Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dis N Dat

That is what he said. "I am 65 years old and I really am not interested in break dancing." He may have a point. Each blog will have to go with its readers.

 "Don't expect to make others as you wish them to be,
when you can't even make yourself as you wish to be."

The Cha Cha Cha seems to be loosening its zip. What's happening? The best dance ever developed from Caribbean natives. Was it danced by the Mayans? You can bet your dancing shoes on that. If there are no super Cha Cha Chas being composed nowadays, then there are at least 50000 that are already there.

I have heard at least 100 good ones on this island. And I mean good, danceable kind that are just asking you to dance it when you hear it. But who listens to dancers? What do they know?

"The Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page

Of course our DJs get hubris and when a DJ knows everything there is to music, it is of no use to suggest anything. The salsa dancers have been putting Cha Cha Cha down but fortunately it is not up to them. Waltz comes and goes as it has for 200 years but it still comes back strong as ever. Rumba still staying up as good and maybe better but it may peak in another 100 years.

Dancer West, a new blog by Frank Martin who lives and works north of the freeway and is looking for dancers in Kunia, Village Park, Waiakele and Waipio. Good territory just waiting for a new dance club. The blog is not a Blogger, it is and they are coming up strong. For people that do not have to have a long blog, it is perfect. Just click the name on the side bar.

In 2001, President Clinton handed George Bush a projected 10-year budget surplus over $5 trillion. Bush and Cheney turned Clinton’s surplus into a $5 trillion deficit through outrageous tax cuts for the rich, two disastrous wars, and a financial crash that caused the Great Recession that we are still paying for. It’s taken us almost four years to get out of that mess. Now, have you heard them? They have the audacity to blame it on Obama, when the Congress has been ruled by the Republicans all this time. And we are going to vote for these dumb dodos again. Yeah man!

Blogger is going through some pretty bad times. Apparently they have two separate crews. One to "enhance" the blogs to new heights. The other to try to keep the old tried and true running. And it has been rough. They are just getting the line spacing almost right, it use to unhook every time you looked around. Another three or four months they may have it as good as it was in the old days before they decided to get into this new stuff which no one really needs.

Pub's Side Note: With all these blogs available to the reader/dancers they cannot avoid learning about what is going on in our dance world and the cliques begin to lose their luster.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wake Up!

So gratifying to see the contacts coming up in this section. I even had a telephone call inquiring about dancing in the Moanalua Corridor, (now extinct.)

"Hope is patience with the lamp lit."

Up and coming is the Kapolei Chapter social at Kapolei Elementary School on Monday, August 27th. It will probably surpass its usual excellence. No truth to the rumor of a keg of beer. They have a terrific board and all backing each other up. Spells success and the reason they remain numbah one in the West. And these people are all for the dancers.

"My Coloring Book" ... Andy Williams

I plan on getting my Early Birds first. Then the "Wheels" and partners. Then during the festivities, two photos of three couples. I will get the usual gingerbread, dancing photos for collage and the prayer and line up for the Kau Kau. With a little fill in, it could make a good blog until the real thing comes along (you there,Tim?)

Billions and billions of photos in the famous photo libraries and they just lie there and they just die there. Whereas as a favorite photo taken at a nice social dance function comes out as a stunner in our ordinary blogs and helps to run up the hits to the high heavens. People in the West are slowly coming about. Good for everybody.

For the Good Dance Teachers, American Style, in the side bar of the Oahu And Beyond blog, I was thinking of Benny and Faith first. Then use them and Willy to choose the second. Then the rest should be fairly easy. I will look around for more input. We eventually have to get all the American Style teachers anyway. Then it has even been suggested that if we have a second go around, add a small bio. Sounds good to me. I will be glad when some of these people with good suggestions take over.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Happened?

Oahu - West is waking up. Now more photos are being submitted than all the other blogs. So Oahu - West will  find themselves leading the way. Dance Hawaii, is getting back in and hopefully we will do some good for them. Good dancing people.

 "It's not the differences in people that causes the problems, it's the indifference."

Kapolei Chapter leading the way for HBDA into our blogging. They are not the largest for nothing. They know what they are doing and the results show it. With Tim Cubero Jr. and his contribution they cannot lose. Willy Dionisio fills in wherever needed. I hope to be at their social on Monday the 27th, take some good photos and write up a storm. Maybe I can get some good quotes too.

We have made contact with Pearlridge chapter but they are quite busy. We also just made contact with Aliamanu chapter and we have hopes but that is still pending. Now we have on the agenda one other that does not have a Web site. Mililani chapter for the Central Valley blog. Perhaps we can include Kalihi chapter later in the Oahu And Beyond blog. With photos and commentaries, they will get a very grounded publicity in the West as our readership grow.

