Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking Good

This entire enchilada is not a smashing success, just plodding along and advancing little by little. I know I have spread myself too thin. The big difference will remain in getting an Information Contributor and/or a Guest Author to spread the word to our fellow dancers. They can pick the blog of their choice.

"If we really look closely we will realize that most overnight successes
took a long time."

The entire blogosphere is too much for me and I must get rid of my best blogs. The top number of average hits per day will determine which one. This has never been done before? Of course not and we all know it. And many of our reader/dancers have already come to the conclusion that no one has ever done blogs my way either! Sounds reasonable. What is Social Media? Hell I still don't know.

But I am 100% sure that we will all make our own definitions as we go along, blissfully unaware of the fact that we may be wrong. Mercifully, most of these definitions will come from our reader/dancers. Because no one will ever know better than "us" what we need for "us."

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

The Information Contributors and/or the Guest Authors will make the determination of which of the blogs will go independent and on their own, making their own rules. Making sure they can keep the Creative Researchers And Producers out of it. You can see it clearly in the clubs that are deteriorating faster. And we shall see new clubs "nearer to the heart's desire."

Where You Going?

Wow, they are sure lining up for dancing on New Year's Eve. All over this Island, from Kapolei and across this Island to Turtle Bay. Party, party, party, why not? Many have had a good year and expect it to be better in 2015. The only blot in the ointment is the Rail Disaster. Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki is gonna be packed and traffic is going to be horrible.

"Academic credentials and technical experience do not make
someone automatically a leader, capable of taking
an organization and people to new heights."

People beginning to share what they observe in their surroundings, information about events, and their opinions about topics from a wide range of fields. And there are many in the Micro blogging such as Tumbler, Twitter, Word Press, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Most people do not realize that their readers must be plugged into the same Microblog as their information. Whereas in our blogging, anyone can tune in to see what is there. And since these are local blogs, we get mostly local readers and that makes for real Social Media. Shouldn't there have been something at the Pearlridge Shopping Center?

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

Aggregated analysis of this data includes different dimensions like space, time, theme, sentiment, network structure etc., and gives researchers an opportunity to understand social perceptions of people in the context of certain events of interest. But this is really of little interest to me.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The New Year shaping up.

The only change so far will be the phasing over of the Dance Waianae blog into the Platinum Horseshoe blog.  There will be few changes in the other blogs pending on the Blogger Statistics. The Micro blogs will continue with the exception of dropping Facebook. It was not doing us a bit of good. We still have Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Word Press and Tumblr. That is quite enough.

"To err is human . . . to blame your computer for your mistakes
is even more human, it is downright natural."

The Western blogs of Moanalua Corridor, Blogging Hawaii and the Platinum Horseshoe are solid. It sounds like they are having a ball in those territories. And what will separate one of them is the Information Contributor. That person will make the difference. With two, wow!

"Jingle Bells"

Bye, Baby!

However, they understand "bottom line." So now we offer items on sale. They will still have a tough time understanding what we are doing for a while, but they are not dumb, they will eventually get it. They will stop to wonder where the "big" profits are coming from and realize who is getting the final good deal.

We wish everyone a very simple and happy new year. That's all.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The New Year Good

We are patiently waiting for the new Dance Club, either in Pearlridge or Foster Village. The odds are about the same and either way we are here to help them in Public Relations. You do not need? We shall not bother. Promise. The Dancers are our people and whatever we can do to help them is what will keep us going.

"Let our New Year's resolution be that we will be there for one another as 
fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word."

Mistakes can be made by all of us but there may be a very few people in the perfect department. I just haven't met any. We can correct our mistakes many times and the reader/dancers seem to understand. As per usual, we need more Information Contributors to share the local dance information with those most familiar with our dance situation,

Who said? "Things are more like they are today
than they ever were before."

A few photos in our blogs are worth 20 times more than in Facebook. where they received 350 million photos today. And we can forget how many they got yesterday and will get tomorrow. There are many photos being taken out there. Anyone wish to share with your fellow dancers on this island? Dis Da place.

Think of anything in dancing. Any wonderful thing. The moment there are two to them, one is always second best. Once there are three, one is medicocre and one is worst. Competition is necessary but it can sometimes kill wonder. Take it easy, make it work for us as dancers.

"Hanohano Molokai" by Melveen Leed

Sorely lacking in our knowledge of our dance world is of our dance instructors We are fortunate in Hawaii to learn from some of the best dance instructors in the Pacific. The instructors on Oahu are shaping up very nicely and we need plenty of information about them so that they will be even better known in our dancing circles. And West Oahu is moving well into the Limelight. There will be more variety of dance locations and some clubs will have reorganizations. When that new club comes along we will be ready for it. We will have a good year.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Is In

Microblogging has emerged very nicely as an important source of real-time news updates for recent crisis situations, such as the Mumbai terror attacks or Iran protests. These are all for large audiences. Most can be for a small clique if they all know each other and are limited to their small amount of readers.

