Tuesday, April 20, 2021


We do have some online dance classes on Oahu but we know that it will be only temporary. And there is some classes in studios well planned with carefully picked people. No Trumpanzees admitted. Masks and social distance respected. Vaccinated or not, you can still spread the germs with your hands. Washing hands is important before and after classes. And plans are in the making for dance classes outdoors and are being led by masked Line dancers since they can dance very nicely without a partner. And when will “safe dancing” come along? We don't know. We must all accept that "It is not over 'til it's over."
"Social dancers know that existence is a kind of dancing --
an energy pattern which needs no explanation other than itself."

Dance is a great way to stay in shape. If you don’t like the gym, dancing can bring fun back into the exercise. Dancing is all about moving your body to music and moving your body is a great way to burn calories. How many will you burn depends on how vigorously you dance. In an one-hour session you can burn from 250 to 400 calories. Dance can effectively promote good health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening the muscles, increasing circulation, decreasing blood pressure, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, reducing stress, and many other positive benefits. Great for improving control over your body, timing and coordination skills. You will learn how to move with grace and poise.

"And then there was that guy who was always too smart for his partners.
He was always a step ahead."

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