Independence soon? One more Guest Author.

Dance Hawaii may be coming back in, It is still up in the air. All we can do is hope and try to go slow. We will be careful. The same goes for any others that may no longer need us. They have made their decisions and we shall abide by them.

Meanwhile, there will be another dance club in the West and we will be glad to help wherever we can. It should be a rip roaring organization with new ideas of giving the social dancers what they want and not what the Gods have chosen for them.

"Be My Love" ... Placido Domingo

Pub's Side Note: It pretty well goes without saying that a blog is pretty much like a website, but there are factors that make a blog different than a web site, - A blog is updated on a regular basis, with new content being added to previous content, rather than replacing it. - All of our blogs have a personal side to them. - A blog allows for communication between the authors and their readers, rather than just providing information. -  Even business blogs aren’t 100% about promoting the company’s products and/or services. Ours have to be Social Media.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Morning In the West

Just went over my stats on our blogosphere and it looks like we are finally getting rid of most of the junk hitters that we had. They make the rounds like locusts.

 "Today, a blog is a platform for news, tutorials, travel tales, articles, video, photos
and more. Blogs have several categories similar to what websites had several
years ago. You have technology blogs, travel blogs, personal blogs, news blogs,
video blogs, photo blogs, and I have even heard, there are dance blogs."

It just may be turning out that Oahu - West may lead the blogs in photos submitted by the readers. A good steady is Tim Cubero Jr. who also does some terrific blogging for us. Then Willy Dionisio contributes now and then, key photos that are necessary to keep this blog rolling. Now we have Maurice Morita with some good photos. They may not know it yet but some of those photos, in our blogs, are going to put their organizations on the map of Western Oahu.

It has been suggested many times that the photos are what are going to make this blog. We have the "Good People" once per month rolling along very nicely. Of the others, the special ones go into the slide show, and the reader/dancers like that. Hey, hey, we are beginning to roll. This blog is evolving in the right direction. And the reader/dancers are the ones that are going to do it, with their photos.

"Mr Sandman" ... The Chordettes

I was also informed today, that Oahu - West shouldn't get too uppity about how terrific they are in American Style of dance, which they are. In East Oahu, they have always had consistently good teaching in American Style of dance. Those students can compare very favorably with the rest of the island dancers.

They can dance. In fact there are enough good dancers there to make a terrific East Honolulu Dance Club. And how about dancing at Waimanalo Community Center? I'll bet they could come up with 100 organizing members if they tried. I don't know that much about that corner of this Island but it seems to me that it would be a smash hit. Perhaps they would even have the Western outlook of "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Pub's Side Note: There are plans to have a monthly photo, in Oahu And Beyond of the American Style Dance teachers similar to our "Good People" in the side bar. The problem is where do we start?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whatta Nice Day

Saturday, I woke up nice and late and everything went like clockwork. I made my good connections with the Nanakuli Lumber Yard next door and they had my lumber cut and ready. What a wonderful world.

"You have two chances of making good without working, slim and none."

The details with the church are evolving slowly and I hope Jason becomes our first Guest Author in the Nanakuli Ridge blog. So we go slow. but we are going to get some good people there.

Got ready for my trip to Aliamanu in the afternoon and I got to Aliamanu Intermediate right around six and only Roger Yang was there, he got the first DVD. Waited about ten minutes and was able to get a photo of the Early Birds, always one of my favorite photos.

Anna and Jim Arrowhead, Roger Yang - DJ, Harrison Hirahara, Lynn Twigg and
Maurice Morita, the early birds. I am still pressing the button down too fast. Blurry pic.

Photo submitted by Maurice: left and right Derek Shimabukuro and Lenette Miyamura.
Center: Ping and Hector Centeno.

Maurice Adds: New Dance Hawaii members: Derek Shimabukuro and Lenette Miyamura, Derek is the father of Jake and Bruce Shimabukuro. Hector & Ping Centeno are Dance Hawaii American Social dance instructors at Aliamanu Elementary School.

Margaret, Kevin, Cora, Wayne, Lasting and Fil,  three of my favorite couples
and lucky I was slower in the button, I'm learning.

Waited around and slowly became aware and ratified my suspicions. In everything I do, I try to include everyone in our dancing world. However some do not wish to be included. And I reiterate, my intentions are to include, but if they wish to be excluded, we must respect their wishes. But we must continue to go on. we have much work ahead of us. If we are careful, it will be easy enough, and we have enough people to help.

These people know how to dance for fun, none of that Mickey Mouse stuff.

The dancers came in and perhaps this group will get more later on when they get more people that are not in some kind of private class. This is coming, we just have to be aware why it is happening.

