Sunday, March 21, 2021

Not Yet

Pandemic lock downs might be pervasive throughout the world, but not all our movements have been restricted. This has not led to a slowdown in interest in dance, as people seek fitness, stress relief, healing and connection. Live classes on Instagram and YouTube have proliferated. Living rooms are becoming rave scenes thanks to live-streaming dance parties by celebrity spinners And mindfulness is taking center stage at sessions on Zoom. Some Line Dancing is beginning to form on Oahu, since they can dance with masks and a respectful distance. China seems to be leading the way World Wide for a safe way to partner dancing, mainly outdoors.

"Social dancers know that everything in this world has been done with hope.

So we must not lose our hope."

For us on Oahu, we can remember why we dance. Basic is that, we like to move to music. We have all seen young people with ear plugs and listening to some nice music and they start moving. They may realize that they look silly and stop, look around and smile sheepishly. But we all understand that it is perfectly natural. It is part of the enjoyment of life. Very easy to graduate to deliberate movements to music in the home. The even step is easiest and was the original ten thousand years ago. Just step - left, right, left, right to the beat and keep going. Move the legs, hips, upper body, head, anyway you damn well please. 

"Social dancers know that any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all."

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