Thursday, July 26, 2018

Evolving Very Nicely

I have tried to define Social Dance Oahu blog as my personal blog but it seems to be accepted as just another blog. Fine with me for each of the blogs seems to find themselves with their own readers. Again, the Information Contributors are the ones that will help to define each blog. We just have to be patient.  Who knows? With enough good Two Centers, the hits will run up ahead of all the other blogs and make it ready for independence.

“Social dancers know when both partners are in touch with their own sensuality,
the experience may be amazing because it is a harmonic dance of passion.”

What is Feedback? Nobody knows. Feedback could be the response or reaction of the reader/dancers after reading and understanding much of the blog. It enables the blogger to evaluate the effectiveness of the message. Without feedback, two way communication is either ineffective or incomplete. Feedback is the only way to gain reader's response and depending on the feedback, the blogger can modify any future content.

1991 "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" by Janet Jackson

I have been getting hints in writing on some nice guidelines for our bloggers, I may have to look into this when we get more bloggers. I am specially looking for those on the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. This is Social Dancing and most experienced dancers do things their way. It is only lately that it is being recognized as a most accepted way. The rigid styles will remain rigid in their syllabi, that is their style. Accepted yes, of course, but recognized as being a different style of dance and they can make their own rules.

"For many social dancers on Oahu, the problem is that we care
too much about people who don't give a shit about us."

Thursday, July 19, 2018


The videos on Facebook are hitting all the blogs. There are now 3 Billions videos posted on Facebook daily. That is Billion with a B not an M. So we must await for the slow down, then we can get our blogs going again. For now let us respect that they are doing a great job for their fellow dancers. And that is our intent, so let us not get in their way. Blogging is a little different.

"Anyone who says only sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."

I have been coming across more and more advertising for using VOIP instead of your landline. But upon further investigation I find landlines are more reliable than VOIP, as evidenced by the fact that businesses have not reduced landline usage at all. For now, I will just wait it out.

VOIP suffers from multiple points of failure or degradation:

    Internet connection could be dropped (connection, modem or router)
    Power to the internet connection to the premises could be lost
    Computer reliability - Power to the computer
    Multiple processes running on the computer can interfere
    Congestion on the network
    Location of the computer in the house (if wireless)

 1991 "All The Man That I Need" by Whitney Houston

These blogs have never been properly defined simply because they were mainly me and that's no good. The blogs need other opinions to help define themselves. The blogs at six are on shaky ground for now, and the dance video fad on Oahu is slowing down. We must be patient and wait for a that one Guest Blogger that can see a dance group that can use a blog. One Guest Blogger will decide it. We are waiting for you. I will reiterate, the reader/dancers will make the decisions, this is a blog.

"Two dancing peanuts walked into a Waikiki Night Club.
And wow, one of them was really salted."

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Social Dancers, again?

The entire island scene is adjusting itself to all the other groups and that is very nice. There were differences in dances from the very beginning. So did anyone have the supreme knowledge to tell you if you are dancing correctly. If you are dancing ballet, the master can tell you if you are doing it wrong in that discipline, not all dancing. On Oahu, we seem to be able to see the difference in the social dancers, the strict American Style and the even stricter International Style. Each one has its own rules and we, the social dancers are the lucky ones with the minimum of rules. Many social dancers are also in the Night Club circuit.

“Social dancers know that that being technically perfect isn’t good enough.
We need to know why we dance."

Then we have the Fad dances, and the Dance Teachers instigate LAGS. (the Latest And Greatest Syndrome.) And of course with the collusion of the students. Completely unrestricted and deluxed up to unbelievable levels. The Lambada was not even a Latin dance but it was hyped. Lasted over ten years and made billions and billions of dollars for the dance teachers. Salsa is slowing down definitely in New York and Bachata is coming on strong. In Hawaii we have Zouk, Kizomba and Zumba waiting in the wings. I am of the old social dance school. May I have this Rumba?

Social dancers are there to move to the music and it is quite simple. Standing a woman on her head is not social dancing. Throwing her over your shoulder is not social dancing. Those that do it and (let us face it,) they do a beautiful job is exhibition dancing. But they know and we know that it not social dancing. There have been accidents in Honolulu Night Clubs by fancy dance Salsa patterns. Nuff said, we are Social Dancers.

"Social dancers know that the song and dance does not stop us from dying. It just stops the fear of death swallowing us up while we were still alive."

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump, The Worst

Americans who voted against Trump are feeling unprecedented dread and despair
By David Horsey, LA Times

I have never seen anything quite like the grief being felt by the majority of American voters who did not vote for Donald Trump. Back in 1980, there was disappointment among Democrats when Ronald Reagan won. In 2000, after the long Florida recount and the intrusion of the Supreme Court into the decision, there were plenty of upset people who thought Al Gore, not George W. Bush, deserved to be president. But the losing voters in those elections were not despondent.

