Thursday, February 28, 2013


The west is still adjusting very nicely and this blog is moving along very slowly but in the right direction. With the new algorithms by Google Analytics we get much less hits. I had no idea how much we had in bounce or in spiders and crawlers. The search engines cut back and Google eliminated a lot of hits as meaningless, which was correct.

Blogger's Law #24c: "Nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse."

For a hit to mean something it should be someone who got to our blog because they wanted to see what was there that was interesting to a dancer. The rest don't matter. So it really doesn't bother me that much and as far as I am concerned it is starting all over again but I know we will progress. We still get new readers every day.

Oahu - West is establishing its territory very nicely. The social at Kapolei Chapter is as far west as the blog goes, and Aliamanu is about as far east as it goes. It will eventually cover everything in between very nicely. It could eventually average 100 hits per day (3000 per month.) We have some very good teachers in the American Style of dance which is most popular and it will be danced socially in the rising Night Club climate as well.

"Blues In The Night" - Woody Herman

Of course the only cloud in the sky is the Rail Fiasco and the negative effects are already being felt by the people in this sector. And the big money is already being made by the other side. The biggest con job was of course the hiring of Grabauskaus for the biggest government salary seen in the entire Pacific Basin. He is now getting more than the Mayor of Honolulu and the Governor of the State combined. How about that for a rip off? Fortunately, you have all been unanimously selected to pay of it.

All those cars missing right in front of these buses in Europe. The drivers are "sitting" comfortable inside the bus. In Honolulu, they make it so uncomfortable you gotta buy a car. Dumb Dodos. But there may still be a chance for the Dance Pavilion in the West and it is still in the budget. But they need the money for the Rail Tragedy and we all know, its the bread, Fred. Those guys expect to make millions in profits and that is what counts. Its the money, Sonny.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The West is waking up.

From "Up The Organization" by Robert Townsend

All decisions should be made as low as possible in the organization. The Charge of the Light Brigade was ordered by an officer who wasn't looking at the territory.

Blogger's Law #12E:
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." 

There are two kinds of decisions: those that are expensive to change and those that are not. A decision to build an Edsel or a Mustang should not be made hastily; without plenty of input from operating people and specialists.

But the common garden variety decisions - like when to have the cafeteria open for lunch or what brand of pencil to buy - should be made fast. No point in taking three weeks to make a decision that can be made in three seconds - and corrected inexpensively if wrong. The whole organization may be out of business while you oscillate between baby-blue or buffalo-brown coffee cups.

"In a democracy, the individual enjoys not only the ultimate in power,
but also carries the ultimate responsibility."

The triumvirate, Caldwell, PRP and Boylan will state flatly that the rail and the bus rates will remain the same. They are not really lying as per usual. They have only failed to inform everyone that the rates will go up to seven dollars per, for both the rail and the bus. So how do you like them potatoes? Did somebody say ten? He He He.

The NRA does not live in a civilized society like we do. they live with the kind of people that shoot innocent people because they have rights. Not only that but if they are male then they consider themselves men if they shoot bullets. The ignorance is appalling ! The Ku Klux Klan, the Tea Party, unfortunately they are all around us. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity is forever.

NRA must have their toys in order to feel like real men. Real men live a civilized world and trying to. The most recent response by the NRA show a glaring example of the nut cases most of them are. Armed Guards in all schools, Armored buses for the kids. Hey, some people are pretty bad.

Pub's Note: The organizations in the West are becoming more aware along these lines and that can only be good for the all the reader/dancers.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Dancing in the Philippines

Philippine jailhouse rocks to Thriller
The most popular video clip is a version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." The unusual physical fitness regime at a jail in the Philippines has attracted worldwide attention on the video sharing website, You Tube. A clip of hundreds of prisoners in orange uniforms dancing to Michael Jackson's song Thriller has been watched more than 1.3 million times.

"Seeing a murder on television can help work off one's antagonisms. And if you
haven't any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some."

The routine is the brainchild of Byron Garcia, a security consultant for the Cebu provincial government. He said it had helped "drastically" improve inmate behaviour. And two former inmates have since become dancers.