"Sir, you have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn."

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town."

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus and other microblogging services are also becoming a platform for marketing and public relations, with a sharp growth in the number of social media marketeers. For our regular blogging I use them as billboards to feature our blogs, but the entire blogs structure in dancing is certain to outgrow the local Web sites in public contact.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Not yet, not yet, we are not ready for it yet.

The short nature of updates allows users to post news items quickly, reaching their audience in minutes. It also brings up another point, that these services have the potential to result in an information cascade, prompting fence-sitters to turn activist. Microblogging has noticeably revolutionized the way information is consumed.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

It has empowered citizens themselves to act as sensors or sources of information that could lead to consequences and influence, or even cause, media coverage. For me the one I understand the easiest is Twitter simply because it is simple and you can tell how many followers you have and how many are following you. Those stats are worth everything. Otherwise you are just beating your gums.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Exhibition Syndrome

By Frederick Chang, Waimanalo:

There's an accepted desire of all dancers to look nice while dancing. In Night Clubs with a few drinks, some can go to the extreme to call attention to themselves. This is hidden and unsaid in some cultures. But this definitely exists, though not extravagantly. on our dance floors of social and night club dancing. In Ballroom Dancing there are many well defined avenues to exercise this along with the Competition syndrome, that are just fine. and we see this regularly in our dance functions.

 "Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal results,
fortunately, all of us are unique."

Aerial Lifts are accepted as part of dancing in Ballet and Lindy (Rock'n'Roll, Ceroc), but Lifts are specifically excluded from Standard Modern Ballroom & Latin American dancing and are rarely seen on our exhibition dance floors. Lifts have been a feature of exhibition dancing for hundreds of years. there's a famous painting of Queen Elizabeth I doing a leaping turn of the 'Volta', assisted by the Earl of Leicester. in an oil painting by unknown artist.

However a style of Ballroom and Latin dancing which allows lifts appears in some competitions called variously Exhibition, Showdance, Adagio, Cabaret, or Theater Arts dancing. Aerials or Lifts are steps in which the man (normally) lifts the lady up in the air. It is not an everyday thing for us ordinary mortals.

"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" by Roy Conniff

Beginners usually start with drops such as the Dead Man's Drop and Possum Drop, and; hip lifts on the left and right hips, turning to the left or the right, and also the grand swing and underarm lifts.

Exhibition Ballroom Dancing started probably, in 1907, with the introduction of the famous "Apache Dance" at the "Cafe de Paris" cabaret in Paris. This was danced to a slow Waltz, and depicted as the jealous relationship between a young thug and his girlfriend.

Soon, even Irene and Vernon Castle were using lifts in their demonstrations. And in Hawaii we can see the evolution lately. The dancing, in between the lifts is often a mix of dances in the same rhythm (a Medley) or with different rhythms (a Segue). But we should all understand, that is strictly show business and not meant to be danced on our club dance floors by our ordinary club dancers.

"Dance Clubs must provide good service for their members
or resign themselves to being also rans."

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Slow Moving

That is about as close to the correct description of our blogosphere at this moment, "Slow Moving." I take my counters very seriously and the plateau is real. We are not a smashing success. At the end of the year we are just plodding along.

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm."

We haven't had anymore obstructions like people telling lies, that we publish personal emails about our people. We lost one on Maui and one on Kauai that way. Yes, we asked Where? When? And the silence was deafening. But the lie still held, you all know these people. No one has ever apologized. Let it be. It has made it difficult to make contact with the neighbor islands, but the truth will eventually come out.

"Hark, The Herald Angels Sing"

So we move ahead for the benefit of the dancers. All of them? Of course not, Some don't want to be a part of this and they have the perfect right to choose and they must go their own way. Meanwhile, there is no stopping us. We have the additional access to the distribution of information with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. And we are making contact with the Neighbor Islands.

The dance web sites no longer have counters and we cannot blame them. We are having a hard time ourselves. Trying to find an honest counter without getting all their friends using your blog as some kind of trampoline. So far according to our investigations, the biggest misunderstanding in our blogosphere has been that many think in terms of "instead of" and not the way it should be, we are "an addition to."

"Morning Dew" by the Makaha Sons of Niihau

Amazing the strides the Moanalua Corridor has made since its revival. Things seem to be happening all over the place. The Two Centers and then the Guest Authors will do it and they will be ready for independence next year some time.

