Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Barely Moving

In the movie Dance With Me, there is a scene reminiscent from the movie Strictly Ballroom. In this scene, the Cuban street dancer, Chayanne takes Vanessa Williams to a Salsa club. To her surprise, these street dancers, not "dance educated," are having a wonderful time and lots of fun. How did that happen?

"Every lie has a consequence .... you cannot escape that."

Take a moment to evaluate where your dancing leans. Are you more of a realist, pragmatist or laissez faire? We cannot all be wrong - or right. The dancers are gradually beginning to know each other and that is key, our blogs are already making it happen through our reader/dancers, our Two-Centers and what few Guest Authors we are lucky to get.

There are questions raised to be pondered. Who is having the most fun, the street dancers or the studio dancers or the night club dancers with all their rules and techniques? Obviously, dancing fun and satisfaction can be different. Our social club dancers are 80% street dancers and willing to dance in malls, gas stations, school cafeterias, district parks, community centers and occasionally at the famous Palladium and even in night clubs.

"The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E.

But places to dance are still very difficult to come by. Some flatly refuse on the grounds that they are not "dance halls." Foster Village had a nice place at the Vets, but they were not going to have a "dance hall" in their place. Would have been perfect all the way for Kalihi folk too.

A night club for our kind of dance will most likely appear in Pearl City or Pearlridge where it would be easily available to most dancers in the West. Unfortunately there will not be a Dance Pavilion in Waipio, the City has to pay for the Rail Calamity. The Rail Party hasn't done anything yet but already spending millions of dollars. Of course we haven't seen nuttin' yet. Billions and Billions of dollars are going to go down the drain and for what?

Nobody ever asked the users of Public Transportation. All decisions were made in Ivory Towers. Every bus driver on this island knows that and all are fully aware of the screw-ups by the Rail Party.

Pub's Side Note: The Dow Jones Industrial average closed on Friday at 14909.60, the last business day of the month. The winning number for the laptop computer will be 60 at midnight Sunday. If you do not have the lucky number you can buy the computer for the new stated price.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You, what kinda dancer?

From Clifford Kashiwada, Pearl City.

Regardless of what dance level one is at, realists will acknowledge and accept that there will be dance arguments and mistakes. It should be expected and realists know their limitations and accept and adjust to the person, place or music. I try to do the same, let's get along.

"With lies you may get ahead in the world –
but you can never go back."

Some dancers take a laissez faire approach, letting things take their natural course and not really caring one way or the another. They pick up a few moves here and there and take a few lessons now and then. They still lead a good life among the rest of the "dancers." They consider themselves perpetual beginners and let the good social times roll. And they seem to be always part of the crowd.

"The Shadow Of Your Smile" by Tony Bennett

The pragmatic dancers seek and do what will work. If a given situation requires compliments or criticism, strong or gentle leads or anything else, the pragmatist will follow this philosophy. They take lessons? Sure, why not? These all develop into some of the best social dancers in our culture. They may be the real body of our dance world.

"Shakedown" By Bob Seger

The idealist dancers want everything to be as perfect as possible. They are mainly International dancers with an eye to the competitions and place great importance on adherence to accepted dance rules and techniques. They constantly strive to make things better and complain when they are not. The idealist supports education and counseling for those having problems or in need of dance floor etiquette and courtesies. They are not bad people and they do what they think is right.

Of course, all dancers don't fit in one category all the time and borrow from other approaches when it is convenient. However, many dancers clearly lean toward one philosophy or another. You, what kinda dancer?

"Shared pain is lessened. Shared joy is increased."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The West Is Moving Right Along.

There remains so much hope for Oahu West dancing. Truly we have uncovered the greatest Dance Web Site on the Island of Oahu. Check it out, Kapolei Chapter HBDA has come through like a champ.
"Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies
soon grow color-blind."

The latest on their Web Site reveals a large photo gallery that is being very much appreciated by the entire blogging dance community. Can we all learn from them? It is our choice and I am looking forward to some positive results. Fortunately they have a counter and they will see the hits going through the roof, just naturally. And the entire Western part of this island shows signs of moving forward.

"Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers

So we find ourselves in the position of having to help the ones that do not have a Web Site. Stands to reason. This is all gradually moving into place as the recognition of blog hits is acknowledged. The biggest factor has been Town Dancer which will be going independent before year's end.