Discipline in action: The dancing is compulsory for all 1,600 inmates at the prison in the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre, except the elderly and infirm. Prisoners have also performed to songs by local artists, Queen and from the film Sister Act, clips of which have been watched on You Tube tens of thousands of times.
"Jailhouse Rock" - Elvis Presley

"Using music, you can involve the body and the mind. The inmates have to count, memorise steps and follow the music," Mr Garcia told the BBC news website. "Inmates say to me: 'You have put my mind off revenge, foolishness, or thinking how to escape from jail, or joining a gang'," he said.

The routines developed last year after Mr Garcia started making inmates march to music, such as Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, in a bid to increase participation in exercise The inmates are very happy at the interest, they are always talking about it.

Other early choices included In the Navy and YMCA by the Village People, which were chosen so that macho inmates "wouldn't be offended by being asked to dance". Mr Garcia has been taken back by the worldwide popularity of the clips, which he originally posted in order to share his work with other members of the penal community.
"Prisoner Of Love" - Perry Como

"I wanted to show them that I am doing something here that has been a success, to show discipline in action," he said. And the videos have now become a source of great pride for the prisoners. "The inmates are very happy at the interest, they are always talking about it, and they ask how many people have watched it on YouTube," Mr Garcia.

Pub's Side Note: Ordinary Communication Media is to whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job but nuttin' like a blog.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tangueros in the West

From "Tango," the book,
by Paul Pellicoro, Argentina

Tango is like writing a letter, it has a beginning, periods, commas, stops and an end. If you are doing figures and gyros (turns) all the time, people don't see anything and that is why there is the walk - the invention of the people. In this dance of the people, which is what tango is, all the famous couples have used the walk, and they use it constantly.

"I should not believe in a God who does not dance." - Friedrich Nietzsche

The tango is on the ground, It is caressing the floor. It is the ball of the foot supporting the weight of the body, right on the axis and each person on his/her own axis. If you make pupils walk at the beginning, they get bored and want to learn steps and more steps - to show off at the dance hall. So pupils need to have the luck of meeting a teacher who tells you: No. Look. You must walk. First you walk.

"La Comparsita" by Libertad Lamarque
People talk about the different styles of tango, but there is only one tango. It accommodates itself to every place and every era. When the tango was growing it took shape from location to location. For instance when it first reached the outskirts of the city (Buenos Aires) it was danced one way, In the clubs they danced a different way. In the city salons is was forbidden to dance it the way they danced in those other places."  *  *  *  *

"A Media Luz" by Libertad Lamarque
 The Modern Era
Now in the 21st century, with the exotic new tango music has come new innovations and experimentation to fuse Argentine Tango with other influences from swing, night club 2 step, salsa and waltz. We are seeing Swango and other fusion classes all over the country. Swing Dance Fusion is revolutionizing partner dancing.

The erotically charged Tango is Latin America's dance of passion. This sensuous and sophisticated dance inhabits a world where everything can be said with the flick of a leg, the tug of a hand, the tap of a foot, and the arch of an eyebrow. Not all tangos possess all of these characteristics. Now on Oahu the American tango is still predominant.

But of course with the International publicity of the Dance Contest, the English style has been moving up fairly fast in the last 30 years. The Filipino tango has always been there but somewhat hidden and only used in ethnic group functions, both as a dance to enjoy and also as a good exhibition.

"Uno" by Libertad Lamarque

It is now been awakened specially in West Oahu and I look forward to some fusion between the Filipino and the American. From what I have read the Filipino originally comes from the American Tango that was danced by the Americans when they were in the Philippines. The coming big influence could be if the new "dance pavilion" is built in the West. The independence of the West Oahu dancing will show up very nicely.

"The Argentine Tango that is danced today is not the same tango
that was introduced to Europe one hundred years ago."


Sunday, February 17, 2013

La Rumba

One of the classiest dances in existence for the cultural dance scene is the Rumba, American Style which is for fun only. Yes, it can be competitive but that is not its raison d'etre. In its present form for more than a hundred years it will evolve little in this century. And the music continues to be the absolute greatest.

"Everything that happens to us leaves some trace behind;
everything contributes imperceptibly to make us what we are."

There are many interpretations of its beginnings but generally, the music and dance came with the natives that came from Mexico (only 90 miles away) and generally from the Olmec civilization, three thousand years ago. They took with them the chassé and the rock step along with the slow and fast step. Movements that had been developed even prior to the rise of the Olmecs.

