goes wrong, there
is always somebody who knew it would.