"Can't Buy Me Love" by the Beatles

Ewa is still looking to coalesce into EWA. When that happens, they will be one of the most powerful dancing components of the West. Unfortunately, the Rail Catastrophe is going to mess things up pretty badly. Whoever designated EWA as the West a hundred years ago did not know that eventually it would be something big in the West. The new huge shopping center was going to be a big big help. It was very central and would have included a Night Life. It is no longer in the plans.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Of course, but the section from Pearl City to Aiea is still in very good developing stages. Perhaps that will be the place. Waikiki is a very nice place, but no use getting into all the traffic near midnight on weekends all the time. Not if "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Got Two Cents?

The Two-Center continued:

In the case of blogging for practice and skill development, it’s fair to utilize a personal blog for this purpose. However it is much easier to just compose a paragraph or two and include your favorite photo, send it to the blog of your choice and it will be very probably posted under your name.

"A society committed to the search for truth must give protection to, and set a high value upon, the independent and original mind, however angular, however rasping, however socially unpleasant it may be; for it is upon such minds, in large measure, that the effective search for truth depends."
You can then see it in print and more than likely everyone will be pleased including yourself. I wouldn’t recommend a private blog for practice–that’s what your word processor is for. As an active Two-Center, you can still interact with others and generally participate and receive feedback from your readers. Nothing else required.

"Alley Oop" by the Hollywood Argyles

A Two-Center is perfect for developing your various skills and techniques in getting the information across. When you get used to flexing your blogging muscles you may decide at your convenience to become a Guest Author. Then you can get into the blog, write, include photos, publish and get out, all without saying "boo" to anyone. And you can also include data from any Two-Center friends too.

To be a Guest Author, there is, no registration or registration fees, no annual or monthly meetings, or dues and you can blog whenever you damn well please. Blogger can just email the invitation and you can accept or not. That's it. Everyone benefits, mostly the reader/dancers not just your club members but anyone that wishes to tune in, the neighbor islands and the world too.

"How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it !"

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Two Center

Sometime ago, someone mentioned the two-center. Nice but I am too busy. Then a couple months ago someone from the Windward side mentioned the two-center and this time it stayed with me a little while longer. Then I heard it again and posted to the Central Valley blog last week. I am willing to accept it for want of a better word. What is a two-center? Simply put from a long time back, it is a person who is willing to stick their two cents in.

"The dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one
of the pleasant falsehoods which people repeat after one
another till they pass into commonplaces, but which
all experience refutes."

So now we are getting a better job description for the two-center. They can develop into the heart and soul of all the blogs in our social media. Instead of the quiet, gossipy, untruths and innuendos we have had from the cliques, we can have an honest opinion out in public and with the person responsible clearly stated. And as we have stated before, opinions are like noses, all different but everyone has got one. Once a day, or once a month, a decision that should be entirely up to the two-center. If you cannot once per month. Fine, we accept.

"I Remember You" by Don Ho

The hits would double on all the blogs very easily. And socially it would mean that they would be connecting with other dancers that may still feel uncomfortable with club rules. They would rather do things their way and not as the rootzi tootzis say we should. We may be getting closer to real democratic principles.

What do the readers want? Just a little information of what is going on in your dance world, is all. Witness Calvin's blogs from Blackpool in the Town Dancer blog. The hits were going through the roof and Town Dancer is still far ahead of whatever is in second place. The readers are ahead, of course, but so are our friends that are over there and also the participants at this spectacular. The local Dance Clubs are not losing, and even the Dance Teachers come out ahead. The entire thing is a win-win situation that in generally being underutilized and could be for the benefit of all.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra

Thousands of pictures are being taken daily, but they go to the big places where they receive over ten million photos every day. They feel that sharing with their fellow reader/dancers on a blog is beneath them. We will find the right ones, they are part and parcel of our own personal opinions. Our most efficient photo is still six people and just need first names.

Sooner or Later, the Dance Club on the Waianae Coast.
The best dance floor already at Waianae District Park,
nevah been used for dancing.

From there anyone should be able to decide when they are ready to be Guest Author in the blog of their choice. That means they can get in write, post pictures, publish and get out, all on their own without saying "boo" to anyone. These blogs are a "Work in Progress." The Counters? Ah Ha! How many out there don't realize they are just beating their gums?

