Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back Home

I am back home and feeling just fine. Yesterday just showered, cleaned out the refrigerator and I rearranged a few things and rested. I had a very good night's sleep and ready to go this morning. I will get this out and then have breakfast.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon,
and the truth." ~Buddha

"Life is too short" by Don Ho

Apparently social dancing is going on full blast on the island of Oahu From the news at Tripler Hospital, there are quite few military interested but seems to be mostly in Night Club social dance, which they seem to believe is different than the dancing done by our local social dancers. If they learn in classes at all it is a special dance and not not much of the universal moves of all the dancers.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed.

One of the most basic being the rock step which is used in about 500 different current dances. The next of course is the chassé and fortunately most local social dancers are well aware of this. How about the Rumba? Cha Cha  Cha, Samba? And so on. The most interesting of all when you get into it is the cross body lead. Usually taught in Rumba, Mambo and Salsa on Oahu. Can be done in hundreds of dances.  In Waltz too? I see it about once a year and looks beautiful.

"Every time we dance we turn into a better version of us."

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Dance Scene on Oahu

It is evolving very nicely and the dancers in Hawaii take good advantage of the holidays. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. The outskirts still going slowly but that is to be expected. Just Tacos And More in Waianae has live music on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And Cholo's Homestyle on the North Shore has Salsa. Waianae is overdue for some Bachata,

"Truth is the only safe ground to stand on, however in our
dance scene, many dancers may believe anything,
so long as it is not founded on truth."

Our blogosphere is at a plateau. I started the week badly and had to go to Emergency at Tripler. Nine hours and tough getting home. I have pulled back the offerings to level 5, which is every fifth day for each blog. And I hope to leave it that way to at least April. I will know more by then. Our dance friends of all ages enjoy sharing stories of their daily fun activities, especially with other friends that are far away and cannot experience it.

Years ago Pen Pals were a tradition known to help form friendships between two people. Now many people are doing it just blogging specially on Oahu. And it is so simple, no commitments and you blog whenever you damn well please. And you have a ready made audience of dancers. Though it is quite apparent that our audience is definitely in the over 30 age bracket and we can adjust to that very nicely in our blogging.

Most social dance clubs, because of the Palladium connection, build up memberships during the 90s, that were double the membership they have at present. And of course, the new clubs diluted the membership available. Many are still holding on by a hair. Everyone always knew who were the top five, but now there have been some changes. One in the top five is no more and another has taken its place. And with the West and the North Shore moving into contention, the days of dancing at the Palladium will not be the same.

"In dancing, we can start late, look different, be uncertain
and still come out good." 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I am pretty well set up now in my new home, here at Hale O'Hauoli, right back of the Police Station in Pearl City. Now it is only a half day trip to and from the VA instead of an all day trip. The shopping center is much larger with two Super Markets and a Longs Drug Store. The Library is right around the corner

"Rumors are carried by haters. spread by fools
and accepted by idiots."

I have pared my blogosphere down to seven blogs and I will get rid of the best one as soon as we have enough Information Contributors and Guest Authors to make it number one in hits. Should be over 33 average hits per day which is equal to 1000 hits per month. Most on Oahu get less that nine average hits per day.

"Living without You" by Nohelani Cypriano

"Just The Way You Look Tonight" by Jimmy Borges

I seem to have reduced the scam, spam, robot hits that were messing me up in my calculations. And now I can start to plan on visiting more dance events and not only blog'em but perhaps convince someone to at least share the dance information with our reader/dancers.

"Every time we dance, we make a better version of ourselves."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Blogging Puzzle

Blogging on Oahu is still a puzzle but of course that is what makes it interesting. Apparently for us, seven blogs is about it. The first step is to get enough Information Contributors (the Two Centers) willing to stick in their 2 cents for the benefit of their fellow dancers. At this point, Richie Fun in Dancing Night blog is the best example of Guest Author blogging.

"In our Hawaiian dance scene,  there seems to be no greatness unless there is simplicity, goodness and truth."

I am learning about hits on the counters. They can be quite late and wrong. Gradually I have been able to get rid of a lot of  scam, spam robot hits. And comparing the different blogs on a spreadsheet,I can get a pretty good idea of what is going on. Store bought hits have always seemed like the holy grail for the new blogger but in my experience, sites that bring you traffic that doesn’t stay are often a waste of time. Those hits don't stick around for long.

"Evergreen" by Barbra Streisand

I have on several occasions calculated where my point of diminishing returns would be and I have been wrong every time. It is ever changing, in our blogs, out  in the middle of the Pacific, I have calculated that a nice round figure would be about 33 average hits per day which translates to 1000 hits per 30 day month. The neighbor islands send us a few routine flyer emails, but they will soon find the value of blogs and the value of direct communication to all of "our" reader/dancers.

"Every Time We Say Goodbye" by Jimmy Borges

We have been deliberately sabotaged on Maui and Kauai,- something about publishing private letters. So by now many will see what we publish, is just from our readership. I have started several blogs which were deleted after a time simply because they didn't cut it. Less than 10 hits a day is not worth it. I am not going to beat my gums for nothing. Even if the whole enchilada is my hobby.

 Calvin and Hobbes dancing the new Kalihi Stomp.

At any rate, the dancers on Oahu are beginning to realize that we are not an "instead of" newsletters, newspaper, radio and TV advertising. We are an "addition to" and since we are a blog we do not charge for we consider communication to our readers, not advertising. It is gonna take awhile before everyone knows. Ignorance is not the same as stupidity.

"Our great social dancers on Oahu are not great because of
their fancy turns, they are great because they love the
 music and have the passion to move to it."

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Social Dancers

By Warren Chung, Waipio

Generally, in West Oahu, the ones with the worse technique in social dancing have more fun. But part of the goal of having good technique is to help our dance partners have more fun. If we just want to have fun, we don’t need good technique, just a "partner" with good technique.

"Easy Street is always a dead end or a blind alley."

But if we want our dance partners to have more fun, then "we" need good technique. There are elements of social dance that are purely social, where smiles, friendly conversation, succeeding in moving to the music and doing a few basic steps, override whether our partner is leaning on us, yanking us off balance, crushing our hand, stepping on us or whatevah. But an amount of technique that enables us to feel good and helps our partners to look good and feel good can only enhance our dance experience.

"I Love The Simple Folk" Don Ho

Some competition technique does look stilted on the social dance floor; we all know that, but a lot of the technique taught by competition coaches are things that make the dance feel more in balance, more fitting to the character of the music, and smoother to both ourselves and our partners.

The problem we face after we learn what good dance technique feels like, is that we become more sensitive to the bad habits of our partners. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but the better social dancers are adaptive rather than ignorant. Those who can’t or don’t want to learn to adapt can end up paying their professional dance instructors lots of money.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise."
By Les Paul and Mary Ford

Otherwise, we stop being concerned about our partners having fun, and just concentrate on having fun ourselves; try Club dancing, or local Dance club places for Social dancing. where people tend to be less anal-retentive about "technique" but nonetheless enjoy dancing together. Fun is primary, because fun is what motivates people to "continue" dancing.

If they happen to enjoy learning tons of technique as dancers, have the money, and they want to move right into competition styles, fine - but I don’t think that’s true of most people. What else is social dancing about, if not getting enjoyment for yourself and pleasing your dance partner? Hey, I wanna dance.

Who said? "Life is too short to drink cheap wine."