Sunday, March 10, 2013

HBDA at Aliamanu

Beautiful Saturday in Nanakuli, sun shining and looked like the usual beautiful weather we have on the Waianae Coast. Took my time and cleaned up a few things on my computer and in my home too. Ordered a small computer vacuum on line because my stuff seems to gather dust.

"To some the truth is an insult, to others it is life from the dead."

Anyway, I planned the trip, to take the C bus both ways and then travel between Aliamanu and Middle Street by bus and bike. The bus was late and it started to rain, off and on, during the trip. I missed the good buses on Middle street but finally got the #62 to the Plaza Hotel.

It stopped raining and from there it was a short bike ride to Aliamanu. The place was jumping already, so I was too late to get the early birds. But I had to get a few shots of the folks getting warmed up, getting the party ready and getting ready to party.

Still getting the photos too blurry, got to click even slower yet, if not, get rid of
the camera. I remember the days when you couldn't do all that fancy stuff
but you could just click and get a beautiful picture.

I was able to communicate to a few people that I hoped to get some couples in their exhibition costumes to make "transparent" photos to post in my posters. I had over one hundred special "transparent" pictures of professionals. But I am in the process of weeding them out and eventually all the couples in posters will be local people. Some will not want to be included and we must respect and leave them out.

Then a few of the ever faithful from Kapolei Chapter began to come in.

Jesse, Georgie, Pete, Norman, Yvonne and Nilda.

And it looks like we are going to have a humdinger of social at Kapolei coming up on the Monday the 18th. The best dance bash "west of the Rockies." I mentioned to someone about the rumor of six cases of champagne, but I was assured it was not rumor. We are going to have standing room only on Monday and I am going to be swinging from the chandeliers.

I wanted to get the supreme photo, three couples or five, six, seven people at random but all of sudden I got a group at the reception table. Good enough, too many to get names.

These are the good people. Gotta start the slide show again in the Ewa Bus Stop blog.

They get hungry earlier than usual nowadays and I got the tried and true photos.

The Ring of Prayer is always the most impressive part of the evening
followed by the line up for the ono kau kau.

Things looking good for Ohana Night at the Palladium, March 15, the place is going get rocking. And the time was running short. Got an offer for a ride Waipahu, but with the bus shortage, it is difficult to get a bike onto the #40 bus. Packed to the gills with "low class people." ~Caldwell et al.

I got the #40 going to town, and got off on Bishop. Waited about ten minutes and got the last C bus going to Nanakuli. Only one bike on a three bike rack. Nice. With my music shows on my laptop, (from You Tube) the time went by fast and I was home before ten pm. Not bad.

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