We cannot do anything more in Wahiawa, so we must get moving into Mililani and Waipio. Anyone there? Those with Web sites already think they have everything, so we must go with the ones that really need us and the sky will be the limit.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Lower Levels

By Fred Bastione, Ewa Beach

It as been gone over before but only lately has it been coming up with people that have some experience in our cultural  dance. With over 600 documented steps in each dance, something resembling reality should happen.

"Truth can make you a traitor as it often does
in a time of scoundrels."

Most disciplines have from way back established the Bronze, Silver and Gold and they did a good job way back when there was nothing else to go by. However, this is the 21st century and more people are aware of the learning process in anything.

"Runaround" Sue by Dion

If the Bronze or Beginners in most disciplines have about 15 steps at present, they could have perhaps 25 basic movements to music in the Bronze level. With these it would be possible for more people to enjoy social dancing in a common area where there are not so many rootzi tootzis around.

With an additional 25 movements in the intermediate level. It would be reasonable to suppose that most dancers would have a ball, no matter where they were at. That social interaction of lead and follow would be the fact that you could both enjoy the music, to da max and skip the "great dance moves" that others can do.

"Kiss Of Fire" by Georgia Gibbs

Anything more than that and you are into the "arts," the advanced, exhibition and competition levels. There is a place for them of course, but we should be clear that it is "their" place. They would still have well over 500 steps and patterns for themselves.

But those people would be worlds apart from us. There aim is to be seen and there is nothing wrong with that except that we could all accept the differences and accommodate each other.

These levels establish themselves no matter what group they begin from. It is a social happening in the Night Club circuit too. But we don't have to worry too much about them. We have to establish more friendly dance clubs, get more social dancers to join us and find more places where we can dance comfortable.

Got our kind dancers on that side of town?

My survey is still are not clear about who in the Rail Party said about the crowded buses. "If the Flips don't like it, they can go back to the Philippines."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is a very good dancing section of the Island of Oahu for our blog coverage. However, it has been quite disjointed for a couple years while clubs are jockeying around for control. the results have not been too good for the dancers. There will be another club that will be just a little less clique and more free wheeling and allow the reader/dancers a little more freedom.

"It is of course possible to dance a prayer."
~Glade Byron Addams

Our present Reader/dancers are not all equal and can be roughly divided into three "A" classes. Using the example of one thousand readers in our blogosphere, these are all approximate figures just to get a better idea of what it looks like. Please note that all of our reader/dancers have chosen the category they wish to be placed in and they have the complete freedom to change it anytime they wish.

"Bring It On Home To Me" by Sam Cooke

AAA class: These are less than one hundred very good people. They include the Guest authors, and their fellow travelers, those that help in getting information and photos, and sharing this with all their fellow reader/dancers by means of the blogs. Hopefully, they will become Guest Author of the blog of their choice.

They recognize the publicity value to their club or group. They know that with a blog, they are getting some new kind of very current newsletter, at no cost, not only for their membership but for a larger group of dancers. They are first to notice the laptop computer for sale and are the ones that will develop these blogs into real "social media," and will eventually evolve them into independent blogs beholden to no one.

"God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys

AA class: Maybe 200 possibles. They read most blogs, most of the time. They are very busy in their own personal involvements, they like to dance, have good opinions and are able to converse about the blogs and the zine at times. They do not have much time to help anywhere else so it is very little.

A class: Maybe 400 possibles. They are readers and viewers, not necessarily dancers, of an ocassional blog and some zines. They are mildly interested in promoting ballroom dancing. They are primarily interested in their own social group and in their own dance environment. They continue in the way they have been doing it, for maybe 30, 40 years. Just wanna be members.

"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." ~Martha Graham

B class: The remaining 300 are dancer/viewers, and just have very little interest. They do dabble but very carefully so that they never get really involved. They are not enemies. Many are fans of show business dancing. But this whole blogosphere and zine could be rather extraneous. Clubs have their own newsletters, Their members have their own reading matter elsewhere. They got along very nicely without these extraneous things for 50 years and can probably get along another 50 years without them.

C class are the rest of the dancing environment, we don't know much about them and most will remain there. None of them will ever know about the computer they could've gotten for free. And they have every right to their opinions, they simply do not count in our world. But it has been their decision and they may be stuck with it, there is nothing we can do.