Photo taken by Maurice of Aiea Dance Club members having a ball.

Gotta quote for Maurice: "Come Dance With Us." I tried to shorten it, it was too long but I failed as per usual in this sort of thing.The crowd was nice just a trifle small, and I gave the last DVD to Tony's wife, I see him everywhere.

Ring of Prayer, Jim Arrowhead presiding and the Kau Kau line with ono local kine grindz.

Left at a little after 8, Got the bike on the 40 bus before 8:30, was able to get a seat and was home by ten. Put on some nice music and made myself a nice Rum & Coke. So how was your day?

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Thing are just straightening out nicely. This entire section is just getting more solid and we have good reason to be optimistic. But then the demographics speak for themselves. There are plenty of dancers in this section. They have just been tied in town for too long.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Da Spin Doctor is vacationing on the Mainland so Pearl City Elks Lodge is on hold and so is the Fleet Lounge in the Airport area. Not only that but I am hoping he will blog something from the Mainland, it would prove interesting for the rest of us. He has the only music voice in our blogosphere. Hopefully we may get Disc Jockeys in the section for their views on the subject. This is a blog.

“Please Don’t Go” ... K.C. and The Sunshine

I am making plans to try again at Dance Hawaii, at Aliamanu Intermediate on Saturday, August 18th. Should be a humdinger, an awful lot of nice people there and I hope I can get some pictures to make an interesting blog. I will have to plan HBDA in somewhere and alternate. Both organizations can make the entire section glow for the dance community.

Then there is the growing interest in a Dance Studio on the Waianae Coast. I first got notice about 20 years ago from some good teachers that taught in town but lived in Kapolei. Nothing was ever
done by anyone. A Dance Studio was set up in Kapolei but for other types of dance same as the other studios in the West. Nothing resembling Ballroom. Now the interest is more up to date.

Some have had a condo in town for years and now might buy a house on Farrington Hwy for about 150 thousand, semi retirement and on their own, take their time and build the right kind of studio. We can kick it around in our crowd and something will emerge.

Kapolei Chapter HBDA still growing in popularity and may double in size. Of course, Ewa Beach Chapter has been mentioned before. Or could be Ewa Chapter after the new shopping center in Ewa is built. The time will come.

Pub's Side Note: The party of the rich has picked the right VP for the nomination. No they did not steal the nomination. These people are accustomed to paying cash for everything.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Waiting For A Few Pictures

Yes, photos are going to spruce up this blog. Not the hundreds like in Flicker and Photobucket. Five to Seven people is ideal, and the same people all time is not very ?? Anyway you all know what it means. They will do no harm to the contributors of the photos of course, and will enhance their own organizations in the public eye. I am always looking for a win-win situation. Once a month would be fine, they would flower up any blog on dancing.

I stole this one from someplace, I forget where. Some of the loveliest ladies in the West,
sorry about that, I meant on the entire island of Oahu.

"A good woman is like a good book - entertaining, inspiring and instructive, sometimes a bit too wordy, but when properly bound and decorated - irresistible." 

The planning for the Good Teachers in the Oahu And Beyond blog monthly in the side bar looking good so far. Possibly in September or October. I have to be very careful with the first one because they have to help me choose the second and possibly the third. These are only the amateur teachers.

We could have the International teachers in the Town Dancer and the American Style teachers in the Oahu And Beyond. All this should be done to help establish the differences in the blogs. They cannot be the same. Let us not bore our reader/dancers.

"My Way" ... Frank Sinatra

Blogging is not just about saying your piece, it is also about going out and joining the conversation where it is happening. It’s about reaching out to people and exposing yourself regularly to new ideas. Some giving as well, as taking back, is what we focus on. There are many of our friends on the verge of becoming good independent information contributors for this blog.

In American and Night Club dancing - the Promenade Position: The man’s right hip and the woman’s left hip are in close contact. The opposite sides of their bodies are open out to form a compact "V". It is the same as the Semi-Open Position, used in the Tango? Of course. And one hundred other dances too.

Pub's Side Note: The most valuable quotations will be the ones which I cannot determine the source. All I can do is put the quotation in quotes.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Evening Entertainment

We have several places to go in the West, but many not conducive to recreational dancing. We have Pearl City Elks, a nice place with Da Spin Doctor providing the music. And we have Ige's 19th Puka, that provides a variety of good live music. The Goodies And Oldies Crowd are very prominent. There are other places in the Pearlridge area mainly for the under 30. Their own music and dance and they are certainly entitled to their preferences.

"It is not death that people should fear, they should fear never having lived." 