"Te Extrańo" - Luis Miguel

Other indians came from Florida (only 90 miles away) and some came from the Northern part of South America (only 90 miles away.) These people had over 2000 years to develop their music and dance before the first illegal aliens arrived. And it was certainly quite different in different areas.

In Cuba, the dominate step in partner dancing developed from the rock step and the accent on the 2 count. So they "broke" on the 2 count. If it was accented on the 3 count, they would break on the 3. All other movements were somewhat similar to the American and the International styles in the Bronze division.

"Y Volvere" - Lucero

Arthur Murray is generally credited with using the slow, quick, quick Rumba box step (from the Waltz) and is used in all the Arthur Murray studios. Fred Astaire was sued in court for using the "Arthur Murray" box and he lost.  He change his to quick, quick slow and it is used in all the Fred Astaire studios. It was closer in rhythm of the Cuban style when they broke on the accent. It was a combination forward and side rock.

In this century in places that are not official studios of Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire, they use the "alternate" basic, closer to the original Cuban rock step and similar to the International.  The rest is almost the same. Cross body lead, reverse cross body lead, underarm turn, hand to hand and a spot turn. No problem.

"Eres Todo En Mi" - Ana Gabriel

The music has evolved from the Indian to Spanish bolero and back again. At present the only clear difference in the bolero and the rumba is the speed. But a good basic Rumba outshines any dance in our cultural dance scene specially when danced to the music not the steps.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Night Club?

By Sung Park, Ewa Beach.

Yes we need one in the West, but? A nightclub is not a shortcut to a 6-digit income for the lazy or less educated -- Business plans are only as good as the paper they're written on - not a quick ticket to procuring investor participation -- The consumer public is not easily fooled, no matter what you were led to believe -- The majority of self-acclaimed nightclub experts, are in fact experts (within the confines of their own minds).

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the
biggest step of your life. Tip Toe if you must but take that step."

Bullshit baffles brains and there's no shortage of it in this industry -- Gun play, personal violence, under age infractions, and city mandated closures are not simply bad luck -- they're the direct result of operator ineptitude -- Incompetence is second nature to this industry, thus the endless slew of resulting fiascos. Then they all want to make it on the alcohol bar income.

"Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner

You may understand the elementary aspects of the day-to-day operation or administrative tasks -- So what... That does not mean you understand the business of entertainment product, or how to keep a room full of "profitable" people 3 to 4 nights a week. You can't outsource nightclub entertainment product -- You can't hire 3rd party entities to fill in the blanks for your lack of operational know-how -- No 3rd party entity, no matter what the pitch /promise can make you forever successful.

Everybody wants a piece of your action and will go to amazing lengths to get it -- Using a big city concept in an intermediate sized marketplace is like jamming a square peg into a round hole -- There are no single trends, promos, gimmicks, or magic solutions that turn any nightclub into a multi million dollar success story -- Each marketplace encompasses its own 'unique combination' of social nuances. If you can determine this combination, you'll enjoy success and profitability.

Choose to wild guess your marketplace and say hello to bankruptcy -- The nightclub is actually a business - not a fast track to fame, fortune, chicks, and effortless profits -- Investors invest in concepts - not promises, projections, idealistic thinking, or cookie-cutter business plans -- Consumers pay $$$ for experience -- not childish antics and lame gimmicks -- Close down in 6-months or run strong for 3 to 4-years. The choice is yours. (Only 3 or 4 years?)

Pub's Side Note; For those that live in the vicinity, the perfect spot for Saturday Night is at the Aliamanu Intermediate - Dance Hawaii. All good friends there and you can have a ball close to home.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Visit to Kapolei

One of my good days, I was able to do much. Finished all my laundry work from yesterday and I was just a little late starting to get ready for the trip to Kapolei. Took the bike and got the first bus going which happened to be the #40 and left me off right in front of Safeway. The Rail debris and dirtiness was not so bad.

"Failure changes us for the better, success for the worse."

Got my goodies, but had to take the big size Large Curd cottage cheese. They had run out of the small ones. I decide to skip Walmart (my handle bars were getting loose.) so I instead ran down Fort Barrett Rd. which is the shortest way to Kapolei Elementary. And a good crowd already there.

At Kapolei I got my handlebars tighten by Martin and many mahalos for that. Then I got a few photos of the class.