"Member satisfaction does not have to be a goal.  It's the
by-product of a well run dance club."

Monday, December 15, 2014

Social Dance on Oahu

There has been a marked increase in Social Dancing on the Island of Oahu in this year. The Night Club social dancer has become more prominent and their corresponding influence on the more acceptable way we can dance. They don't have blogs but they do have Web sites and that helps.

"Don't speak evil of someone if you don't know for certain,
and if you do know, ask yourself, why am I telling it?"

The Social Dance clubs have been splintered by the American and International Styles of dance, so it is a take your pick thing. The Peripherals, Line, Swing, Salsa, Tango are all doing well. The Professionals are doing better than ever but also limited by Web site type of sharing of information.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Social dance is a major category or classification of dance forms or dance styles, where sociability and socializing are the primary focuses of the dancing. So a break between musical selections is always appreciated. Time to escort the lady back to her seat. Take a nip and look around for the next dance. It is not just dance, dance and more dance, non stop. That's for the youngsters.

Social dances can be danced with a variety of partners and they are still led and followed in a relaxed, easy atmosphere of comfortable understanding. Many social dances are partner dances but don't kid yourself, Line dancing can be very enjoyable too and sorely lacking in men dancers.

"City Lights" by Loyal Garner

However, quite often when we speak about social dances - ballroom or other partner dances are in mind. It should be natural to include in this category such groups of dances as line dances or simply club dancing in solo disco style. The social thing is not to start looking down at anyone. We could all be friends.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nice Adjustments

Big rearrangements in the last few weeks.  The biggest problem has been that Blogger has allowed the scam spam robot hits to run the hits up which mean nothing for us. I have cut the search engines out for a while to keep the robot hits out too. Then I added additional help in a Word Press and Tumblr blog and everything is a bit hazy at the moment, but then what do I know anyway?

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”

Daily averages show Town Dancer is still up front but coming down in hits. Moanalua Corridor, Platinum Corridor and Blogging Hawaii also falling behind. These blogs are our top blogs. Moanalua Corridor could be a contendah with just one Two Center with the occasional dance photo and info. I will help wherever, as long as it is for the dancers.

"Do You Love Me?" by The Contours

I cannot get around much anymore physically so that the importance of the Information Contributors is prime. We can have two or three at the same dance and if they are in different locations they will see a different party. That is exactly what is so interesting to the reader/dancers. None of us can be in all places at once. The different points of view are what make an Information Contributor.

This is a little story about four people named
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. - - Everybody got that?

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The local reader/dancers have been my primary concern and the only way to have the blog as Social Media. That means we need local Information Contributors to share their local dance information that will increase interest in the local reader/dancers. They may in turn find themselves as Guest Authors and it will just be up to them.

"You can't hold  people down without staying down with them."

It is not what came first the chicken or the egg. The Information Contributors help us give the reader/dancers the information and the photos that arouse their interest. This must be first. Otherwise we are lost and I hope you can all understand. Night Clubs are gingerbread and the Studios can wait but we need information from the basic dancers on this island, the ones that are dancing every day sometime, somewhere.

Nothing is good, bad, big or small until we compare it with something else. This is all very well in competitions and they do have a purpose. Hey, don't knock it. Everything in most of our lives just "is" until we compare it and nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning "we" give it.

“As I said before, I never repeat myself.”

We may accept ourselves as we are, with all our imperfections and others as they are. But we cannot waste any time or energy thinking that we could have done more, or been more, As long we are helping our fellow humans we will be all right.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Social Media?

Island wide, dancers had been steadily losing interest in social dance clubs with too many regulations and restrictions despite the claims of most clubs that they put members first. Sometimes, the concern was the overall lack of concern on the part of the club that resulted in a continued decline in member satisfaction.

"Each of  us has a gift for the world, we make mistakes but
we must try to do the best we can. How others treat
us is their path. How we react is ours."

There are at least five clubs on Oahu now with a very small group barely existing. And there seems to be a continual spin off of new dance clubs from older ones. Fortunately, now we can use social media as a tool to bridge the wide gap between service and satisfaction to the members.

Web sites are good in social networking profiles specifically created for the social dance club and they are appropriate information for members. They are like a combination newsletter and plain advertising where a few top members can direct their questions and concerns to the club.

"Walk With Me Through Paradise" by Melveen Leed

Blog sites are much better in social media platforms mainly because they are current. They also have useful tools and features for providing feedback about the club, members and offerings. The Two Center is a very valuable asset for any clubs they visit. Once the needs and wants of the club members are known, the club can then act on that feedback to improve satisfaction.