The Fleet Lounge with music by Da Spin Doctor is in a perfect location for the Pau Hana Dance. There has never been a Pau Hana Dance in this wilderness. The hours at the Fleet Lounge are set later because they await the people that are coming from town.

And everyone knows by now that not very many do come. So the evidence so far is that the Pau Hana Dance may not be ready and waiting for the people that work in the West, but the people in the West should be ready.

You get off work at 4:30 or 5 and clean up a little. Some will go to extremes in clean up and of course it is up to them. Most of the ladies will just need to touch up their make up. The men will maybe take their electric razors and perhaps an extra undershirt and a little freshen up the armpits with fresh water and a little underarm goop. The ten dollar cover charge (should not be more than that) and the music starts at five!

"Kiss Of Fire ... Georgia Gibbs

It may go past eight, but it is quite enough. Not much alcoholic drink (Dancers have the rep and this is not Happy Hour) a few snacks, plenty of dancing and good conversation with friends and acquaintances, in the middle of the week. The ride home is comfortable because of the reduced traffic. You get home in time for any last minute fixings and you are in bed early and ready for work the next day. You can't beat that!

Location wise, the next place to establish a Pau Hana shindig would be in the old Salt Lake Shopping Center, just East of Mapunapuna. This blog was made for brainstorming. One thousand wrong ones - and one that can hit the lottery.

Pub's Side Note: "Of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers" This does not mean all the dancers, they do not all want to be involved and we must respect.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dance Floors

Dance Floors. The most needed dance item in the West. And we mean a dance floor that is used for dancing. This is difficult to understand, yes, we know.

"We could take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions
and never know too much to learn something new."

At the moment the best dance floor in the West is at the Waianae District Park. But as far as I have inquired, there is no record of anyone ever dancing on that floor. They just got the plans screwed up from the beginning and designed a dance floor in there. just beautiful. But I suppose it could be used for playing basketball.

This is nothing new. There is a beautiful place in Waipio called the Legacy Ballroom. Cost millions in donations, I have heard that they have had dinners there, where they will wait on you hand and foot, but it costs an arm and a leg. I also don't find any record of anyone ever dancing ballroom in that place.  I hear that they do dust it regularly. Whatta waste!

There are Hotels in the airport area that have a section designated as a "ballroom" but no one can say if the floors have ever being used for dancing. For all we know on the island of Oahu, it may be illegal.

Many Community Centers and District Parks have always been large enough for a good dance floor but somehow they have other uses for the centers and dancing has not been one of them. Perhaps with Da Blogosphere blog we can do some communicating to get some dance floors.

The net result is that we need many more places, not just available, but to actually be used for dancing in the West. Ewa and Kapolei are wide open. One of them will evolve into the new dance center in the West. Hopefully some one will notify Da Blogosphere so we can write it up.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update Good

Steady as she goes and I expect some faster moving as soon as we get an additional Guest Author. We cannot blame them for holding back. It has always been a commitment that they did not want to make. Ours is quite a different set up and it will take awhile to communicate this to everyone.

"We can seldom convince someone we are right or they are wrong,
they have to see it on their own. In our blogs, all we can do is present
different opinions, the readers will come to their own conclusions."

The feedback on the slide show has been very favorable. At the moment we have 23 photos but I expect to go to at least 25 and from there, play it by ear. Probably best at around thirty. I am weeding the older ones out. You got a favorite, send it in.

You can all see that the best ones are from four to seven people and it would be better if they were not just in a "row." Some that I have in now, have a very good variety of presentation. We are even getting suggestions about a slide show in Oahu and Beyond. Sounds good to me, but in a couple months when we get this one going good.

This blog does need some coverage in the Evening club action. Elk's and Ige's in Pearl City, and Fleet Lounge in the Airport area. Sooner or later there will be one in Kapolei. And of course, there will be a Pau Hana dance somewhere on a Wednesday evening that is coming for sure. The Fleet Lounge would be perfect because of all the light industrial area surrounding. There are your customers, a thousand available, but if you only get a hundred, would be nice.

You got judges on the social dance floor? You can bet your dancing shoes on that. For the men, who are leading and into social dancing, it would be much better to stick to the Bronze level and very little into the Silver. Learn these to as near to perfection as possible and let yourself enjoy listening to the music and moving to it. You're a social dancer, feel it and move with it. When you are ready for more difficult movements, you will know it. Then you may still not look like a professional but anyone will be able to tell that you are really dancing.

"At The Jazz Dance Ball" ... Victor Silvester

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Pub's Side Note: Just got it on the grapevine, Yes, they will make a few changes if Romney gets in, It will now read. "The rich shall inherit the earth." These people are Christians.