“Social dancers can think of dance as a poetic journey with emotions
and experience packed up in the form of movement to music."

They were not breaking out in tears weeks later. They were not waking up each morning with feelings of dread about what was to come. This time it is different and, in my experience, unique. This is not simply a case of Hillary Clinton supporters being bad losers. For most of those who feel traumatized by what happened on Nov. 8, this is not about the candidate who won the popular vote, yet lost the election. It is about the candidate who was picked as president by the electoral college on Monday.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

People are mourning because the fate of their country will now be in the hands of an intellectually uninterested, reckless, mendacious narcissist. It is not just Democrats. There are plenty of conservatives and Republicans among those feeling depressed. Their party has been captured by a man who has no bedrock belief in any principle; a man whose only allegiance appears to be to himself and money. Some of you are stuck with him. Tough.

"Life may be a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think."

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bossa Nova

By Jon Buenaventura, Turtle Bay
Bossa Nova remains to this day, some of the best music in the world with some of the best movements in dance to go with it. And it came into being when there were a lot of fad dances coming in. In the US and Europe, the local ones were backed heavily by the local disciplines and dance studios. The Bossa Nova articulated existing social differences in the United States, those of the elite versus the masses attempting to attain elite status, and the subsequent devaluation of the musical style as a result of its success.

"Dance music doesn't care where you live. It doesn't care who your friends
are. It doesn't care how much money you make. It doesn't care
if you're 74 or if you are 24 because it is for everyone."

In addition, there were fundamental shifts in how musicians arranged Bossa Nova songs in their recordings to cut across those social divisions for mass-market appeal. For this reason, the sounds of the music as recorded or practiced by musicians are as important as the performance  and spectatorship of the Bossa Nova dance for explaining the rapid spread of the Bossa Nova as dance throughout the U.S. The popular culture made it especially true as expressed in print media, recordings, and television programs.

"Corcovado" by Lisa Ono

Bossa Nova’s transformation into a social dance in the U.S. is crucial to its international history, but it had an established social context long before all of that dancing. Bossa Nova as a social movement began in the late 1950s among a group of musicians in the richest areas of Rio de Janeiro’s south zone. The musicians involved, took the basic polyrhythmic elements of urban samba and transformed them to a cosmopolitan perspective that matched the overall mood of the period. At the time, the upper classes in Brazil were experiencing a rush of optimism in country. In the US it went the way of all fads. World wide, it remains as one of the best.

"Social Dancers know there's good deeds and then there's good intentions.
They are as far apart as Heaven and Hell."

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Amazing Danced Blogs

My personal blog is finally coming around like all the others. I had a rough time when my computer went down and then I had a three day stay at Tripler which set me back somewhat. I am not losing anymore and it is somewhat static at the moment. I look forward to the Waianae Coast and to the North Shore to get some dance information in these blogs. I don't care where they come from and neither does anyone else. Just get it in here and share it with the reader/dancers on Oahu.

“Social dancers believe that you're not allowed to have legs
and not use them. - Dance.”

It has been very gratifying that we have come to realize that the vast majority of our people are "social" dancers and not inclined to be exhibition and competition dancers. We are just having fun and the minimum is prescribed. Those other dancers are a separate and distinct class of dancers. They know it and have not been shy about letting us know it. No hu hu, just accept any of them that wish to be a part of our group. But we can also accept the fact that they do not run our dance community.

1990 "Love Takes Time" by Mariah Carey

It helps to have information contributors. This invitation from Maile of WBDC, now vacationing in Jerusalem and having a great time.

Aloha Dancers!
You are invited to WBDC's Stars and Stripes Forever Dance, to be held on Friday, July 13, 2018, Wahiawa Recreation Center, Hale Hookipa Room, starts at 7:30 pm - 9:50 pm, Potluck or a small monetary donation appreciated! Attire: (Optional) DRESS WITH RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! STARS AND STRIPES ARE GREAT TOO!

"The Star Spangled Banner" even if you don't know all the words.

I have heard little about the Windward side but I know that there are many good dancers there. Most dancers that live there prefer dancing in town. And of course that should be their privilege. Fortunately in the West because of the Rail Disaster, people want to live, work and play in their own kuleanas. Honolulu Fat Cats want everyone to be forced to deal with Honolulu. Anyone remember "Keep the country, country." They didn't get away with that for too long and Second City was established in Kapolei. But Honolulu sure knows how to screw that up. We are willing to help all of them.

“Social dancers believe that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”