Of course, there will be some that figure that they have all the answers and there is no need to get it from the "know nothings" in the membership. But we should all realize that the membership is where the answers truly are.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Blog Clearing

Things are beginning to clear up in the Blogging Department. For one thing, I am learning and I am clearing the robot hits out of the Blogger blogs. I have started a Word Press blog and a Tumbler blog and I don't know much about counters there. But not to worry, I will learn with time. We are getting plenty of creative people reading our blogs.

"The trouble with creative people is that they are easily bored, are risk takers
and color outside the line - They think with their hearts, make a lot of
mistakes and hate rules - They work independently, change their
minds  a lot and have a reputation for eccentricity- 
And they dream Big."

The heart of the matter are these blogs not the Micros. The rest are just gingerbread but they do help in spreading the dance news to as many reader/dancers as possible. The Two Centers are still the most important people we need. From there most expansion can progress very nicely. The Guest Authors and the inevitable independence of the leading blog.

"Shores Of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

Those hits may be divided into three as per usual. The ones that hit, not pleased and got out and this includes the scam spam robot hits. They matter little if any. Then there are the ones that hit and decided to read a little but not really that interested, hopefully they may return again sometime. And then the smallest and the most important group is the one interested to read all and probably will tune in again. The possible Two Centers willing to share will come from this group.

Pub's Side Note: Social media in dancing is not about technology, it is
about pschology. The tools are always changing but the concepts --
the engagement, transparency, sharing and entertainment do not.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

American Style

American Style dance in the West Side.
by Stanley Yim, Waimalu

In the neighbor islands there are many times when they have dancing specified as Salsa or Tango. They are trying to avoid something. On Oahu, I still meet many people in the Salsa dances that I also see at the Tango dances. But never see them on what we consider "our" dance floors. Never knew why until I asked. "We're social dancers and don't want to dance that fancy kine dance."

"Pride is the greatest enemy of your happiness.
Get out of your own way."

They do not want to be associated with the type of dancing represented by the International styling. Of course few have realized this and taken the trouble to explain that not all the Ballroom dancing is danced that way. Or to explain to them that not everyone dances that style. The real dance for fun is still danced without shame, although mainly in the Western part of Oahu besides the night clubs in town.

"Singing In The Rain" by Gene Kelly

So they do not hear the advice of dancing "correctly," as much as in the center of town. So, the results have been that the vicious gossip cliques, the bad public relations job of manhandling the dancers by the clubs but also the ascendency of the International style and its superior attitude that had led to the slow decline of ballroom dancing on the Island of Oahu. This started right about the opening of the famous Palladium and we first heard the descriptive, "Junk Dancer."

In West Oahu we have the salvation. There are so many good American Style teachers and dancers that are interested in dancing for fun and not to enter into competition with anyone. Many have experience of teaching for two or three decades. It is so evident in the increase and interest in dancers Moanalua Corridor in spite of the Rail Catastrophe.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

There will be more places where we can dance. We just need places much smaller than the famous Palladium. The Palladium will be for the deluxe International Style dancers and they will dance it there "correctly." We don't have to talk stink about them. They should have the right to fun in the dance world in exhibition and competitions dancing "their way." No hu hu, we all should understand that.

Stan Yim

Blogger's Law No. 41B: In every dance organization there is one person who really knows what is going on. Get rid of that person.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Plateau

The blogs are still in a Plateau. Yet none of them show signs that they should be deleted. All my stats are pointing in the right direction with the exception of Town Dancer. But it stands to reason so I am not too worried there.

"It's not the difference between people that causes problems,
it is the indifference."

I am now concentrating on Platinum Horseshoe, Moanalua Corridor and Blogging Hawaii. One of those will really get going with the right combination of Two Centers and/or Guest Authors. My physical disabilities hold me back so I cannot get around much anymore. Though I may kick the walker by Christmas, I will still have to use a cane.

For now I have closed all outside robots on most of the blogs. Just two have been left open to the search engines. Google is the latest of the robot hits goofing up the works. I have removed all counters from the blogs and even cut down Google Plus to bare bones. I would rather the reader/dancers not see hits that do not mean anything. And yet the blogs have remained in the double digit average per day hits.

"Shores Of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

I should have some meaningful results by the tenth of December and hopefully have a good steady Two Center for one of the blogs. We can get the photos and information so sorely need by our reader/dancers that will make good social media.

Pub's Side Note: Dance Clubs and other Dance Organizations are already coming to terms with the need to integrate their social media efforts with their content strategy and are seeing the impact of social media in terms of lead generation, referral traffic, and membership.