Another mistake, the opening of the lens is not quite right on the camera and I must push it open. The finger pushing it open cleans the middle of the lens but the sides remain fuzzy. Now I know, I must clean the entire lens. Fortunately for everyone, Romeo has his Rumba music that sounds like Da Reel Teeng. Together with a nice developing routine, it is just beautiful.

At intermission I was able to get a good group.

Bob, Alena, Rusty, Flory, Matsuko and Roy.

They are on schedule so I may have to plan a little better for next time. To get pics with five, six people in a couple photos.

Intermission is always a nice group picture, and we got the bad news from our president Martin. Kapolei having the same trouble as other dance clubs, with schools. Funding has been cut back because of the rail. So the schools have to make somebody pay. Meanwhile, I will see many on Saturday at the Palladium and I may get a lot more photos.

Left a little after eight and the #40 arrived with one bike on a two bike rack. And there was another guy waiting with his bike. So I waited a few more minutes and got the C bus going home, the effect of the rail chaos was minimal and got there before nine, not bad.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The KISS Method

By Roger Chen, Village Park:

Many years ago, in the last century, the dance disciplines developed the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories to signify advancement in the dancing fields. Of course, they included only the most difficult of the steps in each category because it would take longer to teach them. It's the money, Sonny.
"A dance is a measured pace, as a verse is a measured speech."

Of course, the students were all for it. They wanted to dance like a professional in six easy lessons if possible. There was no way in the world that it would happen but the entire industry arose on that one presumption. Before this time if you were taught the minuet, by professionals naturally, that was it. You could dance it anywhere and the standardization is what gave it easy acceptance. Now this was partner dancing and there was a lead and follow, two different halves of the same dance.

"Joanna" by Kool And The Gang

So the entire dance structure has developed into more movements, patterns or steps in every dance. For instance, there are now over 600 documented steps or patterns in Salsa. There ain't no way for anyone to know all of them. Which leads us back to basics, the enjoyment of moving to music with many different partners, socially, and make it easy for the lead and follow.

The KISS method is becoming more prevalent, Keep It Simple, Stupid. So the people that enjoy  moving to music, will find an enlarged Bronze division more acceptable. It would contain many more basic moves that are present in any discipline. But the lead would be easy and the ladies, (a marvel anyway) would enjoy the music without too much worry over the follow.

"That Lucky Old Sun" - Frankie Laine

There will develop more basic Samba footwork with other dances. The chassé is a basic movement throughout the world but it was complicated by the Professionals in the US and Europe. This in turn relegated it more into an exhibition thing and not for social dancing. This was definitely not the  KISS method.

You will eventually enjoy a dance as if no one is watching.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Google Analytics Goofing Up.

It has become somewhat clearer that the hits on all the blogs have hit the wall, and it has happened on various occasions before. They have all existed in trying to make the effort of being different entities and they have not done a very good job of making it as social media.

"Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things."

But this time they have actually been decreasing quite a bit. I checked on the Internet and apparently other blogs are having trouble with the Google Analytics. Seems like their programmers can get a little screwed up just like the ones in Blogger.

The blog hits were all pretty lopsided in the beginning but they are starting to even out, and I just hope they get back the old numbers. I should know a lot more in a couple days (5 day stats) and I think they have cut back on their crawlers and spiders too, so that may also account for it.

The hits on Word Press blogs have remained at their old high levels, so I am pretty certain that it is Google Analytics goofing up. Just have to be patient.

Meanwhile, some of the DJs and many of the bands are getting better in the Latin sound. I don't mean warmed over American Style of a Latin Song. I mean more like the Reel Teeng. Of course there are so many different types it is difficult for the ordinary DJ and musician ears.
"Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" - Kay Kyser

Many disc jockeys complain because the dancers will not go with their hand pick new songs. They simply do not understand the cultural dancer. So many times I have heard but "you can dance rumba to it." That ain't the same thing as "you gotta dance rumba to it." Most of us know, we don't have to explain it because they will never understand. And further, it doesn't have the click, clack, ding, dang, boom, bing etc etc.

The particular song is very important and by some people better than others. A Rumba is a Rumba, right? Not with a cultural dancer. Dancing "La Hiedra" by the right arrangement and with the right partner, just the very basic movement is a rainbow out of nowhere. You want to do a few extra movements here and there, fine, but all you really need are the very basic movements, and you are dancing your favorite music. Standing the lady on her head is not cultural dancing or throwing her over your shoulder, I don't care what any expert says on that. That is something else.